Mega Heroes


The goal of Mega Heroes is fairly simple. One player on each team is randomly chosen to become a boss called a Mega Hero. These two Mega Heroes and their teams fight until all the players on one team are eliminated and the winning team gets a point. When a team gets enough points they win!

Mega Heroes

Mega Heroes are bigger, faster, and stronger than regular players. Each team will continue to respawn until their Mega Hero is eliminated, so eliminating the Mega Hero is very important if you want to win. In addition to being bigger, having better stats, and allowing their team to respawn every Mega Hero has special abilities they can use to fight the enemy team or enable their own. Different Mega Heroes have different abilities, but every Mega Hero has access to a basic set of special abilities.

Mega Hero Basic Abilities

Mega Melee

  • The Mega Hero's Quick Melee does extra damage
  • The Mega Hero's Quick Melee has much greater knockback
  • Heroes without a Quick Melee have a similar, but weaker effect on their primary fire
  • The weaker Mega Melee can't push Mega Heroes

Mega Strength

  • Mega Heroes can use their Mega Melee while holding crouch to pick up other players
  • Picked up players can be thrown or dropped
  • Throwing an enemy at another enemy does damage
  • The throw distance and damage increase the longer the ability is active
  • Mega Strength can be used on friendly players as well as enemies
  • Enemy players are forced to aim at the Mega Hero while picked up
  • Friendly players can aim freely
  • When a friendly player is picked up and takes damage some of the damage is taken by the Mega Hero instead
  • Crouching with a friendly player increases this effect
  • When using Mega Strength on an enemy player the enemy Mega Hero can use their Mega Melee to cancel it
  • When using Mega Strength on a friendly player the Mega Melee only applies a stun to the picked up player
  • When cancelling Mega Strength you can use your own Mega Strength instead of a regular melee to steal the player
  • Being stunned cancels this ability regardless of teams
  • Heroes without a Quick Melee can use this ability by holding the melee button and using their primary fire

Mega Landing

  • Mega Heroes can land near enemy players to knock them into the air and do a small amount of damage
  • This can only occur if the enemy player is on the ground
  • Landing directly on top of an enemy player does more damage

Mega Charge

  • Mega Heroes can walk straight for 1 second to do a charge attack
  • The Mega Charge increases the Mega Hero's move speed and knocks back nearby enemy players
  • Mega Meleeing during the Mega Charge knocks down any enemy hit including the enemy Mega Hero
  • Changing directions, jumping, or stopping ends the Mega Charge
  • While Mega Charging the Mega Hero has a visible cloud effect around their feet
  • A Mega Hero can partially resist the Mega Charge + Mega Melee combo by crouching before getting meleed

In addition to the basic abilities every Mega Hero has their own hero specific abilities. Most of these don't work on the enemy Mega Hero unless the ability is specifically related to the enemy Mega Hero.

Hero Based Mega Hero Abilities

Mega Ana

  • Mega Ana's grenade puts players to sleep
  • Players on Mega Ana's team can sleep at any time to heal, reduce their ability cooldowns and gain ultimate charge

Mega Ashe

  • Players killed by Mega Ashe's gun explode similarly to dynamite
  • Players damaged by Mega Ashe's dynamite are slowed

Mega Baptiste

  • Mega Baptiste's healing grenades reload his teammates' guns
  • Mega Baptiste's Regenerative Burst temporarily gives nearby teammates the ability to jump higher

Mega Bastion

  • Mega Bastion's gun reduces the ammo of enemy players damaged by it

Mega Brigitte

  • Mega Brigitte can pick up friendly players to give them temporary armor health
  • Mega Brigitte's Whip Shot is considered a partial Mega Melee and applies additional knockback. It can also be comboed with Mega Charge and be used to cancel or counter Mega Strength

Mega Dva

  • Mega Dva can pick up friendly players to temporarily increase their maximum ammo and ability charges
  • This effect refreshes until the player is put down, effectively giving them infinite ammo while picked up
  • Friendly players can enter Dva's mech to avoid taking damage and slowly heal, but can't attack in the mech
  • When Dva's mech is destroyed her mech ability attaches players to her back and can only be used by one player
  • This version of the ability doesn't provide full damage immunity or healing, but allows the player to attack
  • The damage sharing behavior of friendly Mega Strength also applies to this ability

Mega Doomfist

  • Mega Doomfist's Mega Melee does more damage
  • Players on Mega Doomfist's team do extra damage and knockback with their quick melee attacks

Mega Echo

  • Mega Echo's sticky bombs slow enemy players damaged by them

Mega Genji

  • Mega Genji's Mega Charge takes less time to activate

Mega Hanzo

  • Hitting an enemy with a Sonic Arrow reduces the cooldown of the next Sonic Arrow, roots the enemy hit and hacks them
  • Hitting an enemy with a Storm Arrow temporarily slows their projectiles

Mega Junkrat

  • When Mega Junkrat uses Mega Strength to throw an enemy at another enemy they both explode
  • When Mega Junkrat dies he creates a huge explosion that does significant damage to anyone nearby including the enemy Mega Hero and his teammates

Mega Lucio

  • Mega Lucio's Amped Up speed song speeds up ability cooldowns
  • Mega Lucio can pick up friendly players to apply the cooldown reduction without using Amp it Up

Mega McCree

  • Mega McCree's gun doesn't use ammo if it hits an enemy player
  • Mega McCree's Flashbang sets enemy players on fire

