This description goes over what's new, what's gone, and what's reworked for Mazattack#1183's Zombie Survival Missions

New Content

  • 5 non-boss zombies
  • 2 mini-boss zombies
  • Sigma zombie & boss zombie
  • Illari zombie & boss zombie (21 zombies total!)
  • Hard difficulty
  • Ultimate charger enhancement
  • Infection Resistance & Nano Nurse are merged into one enhancement
  • 2 new zombie modes

All the zombies have nicknames if you look in the coding, so I followed suit.


Difficulty Health Speed Damage
Normal - Insanity 400 - 900 0.65 - 1 25% - 150%
Fire Throws a Hypersphere when the distance from a target player is between 11 meters and 5 meters. 2 second cooldown
Vacuum If not in his target player's view, slowly pulls the target with Kinetic Grasp toward him. This ability will be canceled early when faced by the player. 6 second cooldown
Plummet Grabs the target player when within 3 meters, ascends into the air, bites, and then slams the target player down. Victim cannot be affected by this ability again for 8 seconds. 7 second cooldown, 14 second cooldown for bosses
Perish Follows up from Plummet with Gravitic Flux, and if connected, both players and zombies in the line of sight suffer the same gravitational effect as those in Gravitic Flux. Boss only


Difficulty Health Speed Damage
Normal - Insanity 650 - 900 0.75 - 1 50% - 200%
Shout Uses Commanding Shout when spotting a player within 30 meters. 20 second cooldown
Axe Swing Swings Carnage the first time when in melee range. 8 second cooldown


Difficulty Health Speed Damage
Normal - Insanity 275 - 350 0.60 - 1 25% - 175%
Launch Illari grabs a nearby zombie, launching them through the air with Outburst, if afflicted with crowd control or if it happens to be a boss or another Illari she will not pick up a zombie. 7 second cooldown
Revenge If Illari dies from an enviromental kill or reaches half health, she will use Captive Sun on her most recent attacker Boss only, no cooldown


Difficulty Health Speed Damage
Normal - Insanity 225 - 300 0.65 - 1 8.5% - 300%
Flinch If not within 5 meters, performs a Combat Roll in a random direction after taking damage from primary or secondary fire. 1 second cooldown


Difficulty Health Speed Damage
Normal - Insanity 170 - 275 0.60 - 1 5% - 200%
Tunnel Constructs a one-way Teleporter towards the player that other zombies can take. 7 second cooldown


Difficulty Health Speed Damage
Normal - Insanity 170 - 250 0.90 - 1 7.5% - 300%
Self Destruct Similar to Junkrat, explodes with Biotic Grenade when in melee range and promptly dies afterward. 1 time use


Difficulty Health Speed Damage
Normal - Insanity 1000 - 1300 1, 0.1, 0.9 (All Difficulties) 50% - 200%
Sneak When within 9 meters of his target or when the target sees him, he drops Barrier Projector and crawls slowly at a speed of 0.1 for 6 seconds. If he doesn't take damage during that time, he dies.
Enraged After taking damage, boosts his speed, size, and leaps toward the attacker using Primal Rage. 1 time use

Hard Difficulty

The damage jump from Normal to Expert was huge (Reaper goes from 8.5 to 125, for example) so this mode serves as a midpoint between the two.

Charge Battery Enhancement

Place a consumable on the ground that grants 15 ult charge to any teammate that grabs it, similar to health packs.

Infection Nurse Enhancement

Infection Resistance and Nano Nurse combined. The new default enhancement.

Zombie Shuffle Mode 🕺

The Zombie pool contains 4 randomly selected zombies, of which one has a 50% chance to spawn. New zombies are selected after every 1 minute and 30 seconds has passed.

Whole Hog Mode

Oops, all Roadhogs! They can hook too, heres what you should know about that.


Hook When within 18 meters of the player, a warning flash occurs for 0.75 seconds before firing a hook. If Roadhog is damaged after the flash and before the hook, he will be stunned instead. 15 second cooldown, 4 second cooldown for hook among all Roadhogs if not stunned

Ham and Hammer Mode is also back

Reworked Content

Standoff Objective replaces Control Point

A small rework of Control Point. You still have to capture the objective, but with the added threat of powerful new zombies that can decrease the capture percentage.

