You're in an alternate world, where blizzard did everything right: released talent trees, supported the workshop, and most importantly... buffed doomfist to his canon state!

Heres his kit:

Hand Cannon

  • 500% pellets
  • +2 ammo
  • (customizable) higher spread
  • (customizable) 70% damage

Rocket Punch

  • damage scales with (initial) distance
  • seeks to target, if you aim close enough to them

Seismic Slam

  • Now has 2 forms
Movement Slam Grounded Slam
triggered by tapping slam triggered by holding slam
lowers gravity, before drastically increasing it knockbacks victims, deals extra damage
more movement spawns homing shockwaves

Power Block

  • makes afterimages
  • freezes nearby opponents on end

Meteor Strike

  • spawns a closing dome on launch location, which traps enemies inside and closes in


  • using all his canon energy, doomfist starts forming a Canonball (hold melee)
  • after the Canonball stabilizes, doomfist starts levitating from the sheer energy radiating off it
  • while the Canonball is stabilizing, the enemy team can shoot at it and kill it, preventing the explosion (Canonball has 500 armor)
  • after releasing the canon ball (release melee), it implodes, before exploding, burning and DOTing everyone in its 55m radius for 125dps. After a while, the Canonball re-implodes on itself, ending the massacre.
  • dps also ends when you leave the explosion radius
  • (customizable) 50 second cooldown

Leave feedback, questions, or anything at all in comments. Enjoy!

Players | 2 - 6
Categories: Boss Mode
Tags: boss doomfist
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.3



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