Overworked | All heroes reworked a bit too much by LemonAid#11644

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[Ana] Area Crippler


  • [Vital Boost] Whenever Ana deals healing, the receiver gains a +25% move speed for 2 seconds
  • [Techno Boots] Ana can double jump

[Sleep Dart]

  • After Sleep Dart wears off, the enemy moves 40% slower for 4 seconds

[Biotic Grenade]

  • Throw a large flurry of nades at reduced damage and healing

[Nano Boost]

  • Charges the target ally's ultimate by 30%



  • [Fiery Rage] When burning, Ashe's damage and speed increases by 50%. She heals HP, and heals by 25% of damage dealt while burning
  • [Viper Jaws] After defeating an enemy, that enemy explodes and deals damage to any other nearby ones

[The Viper]

  • No scope, and is forced to unload all shots at once

[Coach Gun]

  • Stuns enemies hit, but the recoil distance is lowered


  • Explodes shortly after landing

[Baptiste] Survivor


  • [Ultimate Vitality] Healing is based off of ultimate charge %
  • [Band-Aid] When Baptiste reaches below 30 HP, he instantly heals to full HP with a 3 second immunity
    • 30-second cooldown

[Regenerative Burst]

  • Damages enemies around Baptiste for 70 damage over 5 seconds

[Exo Boots]

  • At full height, Baptiste can hold Crouch and slam to the floor, dealing damage to enemies below

[Bastion] Backline Explosives


  • [Sustain] Heals 75 HP every 10 seconds
  • Custom Ultimate [Supernova] Crouch+Ultimate: Supercharge Bastion and his next shot will deal incredible damage. Survivors will be knocked down

[Configuration: Tank]

  • Always in tank form
  • Damage increases the further away Bastion is from the enemy

[Self Repair]

  • Duration and recharge rate greatly lowered

[Reconfigure] --> [Scope]

  • Aim down sights, with more accurate shots but at slower move speed

[Brigitte] Status Brawler


  • [Spirit] When Brigitte dies, she heals all allies around her for 120 HP

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