This page goes over a heavily modified version of Mazattack#1183's Zombie Survival Missions by KamenRider#11346

Thank you for making this game trend on game browser twice! Unfortunately, someone whom I don't know decided to reupload this code, and now there is a version that I cannot fix, update, or adjust in any way.

April Fools vers.
Mirrorwatch vers.

Major Changes

  • Difficulty scales off of amount of players
  • Difficulty adjustments
  • Challenge modes
  • Hero Switching
  • 7 non-boss zombies
  • 2 mini-boss zombies, and 5 mini-boss variants of existing zombies
  • Sigma zombie & boss zombie
  • Different Illari zombie & boss zombie
  • Infection gaining enhancement
  • Ultimate charger enhancement
  • Infection Resistance & Nano Nurse are merged into one enhancement
  • 2 new zombie modes
  • 2 reworked objectives
  • Zombie Egg moves around
  • Win condition adjustment

  • Removed content

New Content

All the zombies have nicknames if you look in the coding, so I followed suit.

Slicer (used to be Genji)

Burrow Uses Burrow when spotting players within 15 meters, after moving underground for 2 seconds, or once near a player, then emerges into the air in the direction of target player 1 time use
Dash Replaces Burrow ability after using it once, uses Drill Dash into the air and lands near target player 4 second cooldown
Deep Cut Melee ability can apply multiple infections

Charger (used to be Orisa)

Overrun Backs up before using Overrun, stomping down after coming in contact of a player or after 3.5 seconds. 8 second cooldown


Fire Throws a Hypersphere when the distance from a target player is between 11 meters and 5 meters. 2 second cooldown
Vacuum If not in his target player's view, slowly pulls the target with Kinetic Grasp toward him. This ability will be canceled early when faced by the player. 6 second cooldown
Plummet Grabs the target player when within 3 meters, ascends into the air, bites, and then slams the target player down. Victim cannot be affected by this ability again for 8 seconds. 7 second cooldown, 10 second cooldown for bosses
Perish Follows up from Plummet with Gravitic Flux, and if connected, both players and zombies in the line of sight suffer the same gravitational effect and potential bite damage if those inside the ultimate take damage. Boss only


Shout Uses Commanding Shout when spotting a player within 30 meters. 20 second cooldown
Axe Swing Swings Carnage the first time when in melee range. 8 second cooldown


Launch Illari grabs a nearby zombie, launching them through the air with Outburst, if afflicted with crowd control or if it happens to be a boss or another Illari she will not pick up a zombie. 3 second cooldown, 7 second cooldown for bosses
Revenge If Illari dies from an enviromental kill or is below half health, she will use Captive Sun on her most recent attacker Boss only, 10 second cooldown


Flinch If not within 5 meters, performs a Combat Roll in a random direction after taking damage from primary or secondary fire. 1 second cooldown


Tunnel Constructs Teleporter towards the player that she and other zombies can take. 7 second cooldown


Self Destruct Similar to Junkrat, explodes with Biotic Grenade when in melee range and promptly dies afterward. 1 time use


Sneak When within 9 meters of his target or when the target sees him, he drops Barrier Projector and crawls slowly at a speed of 0.1 for 6 seconds. If he doesn't take damage during that time, he dies.
Enraged After taking damage, boosts his speed, size, and leaps toward the attacker using Primal Rage. 1 time use

Hero Changes

Cassidy (not the zombie)

Magnetic grenade hacks zombies for 1 second upon stick damage and another 1 second for zombies hit in the explosion.

Basically there's no "Is Hindered" condition in the workshop and I didn't like that. However, you have to add "Is Hacked" to a lot of zombie abilites just for Sombra, not anymore though!

Hero Switching

Hold your reload button for 5 seconds while alive to be put into the hero selection screen. After switching, you will keep your enhancements but be taken back to the spawn room with your second ability on a 30-second cooldown.

Zombie Hybrid Enhancement

Infections stack much faster, but deal less damage. Zombies also do less 10% damage against you. Preforming a melee attack will trigger an explosion around you that removes all stacks of infection, inflicting damage based on infection level.

