🥊 OverFighter v2.0


OverFighter is a 1v1 fighting game mode, inspired by Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur and Street Fighter. for more comfortable gameplay

8 Playable Heroes

  • Doomfist
  • Reinhardt
  • Winston
  • Genji
  • Torbjorn
  • Brigitte
  • Roadhog
  • Sigma

3 Playable maps

  • Ayutthaya
  • Workshop Island
  • Oasis City center

Special moves: Every hero (except for Brig cause you know, its Brig) has special moves, in the top right corner you can see the combination to activate those moves

Finishers: Every hero has a unique finisher. When you’re in a match-point round you will not kill but knock down the enemy, then melee the enemy to activate Fatality style finisher animation (i advice you to not press buttons during that animation :D)

Dashes: Every hero can dash in any direction (Tekken style) - just double tap directional button. If you dash forward and keep holding that button - you will sprint.

Aerial stun: If you get damaged mid-air for more than 35 damage you will receive a short stun.

Known issues: Sometimes your camera might spawn in 0,0,0 point or your facing direction will not follow the enemy - PRESS INTERACT to fix your Camera and Facing. Game requires 2 players, it wouldnt work properly with just 1.

Use 'Interact' + Jump to spawn a practice dummy bot

This mode is fairly big and still has a lot of imperfections and bugs, i will keep fixing things, improving balance and adding new heroes


  • Finishers returned (fixed a ton of bugs about them but there are still so many lol)
  • New map: Workshop Island
  • New special moves for all heroes
  • A ton of fixes and cleanups
  • Health increased by 30% for all heroes
  • Other balance reworks

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Oh my god Yess I love this game mode. Suggestion: You know how in Mk11, characters do these intro dialogues? Maybe you can try that in this game mode

Darwin#21408 creator

I feel like it would just delay the gameplay and people would get annoyed lol


but no one gets annoyed by intro dialogues in mk11 cuz they are skippable

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