Mega Mei

  • Mega Mei's secondary fire freezes enemy players
  • Headshots apply a longer freeze
  • Mega Mei can pick up friendly players to give them a single use Ice Block

Mega Mercy

  • Friendly players picked up by Mega Mercy are healed over time
  • Mega Mercy can pick up dead friendly players to revive them with a reduced cooldown on Resurrect
  • Players near Mega Mercy heal slowly

Mega Moira

  • Mega Moira's secondary fire pulls enemy players closer
  • Mega Moira's damage orb and ultimate shrinks enemy players
  • The effect applied by Moira's ultimate lasts longer than the effect applied by the damage orb
  • Small enemy players do less damage, move slower, and have less health

Mega Orisa

  • Mega Orisa's Mega Landing Attack is stronger during Fortify

Mega Pharah

  • Mega Pharah can give friendly players Flight Fuel by using Jump Jet near them or picking them up
  • Flight Fuel allows players to fly similarly to Pharah

Mega Reaper

  • Mega Reaper steals health from picked up enemy players
  • Players on Mega Reaper's team gain 30% life steal on their primary fire

Mega Reinhardt

  • Mega Reinhardt's hammer knocks down enemy players

Mega Roadhog

  • Mega Roadhog's hook gets a reduced cooldown if an enemy player is hooked
  • Mega Roadhog's Take a Breather gives nearby friendly players temporary health

Mega Sigma

  • Mega Sigma's primary fire launches enemy players into the air
  • Mega Sigma's Kinetic Grasp gives nearby friendly players reduced gravity

Mega Soldier: 76

  • Friendly players near Mega Soldier: 76 gain an explosive attack when he uses Helix Rockets
  • The explosive attack triggers the next time the player does damage

Mega Sombra

  • Mega Sombra's Mega Melee hacks enemy players
  • Mega Sombra can pick up friendly players to make them invisible
  • The invisibility functions similarly to Sombra's Stealth ability

Mega Symmetra

  • Mega Symmetra can pick up friendly players to give them shield health
  • The shield health is recoverable, but goes away after a while

Mega Torbjorn

  • Mega Torbjorn's hammer sets enemy players on fire
  • Using Overload gives nearby friendly players temporary armor
  • Mega Torbjorn's hammer is considered a partial Mega Melee and applies knockback. It can also be comboed with Mega Charge and be used to cancel or counter Mega Strength

Mega Tracer

  • Mega Tracer's Recall affects nearby friendly players

Mega Widowmaker

  • Mega Widowmaker's gun knocks back enemy players
  • Headshots increase the effect and apply a knockdown
  • Players on Mega Widowmaker's team can grapple to her

Mega Winston

  • Mega Winston's gun applies frequent, but very short stuns to enemy players being damaged by it

Mega Wrecking Ball

  • Mega Wrecking Ball's ball form knocks back enemy players and does damage
  • Activating Wrecking Ball's Adaptive Shield gives nearby friendly players temporary shield health and grapples
  • Mega Wrecking Ball can pick up friendly players to give them grapples
  • The grapples are somewhat similar to Wrecking Ball's grapple and allow for better mobility, but deal no damage

Mega Zarya

  • Mega Zarya can throw players further using Mega Strength
  • Mega Zarya's Mega Melee always cancels Mega Strength regardless of the picked up player's team

Mega Zenyatta

  • Mega Zenyatta can pick up friendly players to give them ultimate charge over time

Super Mega Heroes

This gamemode includes an option to create a more traditional boss fight in the settings called Enable Super Mega Heroes for Team 2. Super Mega Heroes are significantly more powerful than regular Mega Heroes and perfect for setting up a 10v2 or 11v1 boss fight. Other team sizes could be used, but the default settings are optimized for 10v2 or 11v1. Health and damage modifier settings are included if you'd prefer to try balancing the Super Mega Heroes yourself.

Other Useful Information

  • Stuns are less effective on Mega Heroes
  • When a Mega Hero falls off of the map they lose 10% health and bounce back up
  • Using the unstuck button, Interact, as a Mega Hero makes you take more damage until your scale returns to normal
  • Mega Heroes recieve slightly less healing
  • If a Mega Hero leaves a new one will be chosen from the remaining players. The new Mega Hero will have the same percent health as the previous Mega Hero, so the gamemode still works in an environment where players are frequently leaving
  • Respawning reduces that team's Mega Hero's health slightly
  • Picked up friendly players can cancel Mega Strength by pressing Interact
  • There's a penalty for using Mega Strength to throw friendly players off the map
  • Mega Heroes can be resurrected. This is completely intentional. They only revive with 10% health
  • Dva's ultimate isn't available as a Mega Hero
  • Below 30% health Mega Heroes gain an enraged status that makes them do more damage
  • Heroes with shield health get extra shields instead of armor in their Mega Hero health pool
  • Players in this gamemode respawn at the position of their Mega Hero
  • Players get 2 seconds of damage immunity immediately after respawning
  • Changing a player's team normally will overload the server. If you need to switch a player's team move them to spectator then to the other team


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Very fun game mode pls update :>

Update Log (2)

  • Balance Changes
  • Improved the handling of Mega Heroes in small rooms
  • Mega Wrecking Ball's Adaptive Shield now gives nearby friendly players 3 grapple charges in addition to the temporary shield health
  • Mega Sigma's Kinetic Grasp now gives nearby friendly players a temporary reduced gravity status
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