Hello!! im reposting this code as a more improved version of it! overtime i'll keep updating it if more features get brung into the workshop. Enjoy!

First Note: Rally is an issue, i tried my best. also would like to note due to the reduced barrier size, im pretty sure shes more prone to damage around her feet make her prone to shatter.


Brigitte hero icon
  • Health increased from 150 to 200
  • Support Passive no longer applies to her
Brigitte Repair Pack icon
Repair Pack
  • Charges reduced from 3 to 1
  • Now heals 150 health instantly instead of 110 overtime
  • Now grants a player 75 temporary armor for 6 seconds
  • Maximum range reduced from 30m to 20m
  • Now grants Brigitte 9% ultimate charge
Brigitte Barrier Shield icon
Barrier Shield
  • Cooldown reduced from 5s to 3s
  • Health increased from 300 to 600
  • Health regain amount increased from 85p/s to 100p/s
Brigitte Shield Bash icon
Shield Bash
  • Stun duration increased from 0 to 0.9s
  • Distance reduced from 12m to 7m
  • No longer activates Inspire
Brigitte Rally icon
  • Ultimate cost reduced by 20%
  • Speed boost increased from +15% to +30%
  • To make up for the loss of overhealth gain, Brigitte now heals herself by 15 health every 0.5s
  • Reduced barrier size
  • Now receives 150 armour instead of the normal 100
Brigitte Inspire icon
  • Healing per second increased from 15 to 16
  • Cooldown increased from 1s to 1.5s
Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 3.0.0



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