[WIP] Junkenstein's Revenge


Junkenstein's Revenge PVE

In my PVE gamemode I have tried my hardest to re-create Junkenstein's Revenge in the Workshop just before the actual event occurs. I have put hours of work and testing into this, and I am hoping that the Workshop will have more features in the future so I can upgrade this PVE mode to make it represent the actual Junkenstein's Revenge. Unfortunately, bosses have changed positions in this gamemode as the limitations to the Eichenwalde Halloween map. Junkenstein's position has been moved over to the ledge beside the door as the one that is down the bridge no longer exists due to the PVP aspect of Overwatch, and how Blizzard never really wanted to keep this ledge in for the Halloween varient of the map.

New Experimental

Diffculty Scales

In this gamemode there is a separate Workshop menu which you can adjust how often the bosses spawn and how much damage they can do.

Damage Scales
50 - Easy
100 - Normal
150 - Hard
200 - Expert
250 - Legendary

The higher the delay on the bosses spawn, the less bosses there are to bombard you. The lower the delay the bosses spawn more frequently. The default options are what I think is the best balance. Bosses spawn more often over time.

How it works

  • Each game lasts 15 minutes
  • There is no setup
  • Door health is 2000% if it reaches 0% the game ends
  • When the game is over and the timer has reached 15 mins, the defending team wins
  • Unfortunately I could not add in a rip tyre, so there are currently only Zomnics attacking the door
  • Zomnics damage the door and the player if they are around the Zomnic.
  • Zomnics are Zenyatta's - Zombardiers are Zarya's

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Nice job with this gamemode! I've played and looks very nice, but the workshop server crashes due to overload on higher rounds, and the timer is frozen.

Waitedboat4 creator

Thanks for letting me know! Try to kill the bosses quicker! Also the time freezing has been fixed, I think.

Update Log

Update v8.8 - General Fixes and Changes

  • Mercy can no longer use Valkrie
  • Junkrat can no longer use Rip-Tyre

New Game Mode Request - Kicking Zens

This game mode was requested by Dead By Friendship: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4sfC88XLLIceQD1dwTwCZw

  • New game mode in which Zenyattas can kick you if you get too close YOU CAN FIND IT IN THE ORANGE WORKSHOP SETTINGS TAB

Want to Request a Junkenstein Game Mode?

Reply to this post on Reddit and name a Junkenstein game mode and I will make it!

Update v8.7 - The Maestro Bug Fixes

  • The Maestro will now spawn in with ult
  • The Maestro can now aim

Thanks for all the YouTube videos! It's been Great Finding Bugs!

Update V8.6 - Minimal Updates

  • Bots can now jump if they get stuck
  • Symmetra no longer places turrets
  • Zomnics now spawn at the final battle

Update v8.5 - New Outros for Door Destroyed and Everyone Dead

  • There is a new outro for the whole team dying

  • There is a new outro for the door being destroyed

Update v8 - Junkenstein's Endless

  • New Junkenstein Endless mode with Waves and Bonus waves.
  • Up to 27 waves including an ending one.
  • Bosses Spawn in like original Endless mode

Update 7.5 - New Updates

  • Changed base gamemode to Team Deathmatch
  • Changed Dr Junkenstein's position
  • Changed Zone Size

Update v7 - Normal Waves Update

  • The gamemode now has default waves
  • The gamemode is 8 minutes long
  • There is a final wave where The Witch revives all the bosses and you have to kill all of them to win
  • Each boss has a cutscene when they die and all other bosses are dead

Update v6.5 - Scoring System Update


  • Zomnic and Zombardier kills +20XP
  • The Reaper kills +400XP
  • Other Bosses kills +800XP

Survival Bonuses

  • The first bonus is +25XP
  • Bonuses reset every time someone dies
  • Bonuses increase by +50XP
  • Bonuses increase every 25 kills

New Update v6

  • New Junkenstein's Revenge Intro for start game
  • New Paths for bots

Update v5

  • Added addable bots to defending team These bots attack Junkenstein's creations and are good sidekicks if you don't have any yourself!

Update v4 - The Maestro is here

The Maestro has entered Dr Junkenstein's team to help break down the gate of castle Aldersbrunn. Defend the castle and stop Dr Junkenstein and his friends from getting inside!

This mode is Experimental, why?

The mode is Experimental as Sigma isn't usually in Junkenstein's Revenge, so I added him as I wondered what it would be like. Also I'd like to hear some comments on how it goes and if they enjoyed it or not. So anyways, enjoy!

Update v3 - Pathfinding

I have finally created some good pathfinding for Junkenstein's Revenge, credit for ItsDeltin for helping me with the pathfinding as I am new to it. Go and check out his github for more information about Overwatch Pathfinding. The new pathfinding update is included to all the bosses! (apart from Dr Junkenstein)

One quick update!

  • Dr Junkenstein now has unlimited ammo

Update v2.6 - Bug Fixes and New Additions

  • Added the ability to show or hide boundaries in Workshop Settings
  • Updated HUD to look more minimalistic and is more cleaner
  • Added a scoreboard with your personal damage dealt and ultimate charge
  • Shorter assemble heroes time which doesn't start counting down until every player has picked a hero
  • Changed the "Created by Waitedboat4" to small text

Update v2.5 - Minor fixes

  • Junkrat now teleports to his post if he is far away from it

Update v2.4

  • Barriers are now invisible
  • Barriers no longer push you back but instead teleport you back
  • Bosses now spawn normally

Update v2.3 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which would allow hitscan bosses to have predictive aiming like Junkenstein and the Zombardiers.

Minor Update v2.2

  • Fixed a bug which allowed players to win a game when they are all dead and aren't in Never Ending Mode.
  • Fixed a bug in which the game would not end if it weren't on Never Ending Mode.

Update v2.1 Bug Fixes

  • Reaper no longer goes into Wraith Form at the cutscenes
  • Reaper goes into Wraith Form once he has teleported
  • Reaper stays in Wraith Form for longer

Update V2 Big Update and Bug Fixes

  • Fully fixed Junkenstein's Monster not being able to hook enemies.
  • Added a "All Heroes" mode in Workshop Settings
  • Added a "Never Ending" mode in Workshop Settings
  • Dr Junkenstein now stays at his post

What is All Heroes mode?

When turned on you get to play whatever character you like!

What is Never Ending mode?

The game doesn't end, and bosses keep coming. If the whole team dies the game ends and the defending team wins. If the door gets destroyed you lose.

Minor change - v1.1

I have allowed The Summoner to secondary fire.

Update v1.1 - Bug Fixes and Other Minor Changes

  • Fixed a bug where Junkenstein's Monster would only hook someone if his ultimate were at 0%
  • Changed the camera positions for Junkenstein's Monster and The Witch's cutscenes
  • Slow motion for the cutscenes are now 15% slower
  • The Witch now creates a revive effect whilst being spawned in
  • Added "Created by Waitedboat4" in the game description
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