ODM Race


Made by Digital Forge (WildByte and NyaWalking)

Push your ODM skills to the limit with this speed-based AOT time trial gamemode!

  • Use your grappling hooks to get some speed, keep yourself in the air, and maneuver around corners
  • Hold JUMP to use your gas boost, propelling you forward with immense speed
  • Hit the checkpoint marked on your screen and race back to spawn as fast as you can

Challenge Options

  • If the time trial is too easy, or you're just looking to spice it up a bit, you can enable challenge options!
Challenge Description
The Floor is Lava You will be set on fire whenever touching the ground
Speed Bomb If you stay below a certain speed for too long, you will explode
Grapple Cooldown A one-second cooldown is put on your grappling hooks
Limited Gas Your gas boost is limited and will begin to run out

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