Super Tracer World 3 (PvE - collect 30 stars) v1.1

Super Tracer World 3 (v1.1) (by Delwion#2667)

The third and final installment of the not really that popular 3D puzzle platformer series! Collect 30 stars, this time, and learn 10 new moves from Rattles, the giant mole! (Optimized for single-player, but can also be played in coop by up to 4 players.)

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1. Setup

Team 2 - 1-4 Human players: The game mode is optimized for single-player, but it’s possible to play it in a group (though there's only one ally of each type to command for the entire team). Stars collected and moves learned are shared among all players.

2. How to Play

Collect a total of 30 stars (yellow orbs) to beat the game. Stars spawn three at a time and can usually be found relatively close together and in the vicinity of your current respawn location. Press Crouch near a blue molehill to learn a new move from Rattles, the giant mole!

If you're stuck, you can use Need healing to reveal the location of a missing star or of a molehill where you can still learn a new move!

3. Moves

  1. Convenient Congelation: Press Primary Fire while aiming at a light blue circle to summon a frosty ally.
  2. Polar Palisade: Press Ability 2 and command your ally to create a wall of ice for you.
  3. Turning Trigger: Press Interact to use a device that can activate purple switches and damage some enemies.
  4. Portal Promenader: Press Crouch to go through an active portal.
  5. Sauropod Samurai: Press Ultimate to transform. The Samurai cannot jump with his lizard feet, but he is immune to the red mist.
  6. Wormhole Weaver: Connect cyan portals by pressing Primary and Secondary Fire while aiming at them.
  7. Chanceful Charge: Press Ability 1 as a Samurai to dash forward!
  8. Cometoid Commander: Press Ability 1 as Tracer and assign your shielded ally Reinhardt a target position.
  9. Tautophonic Totem: Press Ability 2 to place a totem that renders Reinhardt invulnerable (to everything except red spheres).
  10. Aerial Attack: Press Ability 2 as a Samurai, to order an aerial attack on your target location.


Walkthrough (Spoiler alert): https://youtu.be/sAm3hj7eIko
Secrets (Spoiler alert): https://youtu.be/MXTWBphscqI

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Players | 1 - 4
Categories: PvE
Heroes: Tracer
Maps: Nepal
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.0

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