Lym's Ultimate Dodgeball V1.2

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Lym's Ultimate Dodgeball is a fast paced gamemode which rewards quick reaction time and good aim.

You pick up the ball by touching it, but beware! If it's colored red and glowing yellow it will kill you if you're hit.

You can use your character abilities to interact with the ball:

Uppercut and Seismic Slam have a small window where you can soak a shot which would normally kill you. Time it well to grab the ball without dying!

Genji can Deflect the ball. If he's hit while he's deflecting, he will launch it in the direction he's aiming at a very high speed.
His Swift Strike is also available for an easy time stealing the ball from his opponents.

Roadhog can use his Hook to hook the ball towards himself.
His Breather allows him to soak the ball even if it would normally kill him.
Hooking an enemy while Roadhog or the enemy has the ball is an easy setup for kills.

Tracer can use her Recall to reclaim the ball if she held it within 3 seconds. She also has her Blink available which make her very mobile.

Additional Information

If you deal ANY damage to an opponent who is holding the ball, you will steal it for yourself. This includes both Quick Melee and your abilities.

If the ball isn't picked up in 5 seconds, or someone is holding it for too long, it will respawn in the middle. Watch the timer on the top and be fast to grab it! Launching it out of bounds will cause it to respawn early.

I recommend Elimination if you want a more competitive gamemode, otherwise turn it off and only play Team Deathmatch for the best experience.

Gamemodes & Maps

- Team Deathmatch
Workshop Chamber

- Elimination

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