Overwatch Fight Club



Overwatch Fight Club is a mode that turns the usual-FPS into a fighting game! In this mode, many of its mechancis are based on that of both traditional fighters and platform fights such as Super Smash Bros. Throw out flashy attacks with your Super Meter, block incoming ones with your Shield, and summon your allies for some help!

To enhance the experience of this mode, listen to this playlist while you play!
Let me know what characters you'd like to see in Overwatch Fight Club!

The most recent update to this mode is Version 3.0!

Overwatch Fight Club Discord: https://discord.gg/9Wk4q2E
Overwatch Fight Club Trailer (V1.0.0)

Overwatch Fight Club Trailer (V2.0.0)

Overwatch Fight Club Trailer (V3.0)


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Update Log (7)

# New Hero - GenjI!

For more details about OWFC buffs, nerfs, and changes, please refer to this document!
The "↑" represents a buff while the "↓" represents a nerf. The "()" represents what a value was before it was changed.

Overwatch Fight Club (V2.0.0) Updates

▸ New Character: Added Brigitte!
▸ New Map: Blizzard World!
▸ New Map: Eichenwalde!
▸ New Map: Lijang Control Center!
▸ New Map: Paris!
▸ Added a pre-game hero selection.
▸ Holding Crouch in the air will now initiate a "fast-fall."
▸ Super Attacks now provoke the camera angle to change briefly.

Overwatch Fight Club (V1.1.2) Updates

▸ Altered how the Shield is displayed.
The Shield now shrinks more slowly and breaks at a larger radius than before. Both changes are purely visual.

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