  • Plague doctor will not be able to reduce levels, but will still do bonus healing

Charge Battery Enhancement

Place a consumable on the ground that grants 15 ult charge to any teammate that grabs it, similar to health packs.

Infection Nurse Enhancement

Infection Resistance and Nano Nurse combined. The new default enhancement.

Zombie Shuffle Mode 🕺

The Zombie pool contains 4 randomly selected zombies, of which one has a 50% chance to spawn. New zombies are selected after every 1 minute and 30 seconds has passed.

Whole Hog Mode

Oops, all Roadhogs! They can hook too, heres what you should know about that.


Hook When within 18 meters of the player, a warning flash occurs for 0.75 seconds before firing a hook. If Roadhog is damaged after the flash and before the hook, he will be stunned instead. 15 second cooldown, 4 second cooldown for hook among all Roadhogs if not stunned

Ham and Hammer Mode is also back

Win Conditions

The time to escape accelerates as more players gather at the extraction point. When the infection zone shrinks to zero, players on the extraction point get out safely, while those who don't make it in time are left behind.

Reworked Content

Difficulty & Challenges

Difficulty now scales off player number, and acts retroactively.

1 Player - "Normal"
2 Player - "Hard"
3-4 Player - "Expert"
5+ Player - "Legendary"

Difficulty changes zombie bite (melee), damage over time, health, speed, and overall damage.

1-2 Player Difficulty

  • Zombie Egg and Boss have 7,500 health
  • Healthpacks cure infections in overtime

3+ Player Difficulty

  • Every zombie has a 0.5% chance to spawn as a miniboss "Contestor" when its not the Standoff objective, these special zombies are explained with Standoff.

What about Insanity? Well that got moved to Challenges!

Challenges modify the zombie in some way that I hope to be as difficult for teams as Insanity could be.

Swarm Shootout Challenge

Zombies learn how to shoot that gun they've been holding for years, at the cost of 28% reduced damage. Players also get their revive times halved in this mode.

Random Abilities Challenge

As the title says, every 3-8 seconds zombies press an ability from their hero, this plays alongside any abilities they have coded in. You can expect things like Pharah baiting you with double jumpjets, Roadhogs using hook without any warning, and Cassidy hindering your escape plans. Mercy can't join in on the fun, so she gets to fly around with her ultimate.

Pandora's Box Challenge

Swarm Shootout, Random Abilities, and Insanity's difficulty scaling combined into one challenge! This has the reduced damage of Swarm Shootout but not the reduced revive time.

Standoff Objective replaces Control Point

A small rework of Control Point. You still have to capture the objective, but with the added threat of powerful new zombies that can decrease the capture percentage.

  • These new zombies are known as Contestors, which acts as a new mutation that increase their size, new abilities, and gives them 2500 health
  • If a player is on the objective, the next zombie to spawn will be a Contestor
  • There can only be one Contestor at a time,
  • Contestor zombies target priority will refresh after taking damage and will prioritize players on the objective,
  • Objective range increased to include space below
  • While on objective, the Contestor takes away .5% + 1% for every player in game.
  • Contestor gives 10% when killed

Capture percentage per second for players are also increased.

  • .5% for one player
  • 1% for two players
  • 1.5% for three players
  • 1.75% for four or more players

These numbers are doubled if the Contestor is in combat

Roadhog can also be a Contestor, but only on Whole Hog mode


Anchor Uses Cage Fight and Cardiac Overdrive when inside the objective 30 second cooldown after ultimate ends
Chronos 3 His Overrun ability has a 2 second duration instead of 3.5, and has a cooldown of 4 instead of 8


Storm Gain 100% ultimate charge and use Charge when within 30 meters of target. 30 second cooldown, resets if respawned


Stampede Uses Rampage when within 30 meters of target. 30 second cooldown, resets if respawned


