Tower Meifense (Infinite Bots Glitch)



Uses the Array Glitch discovered by Lazylion, myself, and Developful.

Spread the word about this gamemode as it will likely get patched soon :)

Send me a video (Zezombye#9938 on Discord) if you managed to beat this gamemode! Yes, it is possible, but requires coordination and good positioning (and aim) :p

If it is too hard for you, you can add torbjorn/bastion AI bots in team 1, or even increase the damage you deal. Just remember to have fun!

You can also enable other heroes but I don't recommend it. Remember that Meis instantly kill you if you get close to them, so most heroes are useless!

Made with OverPy:

Categories | PvE
Maps | Hanamura
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.0.0


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