Attack on Titan: Wall Breach


Features a modified version of Third Person Camera by Mitsiee!

Mealtime's over, scouts!

Titans: Breach the walls and deliver the payload to the castle. Scouts: Defend the walls at all cost!

  • The mode at it's core is hybrid escort on Eichenwalde.
  • Scouts (team 1) have odm gear and can re-supply themselves with thunder spears at the tower by first spawn.
  • Titans (team 2) are beefy as heck, but vulnereable to 'nape crits'
  • Titans can crouch to shrink a bit to get under low overhangs and get through small doorways.

As of the latest update, scouts now have perks depending on hero being played

Hero Perk Desciption
Genji Ultrahard Steel Blades Slice the titan napes (red orbs) to deal heavy damage
Hanzo Thunder Spears Spawn with 4 thunder spears that can deal damage and burn (refill on map)
McCree Titanshift High noon is replaced with titanshift (into doomfist) for 25 seconds

Hookshot upgrade made possible yet again by NyaWalking's one-rule grapple! Hope you enjoy!

Wanna put your odm skills up to the test? Check out: ODM Race

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Update Log (8)

Major Update #2

Scout special abilities!

  • Replaced McCree Ult with a 25 second titanshift (into Doomfist)
  • Limited thunder spears to Hanzo, but increased carry amount to 4
  • Updated scout tip text to show abilities depending on hero

Enabled Competitive Rules

Minor bug fixes and team balancing

  • Added a condition to the visibility of napes to prevent scouts from seeing their own nape after switching teams
  • Made the team sizes 5v7 yet again
  • Set default scout view to first person (instead of third - change this in workshop settings)

Major Update #1

  • Reverted team sizes back to 4v8 (from 5v7)
  • Slightly increased scout damage from 350% to 365%
  • Added some workshop settings:
Setting Description Default Value
Third Person Scouts Toggles third person camera for scouts True
Realistic Thunder Spears Toggles friendly fire from thunder spears False

Added two more maps:

  • King's Row
  • Hollywood
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