Duo Heroes


How It Works

After you select a hero, the hero selection screen will come up again and allow you to pick a second hero.
During the game, press INTERACT to swap heroes if your swap charge is at 100%.
Swap charge increases passively and by doing damage - rates can be changed in workshop settings.
Cooldowns, health, ammo, ult charge are separate for both heroes.

Reserve Hero HUD

Looks like this.
Top to bottom, shows: Which hero is in reserve, what your swap charge is, what button to press to swap, reserve hero ult charge and health, and reserve hero cooldowns.

Workshop Settings

Swap Charge

  • Passive Swap Charge Rate: Control how fast the swap charge passively builds up. Set to 0 to disable passive swap charge gain. Default: 0.5
  • Active Swap Charge Rate: Control how fast swap charge is gained by doing damage or healing. Set to 0 to disable active swap charge gain. Default: 0.5
  • Healing Charge Multiplier: Control how effective healing is at giving swap charge compared to damage. Set to 0 to disable healing contributing to swap charge. Default: 0.5

Reserve Hero

  • Reserve Hero Ability Cooldown Speed Scalar: Control how fast the ability cooldowns of your reserve hero count down. Set to 0 to disable cooldowns from ticking down for your reserve hero. Default: 1.0
  • Reload In Background: Toggle whether or not your ammo count will be replenished when you switch heroes. Default: OFF
  • Healing In Background Rate: Control how fast your reserve hero will be healed while you are playing your other hero. Set to 0 to disable healing in background. Default: 0.0
  • Healing In Background Delay: Control how long it takes for your reserve hero to start being healed while you are playing your other hero. Default: 0.5

Game Settings

  • Allow Changing Heroes In Spawn: Toggle whether or not you are allowed to change heroes. Doing so replaces your current hero with the new one. Default: ON
  • Charge Hero Swap In Spawn: Toggle whether or not your swap charge is always filled while in your spawn room. Default: ON
  • Cancel Hero Swap With Crouch: Toggle whether or not pressing CROUCH while pressing INTERACT cancels hero swap. Useful mostly for allowing teleporter use without accidentally swapping heroes. Default: ON

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Update Log (4)

Compatibility update

  • Sigma shield max cooldown updated to reflect new value.

Bug fixes

  • Removed 1 second max cooldown from Bastion's Self-Repair, as that ability has no cooldown.
  • Re-Disabled inspector recording.

Workshop settings

  • Adjusted Healing In Background Rate. Now ranges from 0 to 60 hitpoints per second.
  • Adjusted Healing In Background Delay. Now ranges from 0 to 10 seconds.


  • Blue poof effect when swapping heroes is no longer visible to yourself.
  • Swapping heroes now plays a sound effect.
  • Share code now shown during pre-game setup.
  • Various minor optimizations across the board.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with Allow Changing Heroes In Spawn that allowed players to change to their reserve hero, resulting in buggy behavior.
  • Fixed bug that caused secondary ammo of your reserve hero to not be replenished after respawning.

Workshop settings

  • Added customization of healing modifier for active swap charge rate. Default is 0.5.
  • Ability cooldowns in background can now be slowed down.
  • Passive Swap Charge Rate tweaked. Default is now 0.5.


  • Improved accuracy of cooldowns in background
  • Optimized cooldowns in background rule to reduce server load

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where secondary ammo would start out at 0 the first time you switched heroes.
  • Fixed bug that could cause player HUD to say "Not Ready" when at 100% swap charge after swapping heroes in spawn room with game rule "Charge Hero Swap In Spawn" on.
  • Fixed bug that caused player HUD to not display ability charges properly.
  • Fixed bug that caused Widowmaker's Venom Mine cooldown to always be set to 15 seconds when switching off of her if the mine was still in the world.
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