Paladinswatch: Jenos


Brings Paladins' cosmic support into Overwatch. To the best they can be approximated at least. Warning: will likely tank framerates if used in a full lobby - this a key issue I will resolve if I ever revisit this code.

The abilities:

  • Primary fire: Star Splitter. Fires 9 rounds per second dealing 9.2 damage each, with a clip size of 28.
  • Secondary fire: Astral Mark (6.5s). Heals an ally for 30 hp and then 22 hps over 10s. Can be applied through walls.
  • Ability 1: Stellar Wind (2s). Increase movement speed by 65% and increase jump height while decreasing gravity. Using any other ability cancels this.
  • Ability 2: Void Grip (12s). Lifts an enemy for 2.5s, dealing 36 damage over the duration. The initial grab applies a short root status.
  • Ultimate Ability: Through Time and Space. Fires a massive laser after 1.2s that deals 250 damage. Pierces terrain and shields, and has global range.

Note: this video contains some numerical errors that I haven't bothered to go fix. The numbers listed above are the correct ones.

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This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.
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