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Overwatch With a Twist

A gamemode where every hero is buffed in various and interesting ways such as stat buffs, new abilities, or new passives, The general power of heros are quite a bit higher than normal Overwatch (hence the "op"), and the respawn times are slightly reduced, leading to fast paced and often chaotic gameplay. The changes made to heros vary wildly. Some heroes even have entirely different movesets or playstyles.

For a few examples, Doomfist has wall hacks and can travel though objects when punching, Hanzo can cycle through various different ammo types, and Sugma (yes Sugma) can suck enemies in with his kinetic grasp. There are far too many changes to list here, so go check them out for yourself!

New abilities are constantly being added, heros are occasionally reworked, and balance changes are frequently made. Changelogs are posted to our discord server where you can also talk with other players, and leave your suggestions/criticisms.

Massive thanks to LemonAid for helping us with our tutorial! Go check out his codes: https://workshop.codes/u/LemonAid

Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/cmk2XZMj7g

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Update Log (10)

1.7 Changlogs:

Long Awaited Soldier Rework!

-Instead of a killstreak, or a soldier in general, he is now a mage from D&D.
-His Mana Bar is used when casting spells, and he can charge it by holding Interact. However, he can't move when charging his Mana.
-His Primary is now Magic Missile, a low-damage, low-cost homing projectile.
-His E is now Mass Healing Word, which costs half his mana but heals him and all teammates he can see for 50 Health.
-His Secondary is his most powerful attack, Fireball. This shoots a slow-moving projectile that creates a massive, burning explosion, at the cost of all of Soldier's mana.
-His Ultimate gives him unlimited mana for a shot time.

Mercy Changes:
-Holy Light now rains down around people that mercy is healing
-Reduced the amount of variation with Holy Resurrect (less range but more consistent)
-You can only heal from Holy Light attacks if you have your staff equiped
-Damage nerfed from 105% to 100%

Moira Nerfs:
-Orb healing reduced from 100% to 70%
-Orb damage reduced from 100% to 70%

Reaper Nerf:
-Move speed reduced from 110% to 101%

Sombra Buff:
-Hack now disables enemy huds and prevents them from healing

1.6 Changlogs:

New Zenyatta Ability (LMB - Foot of Discord)
-Teleports Zenyatta to the cursor, almost no cooldown, spam till your heart's content .

Pharah Balance Changes
-Spread Shot damage buffed from 30 per rocket to 40 per rocket.
-Healing recieved nerfed from 100% to 85%
-Damage nerfed from 105% to 100%

Widow now has a UI to show when Time Bubble is active.

New Reaper Passive:
-Damage dealt to full health targets is increased by 75%

1.5 Changelogs

Lucio Minor Rework:
-Instead of only being able to attack when the bar is full, lucio instead does massively reduced damage when it isnt.
-Speed increased from 115% to 120%
-Healing received decreased from 100% to 95%
-Boop damage increased from 88 to 90
-Boop cooldown increased from 20% to 30%
-Got rid of the 25+ "not lucio" ongoing rules that were probably contributing to game crashes

Genji Ability Buff (Interact - Smoke Bomb):
-Genji now faces the nearest enemy after using smoke bomb

Pharah New Ability (RMB - Spread Shot):
-Shoots a spead of 2, weak rockets

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