🕹️ Tetris


It's tetris! There's not much more to say lol.


  • [left]/[right]: move left/right
  • [up]/[down]: rotate counterclockwise/clockwise
  • [jump]: move down faster

The game ends when the stack reaches the top or when the total number of effects reaches the entity limit (see text on the left)

If there is more than one player, a random player is chosen at the start of the match.

Categories | Solo, Minigames
Heroes | All
Maps | Necropolis
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.1


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Suggestions for a smoother experience.

*Change controls from stick to d-pad. The input was not always accepting quick lefts and rights if done in repeated strokes.

*Rotate should be x and o

*Fast drop should be up(d-pad)

Otherwise it looks good, easy to see.

ochotonida creator

I made this mode on PC, so that's what I based the controls on. I wouldn't mind creating a separate version optimized for console though. The controls accessible through the workshop are somewhat limited though, I don't think we can access the D-pad. The current list of controls we can access is directional input, facing direction (not very practical to work with), primary/secondary fire, ability 1/2, ultimate ability, jump, crouch, reload, melee and interact. If you can give me a set of controls from this list that work for console I'll make it


I'm pretty sure he's on PC

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