Tower Defense v1.2.0

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.


  • Tried my best to ensure a smooth experience with this game but sometimes bots will just get stuck or lag might break the game.
  • I haven't had the chance to test it out with other players so if you encounter any glitches, please let me know.
  • Thanks! :)


The objective of this game is to defend the point from The Horde as long as you can.
The game can be played solo (with clones) or co-op with up to 2 other players.

There are 2 modes available to chose:

Wave mode

In this mode The Horde will rush to the point, steal one of its cores and rush to the exit. Core carrying bots will drop the core if they die before reaching the exit. Pick it up to restore it.
Horde stats and numbers increase with each wave.
You lose when there are 0 cores left.
As this mode can be infinite, there's no victory trigger.

Timed mode

In this mode The Horde will rush to the point and try to capture it.
Horde stats increase with the Phase Timer progression.
When there are 60sec left in the round, a rush round is triggered: Horde stats will increase faster, they will start evolving into stronger units and a champion will spawn. In the rush round, Horde bots will spawn closer to the point at random locations.
If you lose one point, the Horde will attack the next one. If they capture all 3 points, you lose.
If you manage to stop the Horde from capturing the point at any stage, you win.


Changing Heroes
If you wish to change hero you can do so by pressing [CROUCH]+[RELOAD] during the setup phases.

If the clones option is enabled and playing solo or no human player joined yet, 2 clones will spawn and mimic your every move/action.
Clones can be placed as sentries in strategic points:

  • Communicate [ACKNOWLEDGE] -default [G]- while looking at a spot to send one clone there as sentry
  • Communicate [GROUP UP] to recall all clones by your side While in sentry mode, clones will auto attack any bots coming into range but will still have some limited actions they mimic from you (like ults, some abilities)

Known bugs:

  • if killed while in sentry mode, a clone will head back to the sentry spot but sometimes will get stuck. You will have to recall all clones and re-position sentries
  • there is a cooldown for communications so after placing one sentry, it is best to wait 2-3 sec before placing another or otherwise sentry mode will not trigger

Bots have a chance (which increases with difficulty, wave/time) to drop a power-up when they die. Pick it up and use it at the right time to tip the scale in your favor.
Note: there can be a max of 12 power-ups spawned and when that number is reached they will begin to expire (including dropped power cores).

Using power-ups:
Aquired power-ups will show on your left HUD, below the scoreboard. You can cycle through them with [MELEE]. To consume the selected power-up and activate it hold [RELOAD] for 2 sec.

Types of power-ups available:

  • HP Boost - increase your max HP and gain full health for a limited time
  • DMG Boost - increase your damage dealt for a limited time
  • Charge Ultimate - instantly charge your ultimate
  • Slow The Horde - halve the current Horde speed for a limited time
  • Pause Time - pause the time for a short while
  • Power Core - this is dropped by carrying bots or when successfully defending the point in wave mode; pick-it up quickly to restore it

Hero Special Abilities

Hero Abilities
* While in air (eg: launched from 1st ability) hold [SECONDARY] to slow gravity for a brief time

more to be added

Fast Forwarding
In the assault phase, any player can hold down [INTERACT] to fast forward (increase Horde speed).
Known bug: if you reach a high enough wave, fast forwarding may actually slow down the horde :)

Game ending
In case of Victory (timed mode) or Defeat, the game start a vote to either Restart (re-init) or Advance to a new map.
To vote, hold [RELOAD] for restart or [INTERACT] for advancing.
If there are no votes after 10 sec, the game will auto advance to the next map.

Horde Classes

Class Array -
Peasants -
Elites -
Snipers -
Champions -

Available Maps
King's Row, Hanamura, Blizzard World and Eichenwalde are available so far.
Will add more in future updates.

Workshop settings available:
Game Options

  • Game Mode (Timed mode / Wave mode)
  • Game Difficulty (Easy / Normal / Hard / Tryhard / Nightmare)
  • Enable clones when solo
  • Enable fast forward while holding [INTERACT]

Game Mechanics

  • Time for setup phase
  • Time for assault phase (Timed mode only)
  • Timer for point capture (Timed mode only)
  • Trigger rush round at [seconds] left (Timed mode only)
  • Starting Horde size (Wave mode only)
  • Starting Horde speed
  • Starting Horde damage
  • Starting Horde damage taken

Dev mode

  • Enable Dev mode - for testing purposes only

Feedback is appreciated.

Categories: Survival, Protect, PvE
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Ashe, Bastion, Mei, and 3 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.2.0

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