Denial Deploys Minefield when inside the objective. 30 second cooldown


Slam Leaps into the air with Seismic Slam when within 30 meters of target. 15 second cooldown, resets if respawned
Counter Reacts with Powerblock if his target uses their ultimate, and then follows up with Rocket Punch if he takes damage while casting. 10 second cooldown
Strike Uses Meteor Strike when inside the objective, prioritizing other players on the objective while targeting the highest elevation level. 30 second cooldown


Rush Uses Kitsune Rush when within 30 meters of target. 1 minute cooldown, resets if respawned
Touch Throws Protection Suzu at her feet when an ally within 5 meters of her is under hard CC, hacked, or is below 50% health. 5 second cooldown

Biomorphing replaces Resource Collection

So, like Standoff, this is still Resource Collection. However, instead of spreading out to collect resources, the twist is that zombies become the resource! Essentially, you convert their body parts into power-ups, hence the new name!

At the beginning of this objective, there will be a request to bring an arm, leg, or head in exchange for extra points. Each appendage contributes 8.4% towards the goal, but with extra points, it increases to 25%. Zombies drop random appendages, and other zombies can also pick them up. This requires you to act quickly or clear out a group of zombies.

Biomorphing consists of 4 rounds that conclude each time you reach 25%, 50%, and 75% completion. Each round asks for a different appendage and eventually starts asking for you. Yes, you! You are the resource. When this occurs, you deposit your health into the objective, with the percentage amount you contribute becoming worth less and less depending on the number of players.

Survivor Rescue

Survivor gets multiple buffs to their survivability, this is to make it faster in harder modes and easier without a healer.

  • 10% more Recieved Healing
  • Survivor is phased out when downed
  • Speed changed from 0.4 to 0.7
  • Survivor can use a nearby Teleporter when you communicate "Group up"
  • Survivor communicates through icons

Satellite Uplink

Zombies will randomly choose to target a player on a terminal, this should spread the zombies out to every player when multiple people are on different terminals. Upload is slightly faster aswell.

Zombie Egg

Damaging the zombie egg will cause it to advance toward the player. Expect to reposition when it takes over the high ground!


Basic and Slimer Boss

These zombies and the Downfallen zombie use the same code to make everyone float, I wanted to try this out and give certain characters with barriers more ways to protect.

  • Players can stop themselves from floating by going behind ally barriers.

Stalker Boss

  • Ultimate lasts 0.2 seconds longer


  • Less slam damage on Insanity, but gets a stronger melee.


  • Hammer swing knockdown has a CC cooldown of 8 seconds, Downfallen zombie's grab shares this cooldown.
  • Slightly less damage


  • Bite damage (and toxic cloud damage) reduced on 3+ player difficulties

Hitchhiker Enhancement

  • Players health gets combined with who they are attached with and vice versa.

Supply Drops

  • Maximum waiting time before dropping from 2.5 minutes to 2 minutes.

  • Healing Beacon is changed to Beacon of Healing, which does the same thing but also gives 50% bonus healing, get it?

Zombie Modes

Zombie Modes are still here, but changed the pool of zombies.

  • All Zombies

New zombies added into pool.

  • New Blood

Removed Widowmaker, and Moira from pool.
Added new zombies into pool.

  • What'll be?

Every zombie has an equal chance to spawn, including the new ones.

  • Dinner Rush

Genji, Mauga, Junkerqueen, Illari, and Symmetra added into pool.

Removed Content & Content not added in

  • Brawler & Shiner zombie

These were made after this code's creation and were not added in

  • Nanomancer zombie

  • Charger zombie

  • Slicer zombie

  • Hopper zombie

  • Illusionist zombie

  • Bomber boss zombie

Regular junkrat zombie is still in the game.

  • Beginner Difficulty
  • Voting options for difficulty
  • Mixed objective voting options
  • Elimination Objective
  • Graveyard Objective
  • Damage reduction from zombies inside zombie egg
  • Infection Resistance enhancement
  • Workshop toggles for difficulty
  • Workshop toggle for disabling enhancements
  • Workshop scalings for mutations
  • Scavenger enhancement
  • Nano Nurse enhancement
  • Zombie Waves

Future Content


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 6
Categories: PvE
Tags: zombies
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
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