The Divisionwatch (FFA Variant)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

FOR POLISH VERSION: https://workshop.codes/MXYYJ


The first Team Based FFA Deathmatch.

There are 4 teams who fight to win in the Deathmatch arena, one (or two) of them will be victorious.

Slots from 1-3 - Blue Team
Slots from 4-6 - Orange Team
Slots from 7-9 - Green Team
Slots from 10-12 - Yellow Team


  1. Eliminating players from the opposite team will earn a score for you and the rest of the players for the team.
  2. Killing the teammates in your assigned team will turn you Rogue, and you'll be marked for all players (with a Red Skull Icon).
  3. After Going Rogue, you get a 25% damage booster.
  4. If you die as Rogue, your score earned as Rogue will be wiped out, and respawn time will be extended from 4 (Non-Rogue), to 25 seconds. You'll return to the team, you've been assigned to, your score will be set to team's score and Rogue damage booster will be resetted.
  5. Players eliminating Rogue player earn 2 points for their team. This doesn't apply to the players whom eliminated Rogue Player originating from their team (Orange for ex.).
  6. After being knockdowned, you have 15 seconds before bleeding out. You can call your friends to help you up, stem bleeding or if you're lucky, reach the healthpack to get yourself back up.

Will you win with your Teammates, or betray them and win on your own as Rogue?

KNOWN ISSUES: "Incapacitated" info not appearing until second incapacitation. (Workshop problem with the first registry)

Gamemode Trailer: https://youtu.be/41DSz6asbo0

Gamemode Gameplay (with dummy bots): https://youtu.be/hUcFNj6r_M8

(Stem Bleeding Update) - Fixed some problems with the Icons.

Added new status: Manhunt.
After killing more than 5 players, Rogue player turns Manhunt and each player will be notified about it. Killing Manhunt player will earn 5 points for the team.

Added new feature: Stem Bleeding
Incapacitated players are now able to pick themself up by holding down interaction key for 6 seconds, under condition if they are not attacked, but can't move when stemming.

Incapacitated team player will now be marked for their teammates with a red plus and their bleed out timer shown.

Added new variable to fix the problems with Rogue Scoring.

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Heroes: All
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Current version: 1.0.5

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