Every hero has unique abilities in this FFA game mode!

Version 1.0.1
Workshop Code: 38TBM
Created by: Futurist3#1594
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-All new hero abilities:

  • Moira (Darth Vader) [Force choke] suspend movement for all enemies caught in your heal beam, drag enemies off clifs for easy environmental kills; [Force Push] Melee knocks back and knocks down enemies; [Force Ascend] Hold jump to ascend, consumes energy;
  • Ashe (Agar.io) Spawn with a fire dome that burns enemies and grows bigger after killing an enemy;
  • Baptiste [Crouch] then jump and land to deal damage within a radius;
  • Bastion Always moving in turret form and fires explosive ammo dealing areal damage and can drop a nuke on the groud that does huge areal damage.
  • D.Va [Defense Matrix] damages enemies and steal their health; [Boosters] drops bombs below you and explode consecutively;
  • Doomfist (Thanos) [Melee] to Collect Infinity Stones by killing randomly assigned targets; [Soul Stone] Temporarily sleeps all enemies within radius; [Time Stone] Restore all health; Or hold to temporarily slow down time while speeding you up, but you cannot melee; [Space Stone] Dash forward; Or hold to teleport away; [Space Stone: Flight] hold jump to float in mid air; [Power Stone] Once obtained, all melee attacks against non-target players one shots; Increases melee range; [Mind Stone] fires a brainwash orb that forces enemies affected by it to walk towards you; [Reality Stone] Create additional armor; Or hold to turn briefly invisible; [SNAP] Dust away half of the living players while killing yourself;
  • Echo [Resize] Swap between Giant-form or Ant-form; [Giant form] increase size and health, decrease speed; [Ant-form] deacrease size and health, increase speed; [Resize Beam] Toggle between Shrink mode or Enlarge mode, shrinking or enlarging enemies; [Passive] Jump while converting to Ant-form grants a vertical boost;
  • Genji [Poison Shurikens] Enemies damaged with shuriken stay poisoned until death, taking damage over time; [Dragon Blade] Teleports all poisoned enemies in front of you for an easy blade;
  • Hanzo [Poison Arrow] Unleashes a poison cloud that damages players within overtime; [Shock Arrow] Charges enemies inside with electric fields, chain lightning damage with enemies near the charged enemies; [Explosive Arrow] Explodes on impact and knock back enemies, the closer the enemy is to the center the more effective;
  • Lucio [Boop] Instantly evaporate enemies while launching an long-range orb that slows enemies. [Primary] Hold to slowly pull enemies toward you. [Slow motion] Ultimate slow down everyone while making Lucio super fast;
  • Mccree [Grapple gun] Shoots out a grapple that connects to players and/or surfaces, players connected to surfaces retract toward that surface and take lethal damage;
  • Mei [Chain reaction] Icicle freezes enemies and create a freeze explosion that damages and freeze nearby enemies, creating a chain reaction; [Snowball] Ability 1 launches a snow orb that captures enemies and grows bigger the more enemies are trapped in it.
  • Mercy [Light beam] Shoot out a light beam that travels in a distance them explode on impact, dealing areal damage; [Passive] Light beam deals more damage the further it travels upon hitting the enemy; [Secondary] Short range blast that blinds enemies.
  • Orisa [Gravity orb] Shoots out and control a gravity orb that explodes on impact dealing lethal areal damage; [Secondary fire] Shoots out multiple gravity orbs at once.
  • Pharah [Damage turret] Deploy a damage turret that zaps enemies walked into its range. [Slow turret] Deploy a slow turret that slows enemies. [Blinding turret] Deploy a blinding turret that blinds enemies.
  • Roadhog [Predator instincts] The less health you have, the faster and more effective you become; [Protective Gas] Drink gas to become unkillable; [Sniper hook] Shoot to hook all enemies hit, bringing them towards you, the projectile speed increases the lesser health you posses;
  • Sigma [Sucma] Get close and succ enemy into you, prisoning them in your stomach; [Living bullet] Shoot after succing an enemy to launch them as a bowling ball, killing them and all other enemies hit by them;
  • Sombra [Deploying Clones] Creates clones that walk in a straight line and can chase enemies then explodes.
  • Symmetra [Fat orb] Fires an orb that slowly grows bigger and go through walls dealing damage overtime to enemies within; [Chaser orb] Fires a small orb in a straight line, if an enemy is near, the orb will chase that enemy before detonates and deal areal lethal damage;
  • Tracer [Recall explosion] Recall creates two explosions before and after, dealing areal damage; [Laser Beam] Recall leaves a laser trap, enemies walking into it take lethal damage;
  • Widowmaker [Energy scope] scoping damages all enemies you see, deals more damage the more enemies you are seeing.
  • Winston [Primal Punch] Always in ult form, if enemies are melee-knocked into a wall they take leathal damage.
  • Wrecking Ball [Charge] Hold to charge yourself while making you vulnerable, release to launch yourself into the air; [Wrecking Ball] Wrecks everyone you touches, dealing lethal damage;
  • Zenyatta [Invisibility] Stand still to be invisible and melee one shots; [Tranquility] Damages everyone inside of Tranquility radius;
Players | 1 - 10
Categories: New Heroes
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Roadhog, Sigma, Winston, and 20 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.1



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