Back N' Forth


Back N Forth
Code: 4T6VF
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Battle it out with up to 10 players in this new gamemode, go back and forth between 2 objectives while a deadly laser begins speeding up each round, dodge deadly traps and use your abilities to secure your victory!


Sleep Dart: Put enemies to sleep for 2 seconds and apply a mouse speed effect for 3

Heal: Heal 50hp instantly


Grenade: Enemies hit will be slown down by 50% for the full duration

Boop: Boop enemies into the lasers or get them to safety ;)


Hack: Enemies who get hacked will be stunned for 1 seconds and apply a speed effect for 1 second

EMP: Charge your EMP and hack multiple targets at once

Stealth: Go invisible for 8 seconds to avoid enemy attacks


Teleport: Hit the enemy with your bullet to swap positions with them

Mine: Enemies hit by the mine will be slowed down for a short duration


Hook: Hook enemies to your positon

Phase change: Phase through walls while healing


Sprint Burst: Use your recharging ability to constantly sprint at ultra speed, get ahead of the rest of the enemies

Regeneration: Never die with a constant regeneration being applied


Boop: Boop enemies into the lasers or get them to safety ;)

Ultimate: Slowdown time for everyone and gain a 200% speed boost


Primary Fire: Slowdown enemies on a recharging ammo supply

Ultimate: Slowdown everyone in an area

Wall: Wall yourself to safety or trap people behind you


Dragon Orb: Become a super speedy orb for a short duration

Deflect: Deflect projectiles and melee

Ultimate: Infinite melees for the duration of the ultimate and stun multiple enemies at once

Thanks for reading! <3 Remember code: 4T6VF****


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This is now Fall Guys lol


Also i tried the newest code and the game wont start? everyone just stays dead in chamber map

Hazno creator

press lobby then start game


what do you think about adding more events?
like, in the red tier there gonna be some bad events, that can ruin everyone's walkthrough, green tier - debuffs, purple tier - good events, blue tier - challenges

Hazno creator

Thats an insanely good idea! I LOVE the challenges idea!!!!
currently im working on a big update, but that 1000000000% the next update. thank you!


np mate <3


Dude, you spent so much on this code, wow


i mean time

Hazno creator

Thank you!!! I have spent a while on it, but I'm going to keep working on it!

I'm currently working on player voting, but its going to a big project and take a lot of time due to the complexity of the mode, It's very complicated and that's mostly on me XD



Update Log (3)

Back N' Forth V2.0.0

  • Voting System: 4 events after 2 consecutive votes the event will no longer be selectable random events for a draw -Introducing 3 new variations 4 new unique variations of layouts with unique walls and more! -New Impulse System New Impulse system looks to fix possible exploits and reduce load, and also allows heroes like roadhog to have the same hitbox as a small hero like ana -New Traps Introducing the circle wheel of death: Exclusive to Variation 4, this spinning wheel never stops turning. Tracer has received MAJOR buff, now spams ultimates, spins faster and more! -New Heroes Introducing MOIRA: Moira can fade through ANY wall, slowdown enemies and freeze enemies with her passive melee! Introducing PHARAH: Pharah can leap over purple walls, stun enemies and boop them! -New Wall Red walls are a new wall that cannot be phased through by any hero except Moira, no abilities will get you past this wall -Introducing, Lucky Orbs! Lucky orbs spawn across the map each round, picking up one can have 1 of 5 effects: 20% Ultimate gain, Teleport instantly to safety, stun, damage and heal! -New Mercy Ability CEASE: Cease allows mercy to stop the line for 4 whole seconds! -Balance Changes Sombra hack now takes 20s instead of 16 Mei freeze has been lowered in recharge Mercy Sprint has been lowered in recharge Ana speed increases +25% when using her E ability Lucio and Ashe boops have been lowered -Major Bug Fixes Fixed a series of exploits bugs and other issues -QOL Changes Safe players are now invisible, to make looking around easier For each player in safety, the line speed increases +0.05 for that round Players can disable the RNG walls in the workshop "settings" tab, and play only the classic original mode
  • NEW -
  • New hero coming soon!
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