💥 Ultimate Chaos (0% CD FFA)

0% Cooldown, 500% stats FFA Deathmatch with Ultimates ready, with a random event that happens once every 10 seconds.
The person who scores the most points at the end of 10 minutes wins!
There are many events listed below, all events are 5 seconds long.


Settings Description
Time between events How fast will the next event come? Lower Value: Event comes faster

Explanation of Events

Event name Description
Dodge D.Va Become Dva and launch off a Self-destructing mech
Use Ultimate Ability Gain back Ultimate and forcefully use it
Come Here All players teleport to a single random player
Soldier 76 Hacking Become Soldier: 76 and activate Tactical Visor
Sleep Sleep for 5 seconds
Fly Reverse gravity and fly upwards
Crouching Kills Enemies "Tactical Crouching" will kill nearby enemies
Burning Level The floor is lava
Faster Speed Players and projectile move at 300% speed
Slower Speed Players and projectile move at 20% speed
Frozen Projectiles Projectiles have 0% projectile speed
Invisible All players are invisible
More Points All final blows within this event are worth 3 points each
Torbjorn Burning Become Torbjorn and use Turret & Molten Core
Avoid Ashe Become Ashe and use B.O.B
Power-Up Ultimate Ability During this event, all Ultimates are earned every 0.5s
Resurrect Players are immediately resurrected when they die to an enemy
Try Again Respawn to a new location, Ultimates and Abilities refreshed
Avoid Dying Enemies When a player dies, all nearby players will be killed as well
Revealing Players An outline appears on every player, showing their location
Flying Pharah Become Pharah and use Barrage
Cassidy vs Cassidy Become Cassidy and use Deadeye
Symmetra Turrets Become Symmetra and use 3 turrets.
Hanzo Power Become Hanzo and use Dragonstrike
Hide and Find Become Junkrat and use Rip Tire
Moira Dodge Become Moira and use Biotic Orbs
Mega Overwatch Players become gigantic
Tiny Overwatch Players become tiny
Low Gravity Players and projectiles have reduced gravity
High Gravity Players and projectiles have increased gravity
Hack to Kill Become Sombra. Hacks and EMP kill players
More HP Players gain bonus 2500 HP
Die! Die! Die! Become Reaper and use Death Blossom
Grenade Spam Become Ana and spam Biotic Grenade
Infinite Pulse Bomb Become Tracer and spam Pulse Bombs
Kitsune Rusher Become Kiriko and use Kitsune Rush
The Reckoning Become Junker Queen and use Rampage



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Players | 2 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.6.0

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