Overwatch 1 Emulator

Accurate 6v6 Overwatch 1 in Overwatch 2
Checkout Overwatch 1++ to see this gamemode extended with OW2 heroes

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ecksdee#11729's attempt to recreate 6v6 Overwatch 1 in Overwatch 2 using Workshop scripts.

Goal is to recreate the last version of Overwatch 1 as accurate as possible.
OW2 heroes are disabled by default and won't be balanced until after release v1.0.0.

Overwatch 1 stats are referenced using the wayback machine on the Overwatch Wiki.

Release build: KHTG0
Staging build: ESMXJ

For patch notes, see releases up to v0.8.14, releases after v0.9.0.

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Features (likely out of date)

Please see GitLab for complete table of emulated OW1 abilities.

Notable changes (below is only a fraction of all changes in this gamemode)


  • Exact OW1 hp, including health/armor/shields ratio
    • We are the first 6v6 gamemode to achieve this!
  • Exact OW1 barrier hp
    • Another original concept in this gamemode
    • 1600hp Reinhardt barrier
    • 700hp Winston barrier
    • 200hp Zarya barrier
    • 250hp Brigitte barrier
  • No tank/support passive
    • Full ult charge when shooting tanks
    • No tank knockback negation passive
    • No support self healing passive
  • OW1 damage and cooldowns for almost every ability


  • OW1 Dva
    • 2 second matrix
    • melee cancels booster
  • OW1 Orisa
    • Protective Barrier
    • Halt
    • Supercharger
  • OW1 Reinhardt
    • 1 firestrike every 6 seconds
    • 1600 barrier hp
    • One shot point-blank shatter
  • OW1 Sigma
    • OW1 Accretion + orb damage
  • OW1 Winston
    • No secondary fire
    • 6 second leap
    • 700 barrier hp
  • OW1 Wrecking ball
    • OW1 Fireball knockback
  • OW1 Zarya
    • Seperate self and ally bubbles
      • self bubble every 10 seconds
      • ally bubble every 8 seconds


  • OW1 Bastion
    • Self-repair
      • Heal yourself by holding e or right-click
    • Sentry mode
      • Stationary machine gun with 300 ammo
    • Tank mode (ultimate)
      • Fire tank shells (emulated using OW2 Bastion's grenade ability)
  • OW1 Cassidy
    • Flashbang (recreated using workshop projectile object)
  • OW1 Doomfist
    • We have the most accurate OW1 Doomfist of all 6v6 gamemodes
    • == Indicator slam==
    • Rising Uppercut
      • Deals 50 damage to enemies in melee range and knocks them upwards
    • Slam damage based on air time
    • 1 shot Rocket Punch
    • OW1 Doomfist damage
  • OW1 Genji
    • 29 damage per shuriken
  • OW1 Mei
    • Accurate freeze on primary fire
  • OW1 Tracer
    • Primary fire (6 damage per shot)


  • Removed support self-healing passive
  • OW1 Ana
    • sleep dart works against tanks
  • OW1 Baptiste
    • No instant healing from regenerative burst
  • OW1 Brigitte
    • stun on shield bash (+ shorter distance)
  • OW1 Mercy
    • OW1 Guardian Angel
  • OW1 Moira
    • No fade during Coalescence

This project was started on June 9th, 2023.


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 12 - 12
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: v0.2.2

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