Club Audition



Based on the iconic South Korean online game of the same name, Club Audition is a rhythm gamemode with customizable BPM that lets you play with any 4/4 time signature songs (most pop songs)!


Host player needs to be in the team in order for the game to work!

1. Starting the game

To start the song, the host player needs to press Interact at the same time as the first beat of any bar. If you're using a 4/4 time signature song, count 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-etc. to the song and press Interact when beat 1 begins.

2. Objectives

• For 4 keys:
Your objective is to press the WASD keys corresponding to the arrows when they appear and hit Jump when the bar is in the zone (at the 4th beat if the host started the song correctly).


• For 8 keys:
I recommend following the binding guide in the Controls section at the end of the page. The objective is the same, you need to get all the arrows correct then hit Jump when the bar is in the zone.


The arrows will turn green (4 keys) or orange (8 keys) if you press them correctly. If you mess up an arrow, your input will be reset and you have to perform the whole move again.


The number of arrows will scale with the level. The higher level the moves you complete, the more score you will earn.

3. Grades

There are 5 grades that you can earn after completing a turn: PERFECT, GREAT, COOL, BAD and MISS.

Grade Description
PERFECT Grants the most score, even more if you chain PERFECTs in a row
GREAT Grants the second most score
COOL Grants the third most score
BAD Grants the least score
MISS Grants no score, player won't get to play next turn


4. Finish moves

Finish moves are moves that are encountered at the end of Level 9 and Level 11. These moves can be recognized by the flashing colors and the name 'Finish move!'.
Upon finishing these moves, the players are granted with a lot of score and these can usually change the outcome of the results.
If Reverse Chance is enabled, finish moves will always have reverse chance in them.


5. Reverse chance (Level 1)

Reverse chance is a mode that can be activated to increase a move's difficulty. If finished, the player will get rewarded with more score.
Reverse chance appears in the game as red arrow keys. To press them correctly, the player must press the arrows in the opposite direction of them.
You can enable reverse chance by pressing Ultimate during a game.

For example, the red arrow in this picture is the right arrow (→). To hit this arrow correctly, press the left direction key (A key or the ← key if you bound the movement keys to your arrow keys)

For 8 keys, the red arrow in this picture is the southeast arrow (↘). To hit this arrow correctly, press the ↖ key (Ability 1 key or Numpad7 if you bound the movement keys to your numpad keys)

Workshop Settings Description
Disabled Reverse chance is completely disabled
Finish move only Reverse chance only appears in finish move
Enabled Reverse chance is enabled in finish moves and can be enabled individually in normal modes by any player

6. Winning the game

When the song ends, the player who earns the most score will win the match.


7. Customizing BPM

BPM (beat-per-minute) decides how fast the beat will go.
Go to Workshop Settings and input the BPM and song length in seconds. I recommend reducing the length by a few seconds for you to count the beat. You can use SongBPM to find any song's BPM!
For beginners, I recommend songs that are under 80 BPM. Most songs can be played in halftime, which means if a song exceeds a BPM you want, you can divide that song's BPM by half! Or if you want challenge, you can double it so it will go faster!

8. Gamemodes & Keymodes

1. Gamemodes

Name Description
Choreography Span from level 1 to level 9 and has one finish move in a run, returns to Level 6 after finish move
Crazy Choreography Span from level 6 to level 11 and has two finish moves in a run, returns to Level 6 after Level 11 finish move

2. Keymodes

Name Description
4 keys Including left (→), right (←), up (↑) and down (↓) arrows
8 keys Including left (→), right (←), up (↑), down (↓), northwest (↖), northeast (↗), southwest (↙) and southeast (↘) arrows

9. For a better experience

  • Bind your movement keys to WASD keys (4 keys) or Numpad keys (8 keys) for easier key pressing
  • Use a Discord music bot to play with friends or just any music player if you're soloing
  • Use Stereo Mix to play music in Match Chat if you host a public lobby

My attempt to play one of the hardest song in Club Audition! Who else can beat this song?
(´。• ω •。`) ♡


1. Arrows

Description Controls (Default) Recommend binding to
W Up (4 keys)/Numpad8 (8 keys)
S Down (4 keys)/Numpad2 (8 keys)
A Left (4 keys)/Numpad4 (8 keys)
D Right (4 keys)/Numpad6 (8 keys)
Ability 1 Numpad7
Ability 2 Numpad9
Interact Numpad1
Melee Numpad3

2. Other controls

Description Controls
Hit the beat Jump
Ready up (while waiting) Jump
Start song (host player) Interact
Change hero (while waiting) Reload
Toggle assist HUD Reload
Toggle reverse chance Ultimate

Why does no song play when I start the game?

The mode doesn't have any in-game implemented song nor do I plan to add one. You can use external sources to play your favorite songs!

Why does my game not start?

Host player needs to be in the game in order for the mode to work properly.

Do you plan on adding more Reverse Chance levels?


Thank you Therister for helping me out with the code!
Please don't edit out the credits! Enjoy and have fun!

Players | 1 - 6
Categories: Solo, Minigames
Heroes: All
Maps: Paris, Rialto, Busan
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 1.4.0



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