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This is quite an old code which I haven't worked on in quite some time, but I decided to give it another go today and had quite some fun with it. So I changed some numbers here and there and voilà, here it is. Oh yeah turns out I actually am going to work on this more. Which I wasn't planning to do. But I guess I kinda feel like it now.

At the start of every match all players are warped to the initial class selecter, where each player can decide between three classes to start of with. These are D.va (bunny), the most mobile but fragile option of the three (it should be said that she spawns without mech), Hanzo (hunter) wich has mediocre movement and hp but high damage (for the early game), and Roadhog (hog) wich excels in close range combat. To select a class you must press interact (normally F) while standing in the circle belonging to the desired hero.

In this mode, using your resources in the best way possible is crucial to reaching the highest level. Levels are gained by gaining exp, and exp is gained in three (four) ways:

Dealing damage (currently 55% of damage dealt turns into exp)

Earning eliminations (currently 55 exp for each elimination, also counts assists since you don't need to deal the final blow to gain this exp)

Blood crystals (buildings that are located near both spawns, wich trade 50 hp for 50 exp per two seconds. It should also be said that blood crystals will stop when you're at or below 50 hp)

Joining-mid game (when you join mid game, you are given the average level of all players)

When you gain a level, you also get one upgrade point. Upgrade points can be spend by using the shop. The shop is activated by holding down the interact button (f), and upgrades are bought by scrolling (using mouse button 1) through three randomly generated options (the first option is either max hp, damage dealt or movement speed and costs one upgrade point, the second is either projectile speed, healing dealt or damage resistance and also costs one upgrade point and the third option is either life steal, hp regeneration, stun chance and critical hit chance on damage dealt. The last option costs you two upgrade points, but are importand for scaling into the late game and to regenerate your hp since healthpacks are disabled). When you have scrolled to the desired option, you can press jump to buy the upgrade. You can view your stats by holding down crouch.

Every seventh level (right now level seven and fourteen) you are also able to select a new class in the class shop. To enter the class shop, you must travel to either one of the spawns and enter one of the class shop entry's (visualized by an orange cloud, it's hard to miss). When you've entered the shop, you select a new class the same way as at the start of the game. Both the seventh and fourteenth level allow you to select one out of two classes- these two classes are predetermined based on wich class you are at the moment. Here is a list of all current classes:

Bunny (D.va) (choosable at the start of each match or when joined mid-game) Quick and evasive but fragile. Usefull information:
Spawns without mech and can't generate a new one
Has a custom ability on her shift, bunny hop, wich boosts you in the direction you're walking in

Hunter (Hanzo) (choosable at the start of each match or when joined mid-game) Mediocre survivability and movement speed but high damage. Usefull information:
Doesn't have ultimate, double jump, ability 1 or ability 2
Does have a custom ability 1, focus, wich doubles the damage on your next attack that connects, and if no damage dealt, for six seconds.
Is able to one-shot Bunny's without any max hp or damage resistance buffs with a fully charged headshot or bodyshot with focus active.

Hog (Roadhog) (choosable at the start of each match or when joined mid-game) Excels at close range combat. Usefull information:
Doesn't have ultimate, secondairy fire or ability 1
Ability 2 doesn't heal you that much due to Hog's low healing dealt base-stat, but it does absorb a part of the damage taken while using it, wich will be aplied as additional damage with your next attack hit.
Even though you have the highest survivability of all starting classes, your lack of range, mobility and having a big hitbox makes you an easy target in open area's
Can make good use of the blood crystal with some upgrades to his survivability.

Flash (Tracer) (Choosable at level 7 and only by Bunny or Hunter) Everything the Bunny does, but better. Usefull information:
Doesn't have ultimate or ability 2
Due to the nature of her primary fire, having stun chance on damage dealt is incredible, even when it's not upgraded much.

Phantom (Reaper) (Choosable at level 7 and only by Hog or Hunter) Haunts enemies who dare to attack him. Usefull information:
Doesn't have ultimate, ability 1 or ability 2
Has a custom ability 1, The Haunting, wich is activated upon the Phantom taking damage, and instantly teleports him to the attacker.
Upgrading healing dealt as reaper essentially upgrades life steal but only for 1 upgrade point. Don't forget that this is due to his in-game passive however, and doesn't cary over to other classes.

Scientist (Winston) (Choosable at level 7 and only by Hog or Bunny) Zaps his enemies with pure science. Usefull information:
Doesn't have ultimate or ability 2
Due to the nature of his primary fire, having stun chance on damage dealt is incredible, even when it's not upgraded much.
Even though he has no self healing ability's, his high base max hp and mobility allows him to make good use of the blood crystal.

Eagle (Pharah) (Choosable at level 14 and only by Flash or Scientist) Uses the power of flight to locate and take down enemies. Usefull information:
Doesn't have ultimate or ability 2
Both hover jets and jump jet are less strong, so staying in the air is made impossible without using rocket jumps.
If you have some hp regeneration or damage resistance, using rocket jumps can be a good option to stay in the air since you don't lose much hp.
Has a passive that multiplies your movement speed and ads 15% extra damage when having an altitude of 1.25 meters or higher, so upgrading movespead grants super zoomies when mid-air.

Witch (Ana) (Choosable at level 14 and only by Flash or Phantom) Is able to stop enemies from healing themselves. Usefull information:
Doesn't have ability 1 or ultimate
Ability 2 has only six seconds of cooldown, so using it to heal yourself doesn't impact your damage output drasticly.
Due to her primary fire damaging enemies with three hits in stead of one, having stun chance on damage dealt is quite strong.
Since hp regenerative upgrades in this game are so strong, having the ability to shut them down with ability 2 is very strong.

