Originally designed as an adaptation of Destiny 2's Control and Iron Banner gamemodes for Overwatch, Conquest is a fast-paced arcade-style team deathmatch. Team fight to control 3 zones, which grant more points per kill. Should a team cap all 3 points, a Power Play will ensue, locking down all the zones and freeing the advantaged team to chase down kills. Supports teams of any size, so grab your friends and game on!

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Gameplay Overview

Two teams fight to control 3 zones and earn kills. Fully capturing a zone yields 1 point, and kills have a base value of 1 point. However, the more zones a team controls, the more valuable each kill is. Should a team capture all 3 zones, a Power Play will trigger. During a Power Play, all zones are locked, freeing the advantaged team to chase down kills. First team to reach 100 points wins!

Supported Maps

  • Blizzard World*
  • Dorado
  • Ilios: Lighthouse
  • Ilios: Ruins
  • Ilios: Well
  • King's Row*
  • Lijang Tower: Control Center*
  • Lijang Tower: Garden*
  • Lijang Tower: Night Market*
  • Oasis: City Center
  • Oasis: Gardens
  • Oasis: University

*All seasonal/event variants supported


Game Settings:

Option Description Default
Score To Win The number of points a team must accrue during regulation time to win the game. IMPORTANT: This does not automatically update the in-game scoreboard. In order for the scoreboard to display properly, the host must change "Settings > Modes > Score to Win" to match this value. 100
Overtime Enabled Whether a game will enter overtime if regulation time ends and teams are tied. True
Minimum Respawn Time The minimum amount of time a player will remain dead, in seconds. 8
Maximum Respawn Time The maximum amount of time a player can remain dead, in seconds. 16

Capture Rate Settings:

% per second = captureRatePerPlayer * min(# capturing players, maxCapPlayersPerZone) + baseCaptureRate

Option Description Default
Adaptive Capture Rate Whether capture rate scales with team size. Internally, this is done by multiplying the result of the min calculation by 6 then dividing by the number of players actually on the team. True
Base Capture Rate The base capture rate of a zone, which does not vary based on the number of players 4%/s
Capture Rate Per Player The amount of capture progress per second contributed by each capturing player. 2%/player/s
Maximum Capturing Players Per Zone The maximum number of capturing players who will contribute capture progress. 6 players

Power Play:

Option Description Default
Enabled Whether all 3 zones being under the control of one team will trigger a Power Play. True
Duration How long a Power Play should last for at most in seconds. 30 seconds
Player Markers Whether the targeted team of a Power Play will have markers above their heads during the Power Play. True

Technical Details

General Gameplay:

  • Respawning works like in normal Team Deathmatch: Players spawn at one of a set of predetermined spots around the map, with spots closer to teammates being weighted more heavily.
  • Dead players will remain dead for a minimum of 8 seconds, and can remain dead for a maximum of 16 seconds. Just like normal Deathmatch, self-initiated respawn is used: players may press Jump to request a respawn as soon as possible.


  • See Customization | Capture Rate Settings for capture rate formula.
    • A capturing player is a player from a team who is alive, not utilizing certain hero abilties (see below), and within the capture region of the zone.
  • The following hero abilities will render an otherwise eligible player unable to capture or contest a point:
    • Sombra's Stealth
    • Mei's Cryofreeze
    • Doomfist's Meteor Strike
  • When both teams enter a zone, capture progress (if there is any) is immediately frozen.
  • If a situation arises where a zone is under a team's control, but the other team has accrued capture progress before the currently controlling team remain alone on the zone for 1 second, capture progress is immediately reset.
  • A zone which has capture progress and which has not been contested or progressed for 3 seconds will have its capture progress decay at a rate of 25% per second until it reaches 0.
  • A team which attempts to capure a neutral zone with capture progress from the other team must remain in the zone uncontested for 1 second before the zone will reset capture progress and begin counting progress towards their team instead.
  • The capture region of a zone is a cylinder which extends for half a meter below the designated zone location and up to the designated zone height. For capturing purposes, a zone considers a player's foot position, not their camera position.

Scoring/Zone Control:

  • Capturing a zone rewards one point
  • The number of zones a team controls is equal to the number of points they will earn for each kill, however, a kill may not be worth less than 1 point.
    • Example 1: Team 1 controls 0 zones and Team 2 controls 1 zone. Both teams will earn 1 point per kill.
    • Example 2: Team 2 controls 2 zones, meaning they will earn 2 points per kill.
    • Example 3: Team 1 gains control of all 3 zones. Team 1 will earn 3 points per kill.

Power Play:

  • A Power Play cannot last for longer than the remaining amount of regulation time remaining. This limitation does not affect Overtime.
  • The shortest respawn time possible is forced during Power Play. This is to prevent players from "hiding" in respawn.
  • Targeted players will have an icon placed above their heads for the duration of the Power Play, and will also have the Burning status effect applied to them.

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Update Log (10)

1.6.2 - Hotfix Update


  • Fixed a bug where teams could not earn a victory during Overtime.

Conquest Cup Hotfix Update

Power Play:

  • Prevented a race condition which would prematurely end the match at the end of Power Play even if there was regulation time remaining.


  • Added a 0.5 second wait before actually triggering victory screen to allow killfeed and scoreboard events to trigger and allow players to process the events leading to the end of the game.

New Maps: Dorado & King's Row


Customization is now much easier through the new Workshop Settings tab!


  • Respawn prompt now displays which button to press to initiate respawn


  • Added a HUD to display current zone control status to spectators

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