Tag - You're Dead (Official)


Welcome to Tag - You're Dead!

1. Overview
In this gamemode, your goal is either to survive or eliminate all enemies.

As a runner you can, with a unique survival playstyle of your chosen Hero, run away from the tagging chasers. As a chaser (tagger) your must eliminate enemies with your surperior speed, health and damage. If anyone is foolish enough to camp too close, your damage aura will force them to run!

2. General Game Information
Win condition
Runners win if time runs out.
Chasers win if all runners are eliminated before time runs out.

Match Overview
The game duration is approximately 140 seconds. At 90 seconds remaining, Heroes are revealed. Chasers begin as Reinhardt and are faster in the beginning of the game and slow down as fewer runners remain.

Balancing and Auto-Anti-Cheat
The game automatically adjusts the speed of chasers depending on their team score and number of runners. Additionally, a large number of anti-cheating systems are in place to prevent things like infinite Ana sleep, unlimited surfing on rooftops, Wrecking Ball hanging at ledges etc.

3. Special Abilities Chasers
Damage Aura
When enemies are revealed, chasers' damage auras are unlocked. A damage aura is active while chasers is standing still which deals increasing damage to anyone inside its range. Use this to reach campers and runners on high ground.

Note: The damage aura also increases runners speed and roots chasers in one place for a short time but also permanently increases the damage a runner takes from the aura.

After eliminating a player, the chaser will turn into their hero and gains the ability to use the hero's abilites to instead chase and tag the other players.

4. Special Abilities Runners
Passive Abilities
Some Runners have special ability effects. For example: Torbjörn is invulnerable while hitting chasers, and Sombra will freeze hacked enemies. Please check out the HUD text in the top right at the start of games for more information about your Hero.

Power is a resource all runners can gather to gain health regeneration and ultimate charge. The closer you are to a chaser, the more power you generate every second. Half of power gathered during a round is lost when it ends. Power is also not active at the last 30 seconds.

Two ultimates have special effects:
Symmetra's ultimate periodically resets the cooldown of her teleporter for a small duration.
Widowmaker's ultimate causes her to jump high into the air.

5. Workshop Settings
If you wish to modify anything, please use the "workshop settings" menu to do so. Be careful of changing movements speeds as the game has been balanced very carefully to its current version and Heroes you might think are too weak are actually really powerful if used correctly.

Categories | Elimination, Survival
Heroes | All
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.0.6


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Update Log (4)

Hero Changes:
-Reduced runner widowmaker speed 2% and ultimate jump height by 4%
-Made symmetra ult grant unkillable for short duration and increase rate at which teleporter refreshes cooldown
-Reduced runner Hanzo's damage by 5%
-Increased runner Dva's damage by 3%
-Reduced runner Orisa speed by 2%
-Increased runner Mccree flashbang cooldown by 25%
-Reduce the recovery time of charge by runner Reinhardt by 0.5 seconds

-Fixed reinhardt start of game speed glitch
-Reduce power generation rate
-Increased cooldown of widowmaker mine for chaser

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