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Overwatch Fight Club is a mode that turns the usual-FPS into a fighting game! In this mode, many of its mechancis are based on that of both traditional fighters and platform fights such as Super Smash Bros. Throw out flashy attacks with your Super Meter, block incoming ones with your Shield, and summon your allies for some help!

To enhance the experience of this mode, listen to this playlist while you play!
Let me know what characters you'd like to see in Overwatch Fight Club!

The most recent update to this mode is Version 2.0.0!

Overwatch Fight Club Discord: https://discord.gg/9Wk4q2E
Overwatch Fight Club Trailer (V1.0.0)

Overwatch Fight Club Trailer (V2.0.0)

Categories | 1vs1
Heroes | Doomfist
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Last updated |
Current version | 2.0.0


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Update Log


Overwatch Fight Club (V2.0.0) Updates

▸ New Character: Added Brigitte!
▸ New Map: Blizzard World!
▸ New Map: Eichenwalde!
▸ New Map: Lijang Control Center!
▸ New Map: Paris!
▸ Added a pre-game hero selection.
▸ Holding Crouch in the air will now initiate a "fast-fall."
▸ Super Attacks now provoke the camera angle to change briefly.


Overwatch Fight Club (V1.1.2) Updates

▸ Altered how the Shield is displayed.
The Shield now shrinks more slowly and breaks at a larger radius than before. Both changes are purely visual.


Overwatch Fight Club (V1.1.1) Updates

▸ Fixed a glitch where summons would not respawn.


Overwatch Fight Club (V1.1.0) Updates

▸ Fixed unintended interactions with the Death Handler.
▸ Fixed the common "facing" glitch.
Players should no longer get stuck facing the wrong directions.
▸ Altered the position players spawn on Workshop Island.
▸ Reworked Doomfist's Light Forward Aerial.
Now, Sombra will only appear if the opponent is in "Hit-stun." On top of throwing out a weak melee attack, Sombra now teleports Doomfist to her. Sombra no longer launches at an upward or downward angle but launches horizontally.

Balance Changes

—————— Light Attacks ——————

_Light Aerial Attack _

Launch Angle | 90° → -90°
Launch Power | 7.5 → 12.5


Damage to Enemy  | 5 → 3
Damage to Shield | 7 → 5

"The Widow's Kiss"

Damage to Enemy  | 18 → 16
Damage to Shield | 45 → 35

—————— Heavy Attacks ——————

Rocket Punch (Aerial)

Damage to Enemy  | 5 → 4
Damage to Shield | 15 → 11

Damage to Enemy  | 20 → 14
Damage to Shield | 35 → 25

Flying Uppercut

Damage to Enemy  | 5 → 4

Super Uppercut

Damage to Enemy  | 17 → 19
Damage to Shield | 35 → 40

—————— Super Attacks ——————

Death Blossom

Removed invincibility
Deals damage every 30 frames
Damage to Enemy  | 5 → 3


Deals damage every 20 frames
Invincibility Frames | 20 → 10

Overwatch Fight Club (V1.0.1) Updates

▸ Added a link to the OWFC Discord to the game HUD.
▸ Changed how Invincibility Frames are displayed.

Now instead of being displayed as white sparkles, they give a yellow outline to an invincible player.
▸ Changed how Shield Breaks are handled.
Instead of being invincible for 50 frames after a Shield Break, players are now invincible until they have been grounded for 10 frames.
▸ Doomfist's Light Crouch attack now works properly.


The goal of these alterations was to make Invincibility Frames more obvious to players and to make Shield Breaks more representative of the Super Smash Bros. series the concept was taken from. For now, these changes are very small. However, in next week's patch, the Death Handler will be addressed along with a few minor bugs.

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