FNAF Simulator [DEMO]

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Hello everyone!

Wow, my third game already? That went fast! This is my take on FNAF in the Overwatch Universe! Please read the end of this message if you plan to skip the description-

In this game you will be able to play as:

  • Freddy
  • Bonnie
  • Foxy
  • Chica

Or in short, the main four!

Each will have their own special quirk that makes them fun to play in their own aspect!

Or, if you prefer being the hunted, you can be the nightguard! In this night, there are no cameras! You must listen and look around the office to make sure no animatronics are sneaking in through the doors to your left, right, or maybe even from other places! (not yet)


This is only a Demo, so only Foxy is playable. This is for two players to play, or more if you switch out who plays what! More is coming in the future, so look forward to my most ambitious gamemode yet! :D

  • Agent Red
Heroes: Junkrat, Tracer
Maps: Hollywood
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