4v4 Nano + auto fill with bots

This mode features the classic 4v4 Nano Blade preset with bots automatically filling in for all of the missing players. The mode is playable by 1-8 players, it is intended to be played in lobbies open for everyone, but you can even play it 1v1 against your friend. If a player joins the game mid round, bot will finish the round and the player will start playing the next round.

Go to Settings -> (orange) Workshop Settings

  • If you only want to play a certain hero, you can lock the hero rotation
  • If you want to change the bots difficulty level you can change the damage numbers here settings

I made this mode originally for Overwatch 1, but never finished it. So here is the finished version modified for Overwatch 2.

Players | 1 - 8
Heroes: Reinhardt, Cassidy, Genji, Ana
Created at:
Last updated:

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