  • These new zombies are known as Contestors, which acts as a new mutation that makes the zombie .7% slower, doubles their knockback reduction, increase their size, and gives them 2500 health
  • If a player is on the objective, the next zombie to spawn will be a Contestor
  • There can only be one Contestor at a time,
  • Contestor zombies target priority will refresh after taking damage and will prioritize players on the objective,
  • Objective range increased to include space below
  • While on objective, the Contestor takes away .5% + 1% for every player in game.

Capture percentage per second for players are also increased.

  • .5% for one player
  • 1% for two players
  • 1.75% for three players

These numbers are doubled if a Contestor is in game

Roadhog can also be a Contestor, but only on Whole Hog mode


Storm Gain 100% ultimate charge and use Charge when within 30 meters of target. 30 second cooldown, resets if respawned


Stampede Uses Rampage when within 30 meters of target. 30 second cooldown, resets if respawned


Denial Deploys Minefield when inside the objective. 30 second cooldown


Difficulty Health Speed Damage
Normal - Insanity 2500 0.7 - 1 50% - 180%
Slam Leaps into the air with Seismic Slam when within 30 meters of target. 15 second cooldown, resets if respawned
Counter Reacts with Powerblock if his target uses their ultimate, and then follows up with Rocket Punch if he takes damage while casting. 10 second cooldown
Strike Uses Meteor Strike when inside the objective, prioritizing other players on the objective while targeting the highest elevation level. 30 second cooldown


Difficulty Health Speed Damage
Normal - Insanity 2500 0.7 - 1 50% - 300%
Rush Uses Kitsune Rush when within 30 meters of target. 1 minute cooldown, resets if respawned
Touch Throws Protection Suzu at her feet when an ally within 5 meters of her is under hard CC, hacked, or is below 50% health. 5 second cooldown

Survivor Rescue

Survivor gets multiple buffs to their survivability, this is to make it faster in harder modes and to make it possible when playing alone without needing to be a healer.

  • 10% more Recieved Healing
  • Twice as fast
  • Heals slowly over time when knocked down, stops when following player again.
  • Survivor can use a nearby Teleporter when you communicate "Group up"

Zombie Egg

Usually, you can attack from a safe position, but if you lack the damage, it can feel pretty slow.

  • Health reduced from 15,000 to 7,500 when there are two or fewer players.


Stalker Boss

Ultimate lasts 0.2 seconds longer


  • Insanity bite damage from 40 to 50
  • Insanity damage from 350% to 175%

No longer one-shots with Pile Driver, bite damage increased to compensate

Supply Drops

  • Maximum waiting time before dropping from 2.5 minutes to 2 minutes. The more the merrier


Changed the default difficulty depending on the number of players.

  • 1-2 players = Normal
  • 3-4 Players = Expert
  • 5+ Players = Legendary

Scavenger Enhancement

  • Now replenishes ammo on elimination instead of final blow.

Zombie Modes

Zombie Modes are still here, but changed the pool of zombies.

  • All Zombies

New zombies added into pool.

  • New Blood

Removed Genji, Widowmaker, and Moira from pool.
Added new zombies into pool.

  • What'll be?

Every zombie has an equal chance to spawn now, including the new ones.

  • Dinner Rush

Junkerqueen, Illari, and Symmetra added into pool.

Removed Content

  • Nanomancer zombie

I'm bummed about having to remove him, but his ultimate ability was causing crashes when multiple ultimates were active. I tried to limit the ultimate to the boss only, but I still wasn't feeling it. As a result, I created a Sigma zombie to replace him.

  • Hopper zombie

  • Illusionist zombie

  • Bomber boss zombie

Regular junkrat zombie is still in the game.

  • Beginner Difficulty
  • Elimination Objective
  • Graveyard Objective
  • Damage reduction from zombies inside zombie egg
  • Infection Resistance enhancement
  • Workshop toggles for expert and legendary difficulty
  • Workshop toggles for normal zombies mode
  • Workshop toggles for enhancements
  • Nano Nurse enhancement
  • Classic Zombie Mode
  • Tanks a lot! Zombie Mode
  • Thanks but no Tanks Zombie Mode

Future Content

With only so little elements left for space, I am satisfied with the changes I made. Any new content should be tweaks or bug fixing unless I remove something of my own or another zombie. Roadhog is supposed to be getting a rework at some point, hopefully his zombie version will stay when that comes.


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 6
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Heroes: All
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