4v4 Nano + auto fill with bots

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

This mode features the classic 4v4 Nano Blade preset with bots automatically filling in for all of the missing players. The mode is playable by 1-8 players, it is intended to be played in lobbies open for everyone, but you can even play it 1v1 against your friend. If a player joins the game mid round, bot will finish the round and the player will start playing the next round.

Go to Settings -> (orange) Workshop Settings

  • If you only want to play a certain hero, you can lock the hero rotation
  • If you want to change the bots difficulty level you can change the damage numbers here settings

I made this mode originally for Overwatch 1, but never finished it. So here is the finished version modified for Overwatch 2.

Players | 1 - 8
Heroes: Reinhardt, Cassidy, Genji, Ana
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