Left 4 Res (Legacy Version)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

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Original version of Left 4 Res

Group Up!

  • Fight the infected, capture the safehouses, and get your crew to evac! Inspired by the No Mercy campaign from Left 4 Dead

Special Infected

Infected Heroes Abilities
Hunter Genji Will dash into allies and melee them until downed
Smoker Moira Will pull allies towards her whilst also stealing their health
Boomer Roadhog / Torb Will wombo combo Hook and Molten Core on allies
Tank Winston / Sigma Melee attack deals heavy damage. Will also throw rocks at allies
Witch Mei Will probably wipe your team
Charger Reinhardt Will try to charge into allies, dealing heavy damage if successful
Jockey Junkrat Will jump on allies and steer them towards nearby infected
Spitter Ana Will spit acid at allies, dealing damage, anti-heal and hack

Special and regular infected spawns change each stage
There is a 5% chance for a Special Infected to spawn on any elim


Item Description Usage
Defibrilator Can be used to resurrect allies Crouch on dead allies
Molotov Thrown projectile that burns everything around where it lands Ultimate (Q)
Medkit Heals yourself or an ally 160 HP Crouch + (R - self / F - ally)

Item spawns change each stage


  • If playing with bots, use Group Up near them to have them follow you
  • Interact (F) to barricade doors
  • Crouch to revive / resurrect allies


Defeat if all players die
Reach the Evac location to escape!
Item and infected spawns change depending on the stage
There will always be 2 Defibrilators / Molotovs per stage
Safehouse mega healthpacks provide Medkits

Workshop Settings

Game Options

Option Description Default
Allow Respawn Off
Clear Goal Infected you need to clear each stage 20
Downed Time How long until you die 20
Friendly Molotovs Molotovs don't harm allies Off
Instant Revive Off
Safehouse Medkits On
Spawn Ally Bots Off
Spawn Molotovs On

Challenge Options

Challenge Description
Ultimate Survivor Getting downed (reaching 1 HP) kills you instead
No Mercy Defibrilators don't spawn

Versus Options

Option Default
Enabled Off
Respawn as random Special Infected On
Special Infected Respawn Time 10

Remember to add 4 slots to team 2 for Versus Mode
Versus Mode also disables normal Special Infected AI for all except Witch and Tank

Versus Mode

  • Play as one of five playable Special Infected and stop the sruvivors from escaping!

Playable Special Infected:

  • Hunter - Genji
  • Smoker - Moira
  • Charger - Reinhardt
  • Jockey - Junkrat
  • Spitter - Ana

Note: Current beta is still going through balancing and other changes. High ping may also affect gameplay due to the size of the script
Note 2: HUD limits may leave some players missing parts of their HUD in the current state of the mode

Listen while you play

Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoy

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Survival, PvE, Miscellaneous
Maps: King's Row
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.4

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