🎢 Roller Coaster


This code is over 6 months old.

This means the code may have expired and might no longer function.

To create your own roller coaster tracks, see my roller coaster editor mode

Roller Coaster

A deathmatch game mode with a roller coaster going around the map. Players can ride the roller coaster by using interact and hop off by crouching. There are currently 10 supported maps, but more are to come. The default gamemode is mystery heroes deathmatch, but it should work on any non-team based mode.
It is possible to attach the carts together as a train by editing the second rule in the workshop editor. By default the carts are equally spaced along the track. (To do this, open the workshop, open the first rule titled 'init global variables/settings', open the action Global.ShouldSpawnAsTrain = False and change false to true)

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Amazing workshop! I did just couple of modifications to have a train by default in Blizzworld and to be able to hop in from anywhere ;)



Hi, I really like this mode, and thank you!
Is there any chance that makes the roller coaster go faster?


Ok altough this is so cool I do have something
So I tried adding screaming when you go down but it did not work my code was )teleport out of map( )Revive( )And do It again once it worked the other not So this is my suggestion could you add it in because your workshop brain is bigger than mine?


teleport out of map > teleport back to pos > revive

(make sure u don't revive BEFORE u tp back to pos)


Hello, ochotonida.
really thank you for your effort.
I enjoy this about 4~5 hours today.
but I renovated your custom game little.

  1. Add Changing hero function.
  2. Add killing oneself function.
  3. Add safe / unsafe mode (with little bug.. ;-;)

(I used this map for chilling.)

Really thanks.
Sooooo many people like your custom game.
and It's my favorite game.
I think it's one of the best custom game I've ever played.
So I love you!

But really sorry for renovating your map without any permission..


Could I have your code? I tried making a chill map but the orisa's starting going like off track lol if so sent me code thanks!


Ok, Now I made safe mode button too.
update your code if you copied the last version.


Thanks dude I love your work!



I updated again.



Thanks again



I don't know if you need this,
I have to tell you this.

I fixed serious bug in the safe mode now.

Sorry, I fixed it again now.



I fixed that again.
And I changed commands more simple.
And I tested so many times.
there is no more bug here.


Ah, There were so many sombra, hog and ana who disrupted others.
So I updated.

Now, If you are in safe mode, they can't hack, hook...etc you.

I don't know if you still need this...


Maybe it's the last version I comment you!

(Haha, I know it makes you tiresome)


Yah lol But thanks!


I got a permission from the original creator!

ZPY6M is the code!

23 / 06 (06/23)

  1. Add changing hero function.
  2. Add killing oneself function.
  3. Add safe / unsafe mode

24 / 06 (06/24)

  1. Fix unsafe mode.
    (A default is a safe mode. If you press some buttons, you can turn on unsafe mode.)

  2. add some dialogues in every character.
    (For example, If you choose rein, the conversation will be shown.
    Rein : Hah... I wanna come here with Hana.
    Brig : Wait, With whom?
    Rein : Ha! ha! I said you! Brigitte!
    Brig : Ah! ....wait, I'm here with you now.)

  3. No more random hero, you can choose a hero who you want to play!



I have a few questions?

  1. How many more maps will there be?
  2. Could you possible add the option to reverse the direction of the Orisa carts to add some variety?
  3. Could there be extra/extended layouts in the future? Thanks for this amazing game mode! :)
ochotonida creator

I'll probably add a track for every map playable in FFA, maybe even multiple tracks for a single map if I feel like it. The new tracks won't be much longer than the existing ones though, most of the existing tracks use almost all available effects. Reversing the direction of the track should be possible, I'll see if I can add that.


Hey ochotonida its me from reddit do you know when the tool will come out?

ochotonida creator

in about 10 minutes :p


Lol omg thanks lol


Oml I love this

Update Log (6)

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.
  • Added a track for Ilios Lighthouse and Petra
  • The carts can now travel in both directions, the direction is chosen randomly at the start of the match
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.
  • Added a track for dorado
  • Fixed players spawning on the wrong side of Havana after dying
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.
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