Cryomancer (Mei) (Choosable at level 14 and only by Phantom or Scientist) Uses the power of ice to fight. Usefull information:
Doesn't have primary fire or ultimate
Has a custom passive, cryo-aura, wich instantly heals you for 40 hp (scaling with healing dealt stat) whenever you use an ability.
Ability 1 doesn't heal that much over time due to her low healing dealt base-stat, but it does cleanse things like anti-heal from the Witch.
Ability 1 combined with the blood crystal will heal you and blocks you from taking damage, while still giving you 50 exp per second. Combine this with her high max hp base stat and you have a completely broken combo.

Marauder (Reinhardt) (Choosable at level 21 and only by Cryomancer or Eagle) Enhances himself by making blood-sacrifices to the old gods. Usefull information:
Doesn't have ability 1, secondairy fire or ultimate.
Has a custom ability 1, offering, wich damages you for 75 hp but boosts your damage dealt and resistance as well as movement speed for 6 seconds.
Ability 2 aslo damages the player for 50 hp,
Has the highest base-stats of any character in the game, these stats also include unique upgrades like 5% damage resistance, 5% hp regeneration and 5% life steal.

Assasin (Genji) (Choosable at level 21 and only by Eagle or Witch) Uses advanced ninjutsu techniques to take down his enemies from behind. Usefull information:
Spawns of with his ultimate active, dragonblade, wich also has infinite duration.
Doesn't have ability 2.
Has a custom passive, ninja, wich makes you deal 1.5 times the damage on a backstab.
Has a 7.5% critical hit chance in his base-stats.

Automaton (Bastion) (Choosable at level 21 and only by Cryomancer or witch) Uses ancient technology to obliterate enemies. Usefull information:
Doesn't have ultimate or secondairy fire/ability 2
Has a custom ability 2, scan, wich reveals all enemies and their classes in a 20 meter radius around you for 6 seconds.
Yes, he has ability 1. There's a reason for why I put ''obliterate'' in his description.

It should also be said that when changing classes, any upgrades will be added onto the base-stats of the chosen class.

More importand aspects of this game are the in world buildings and the fact that there are no healthpacks. There are currenlty two types of in world buildings: the bloodcrystals (wich have been explained already) and the healing well. The healing well is located in the center of the map, and heals anyone inside it's radius for 10 hp per second. This might not seem like much, but without healthpacks or teammates to heal you it's a crucial position in the map. There are also the two healing stones, located between the healing well and bloodcrystals. Thes healing stones will, upon pickup, instantly heal you for 20 health and then contineu to heal you for 100 health over a 10 second period. When picked up, they will despawn, and respawn after 25 seconds.

Also, sorry for some bad spelling here and there, English is not my mother language and this was a very long text.

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Just Like A Christmas present.

Mokby#2568 creator

Yeah turns out I lied about not gonna working on it anymore, feels weird





Mokby#2568 creator


Update Log (3)


Stun chance on damage dealt has been removed from the game (because it is dumb and lame).

Added new upgrade, Damage resistance shred, aimed at increasing rapid-firing heroes damage, expecially towards tanks. DRS works roughly like this: dealing damage removes some damage resistance, based on how much DRS stat you have and based on how much damage you dealt. After you shredded someones damage resistance, you can shred some more, granting you bonus damage. The amount of bonus shred you can do is based on your DRS stat. This debuff lasts 3 seconds, after wich all DRS stacks get removed on the target. Timer gets reset when taken damage.


Reinhardt: Lshift now grants a flat movespead buff instead of a multiplier (+20% ms from X1.333 ms) but also multiplies your projectile speed by X1.333. Base health has also been reduced from 400 to 350.

Reaper: updated visuals, now his E grants a flat +25% lifesteal for 3 seconds.

Ana: updated visuals. Base damage increased from 75% to 80% (roughly 50 per primary fire to 55), has a new passive that grants a flat +20% damage dealt on her next primary fire after hitting your E, and that also reduces your E's cooldown by 3 seconds. This passive expires after 3 seconds.

Pharah: Hover jet's slightly nerfed (don't remember how much :/), decreased base projectile speed by 7.5% (from 100% to 92.5%).

So hi


These upgrades now give +7.5% per upgrade in stead of 5%: projectile speed and crit chance.

Crit chance now caps at 75% form 25%. Crit now also grants bonus damage for all attacks within 0.05 sec of the crit initiating (so hog double hit with his e stacks now crits). It now also has a 0.4 sec cd.

Healing over time now grants 2 times more healing (used to be stat times 0.5) that scales with healing dealt stat. But it only grants +2.5% per upgrade from 5%.

Lifesteal stat now grants 2 times more healing (used to be stat times 0.5)


Combat damage dealt EXP gain increased from 50% of event damage to 55%.

Combat eliminations earned EXP gain increased from 50 EXP to 55 EXP. If the player killed is 3 levels or more above you, you get 15 times the amount of levels he is ahead of you as bonus EXP.

Blood crystal now procs every 2 sec from every 1.5 sec.


Winston's dmg dealt base stat decreased from 100% to 80%, and his max hp base stat has been decreased from 60% to 50% (300 to 250 hp).

Tracer's blink cd increased from 100% to 125%.

Reaper's max hp base stat decreased from 80% to 70% (200 to 175 hp).

Hog's max hp base stat increased from 33.3% to 37.5% (200 to 225 hp), his E now absorbs 100% of all dmg you take from 75% and his healing dealt base stat decreased from 10% to 7.5%.

Genji's crit chance base stat increased from 5% to 7.5%, he also got some buffs but I can't remember what exactly.

So I said I wasn't gonna work on this mode anymore, but it appeas I lied. If school isn't too rough, expect some more changes soon (like more upgrades, runes, more heroes, and maybe even PvE bosses).

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