Agar.io Classic


Agar.io Classic
Based on the original web game and utilizing code and concepts by Rinq in his Agar.io Workshop Mod. A completely custom movement and camera system help this mod feel like the custom game.

Created by MicrowaveJak#8061, BattleTag: MicrowaveJak#1490


  • WASD - Movement (controller or any other method of throttle input also works)
  • Jump - Boost forward at the expense of some size


  • Absorb smaller players by moving over them
  • Food will spawn randomly around the map, consume it by absorbing it to grow
  • First player to size 50 wins
  • The larger you are, the slower you move
  • If you stand still for too long you'll begin losing size

Many thanks to the folks in the ELO Hell Workshop Discord for their help (special shoutouts to SpadeInTheDirt#3667 and Josbird#1908).

Heroes | Roadhog
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.0


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Finally someone did it

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