Overwatch: Uprising PVE

I have gone out of my way AGAIN! To recreate Overwatch: Uprising. This is a very early preview, this is NOT final in any way shape or form. The main things I will need to change and mess around with are the spawns of the enemies. So, if you believe the enemy spawns are "unfair", these will be fixed! I will be studying numerous amounts of clips/videos from Overwatch: Uprising and will try and get them to look somewhat the same! I hope you guys enjoy what I have currently got, and enjoy fighting against Null Sector!

Anti-Crash System by Zezombye:

How it works

It's like classic Overwatch: Uprising, firstly you have to capture all the terminals to unlock the payload, secondly you need to capture the payload and defend it for 4 minutes. Once 4 minutes is over, escort the payload to the factory, and after that you will need to kill all 4 Orisa's to get the wins.

What does BETA/WIP mean?

It means that the game mode is fully functional, will all 4 difficulties and All Heroes. WIP means that the game is not yet finished, and needs more additions such as AI improvements or balance changes. It can also mean that I will be adding new modes like Challenge Missions. So I hope you enjoy what I have made, please share and comment any issues!

Pathfinding by ItsDeltin


Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Survival, Protect, PvE
Maps: King's Row
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 4



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