Treasure Hunt


Treasure Hunt is a new take on the hide-and-seek gamemode, where you must first hide your treasure, and then be the first to find all the treasure around the map placed by the other players!

The game is split into 2 Phases:
Hiding Phase: You have 50 seconds to hide your treasure somewhere on the map. Press your interact key to place your treasure where your character is.
Seeking Phase: The aim to find everyone's hidden treasure first, or find the most before the time runs out! Simply run into a treasure orb to collect it.

Press your ultimate button to use your RADAR, which tells you the distance to the closest treasure (on a 50 sec cooldown). If there's enough players and the map is large enough, you can use teleporters to get to other parts of the map!

Good luck!

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Update Log

  • Reworked sound and visual effects.
  • You can now see which colour your treasure will be in the Hiding phase.
  • Added the RADAR ability.
  • Every player is now set to the same random hero at the start of a round.
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.
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