You are locked inside a room filled with zombies. Your objctive is to team with other players- lol jk no this is a game about betrayal and sabotage. You have to try to be the last man standing. Do everything in your power to achieve this, including pushing people into other zombies, and overall trying to ensure that everyone besides you dies. Attempt to survive the longest against both zombies and survivors. Good luck!

Character Showcase:
Soldier 76
Slime splatter : Slows players (besides you) who step inside your biotic field
Fatigue : Sprint has been disabled

Immune System : Sleeps against survivors end substantially faster
Emp Grenade : Biotic grenade will also hack players damaged by it
Restoration : Getting a kill resets your cooldown and refills ammo

Energy beam : Pushes players targeted by the beam
Firecrackers : Sticky bombs will stun zombies on secondary explosion

Banger : Flash bang recoils you backwards, and stuns 2x more against zombies
Ace of Spades : Instead of Combat roll, you can also you can also fan the Hammer to recoil you backwards

Time decay : Damage is reduced and cooldowns are longer
TIme Anomaly : At the end of Recall, you freeze nearby players

Now you see me : Invisibility last 6 seconds
Outburst : When using translocator (or it breaks), it will add 10 seconds to it's cooldown

State of Decay : Damage Orbs slow down players (does not stack)

Storm arrows : Players hit by Storm arrow will get a temporary speed boost
Teleporter : Sonic arrow will switch positions of you and the player hit

Spider Senses : Can see zombies through walls
Poison : Players affected by venom mine will have extremely high aim speed (will also look the other way upon activation)

Universal Anomaly : Particle Barrier will teleport you somewhere random
Projected Anomaly : Projected barrier is now a projectile that telports players (besides you) somewhere random
Fusion : Particle Cannon no longer has a regular secondary fire

Hallucinify : Kinetic Grasp blinds zombies and make them look in random directions
Petrified Rock : Survivors hit by Accretion will turn into zombies
Universal Essence : Expieremental Barrier will damage and push players away

Boom! : Regenerative Burst stuns and pushes players away
Turn a blind eye : Immortality field grants invisibility to survivors

The nether : Dynamite makes people go into zero gravity

Workshop Setting Showcase :

Minigame Mode
introduces minigames each round to add a little twist to the game if you get bored

Fog Mode
Turns this silly gamemode to a much more terrfying one. You can only see things close to you, so watch out to the zombies that may pop out of nowhere

Hide and seek
Disables zombies from seeing survivors through walls. This allows survivors to hide, if that's more of the style of game you want.

Join the discord! https://discord.gg/3xyAvc5sda

Players | 3 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Sigma, Zarya, Ashe, Cassidy, Echo, and 8 more...
Maps: Havana
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.2.0

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