💻Sombra Training Chamber (Hero Trainer)


5-in-1 Hero Trainer for Sombra

Practise using of Sombra's abilities, including aiming with Machine Pistol, reacting to crucial abilities with Translocator, dodging enemy fire with stealth, and optimising EMP coverage . All in 1 facility, the Sombra Training Chamber.


Machine Pistol Tracking

As Sombra's only source of damage is from her weapon, it is crucial to aim well with Machine Pistol.
Practise your weapon tracking with 18 different heroes of various mobility levels.
From the very immobile Ana, through the elusive Tracer, to the high-flying Pharah.

Aim Training Modifiers

There are 5 settings you can change throughout the aim training session to customise your training experience.

Settings Description
More HP Training Partners will have more HP, ideal for longer session
Enemy Mercy Pocket Training partners have a Mercy constantly healing or damage boosting them.
Ally Mercy Pocket You have a Mercy constantly healing or damage boosting you.
Invincible Makes you unable to die.
Infinite Ammo Your ammo will automatically be refilled when it's running out.

Custom Aim Training Settings

There are 2 variables where you can change before starting the training to customise your training experience. These only affect Aim Training mode.

Settings Description
Allow Multiple Bots Spawning Whether multiple bots can spawn, up to 6 maximum
Bot's Aiming Accuracy Controls how accurate the bot's aim are. Lower value means more accurate

Translocator Reaction

Practise escaping crucial enemy abilities with Translocator against 13 different heroes.
You will also learn that Sombra has a short period of invulnerability after translocating, so you can use it to dodge D.va bomb.
Your goal is to avoid getting hit by Crowd Control abilities like Earthshatter, or high-damage abilities like D.va bomb.
Translocator has high gravity so you can't go somewhere far.

Hack Reaction

Practise reacting to crucial abilities and hack opportunities against 17 different heroes.
Enemies will constantly shoot at you, so use your translocator to get your hacks off at a different angle.
Your goal is to successfully land hack when the enemies are using crucial abilities like Dragonblade, or opened up hack opportunities like Reinhardt's firestrike.

Stealth Dodging

Practise your dodging skills while in stealth against multiple D.va bots.
Gain points for every second you stay in stealth, score is multiplied based on the number of D.va bots in play.
Share your highscore with your friends and try to beat theirs!

EMP Coverage

Practise your EMP coverage to get the most out of this fight-winning ultimate.
Optimise your EMP coverage with the rotating camera tool available.
Press the Interact button to view the location of your last EMP, move your mouse to turn the camera around.

  • Orange Orb: centre of the EMP; where you activated the EMP.
  • Purple Sphere: Coverage of the EMP.

Video demostration


  • Selecting enemies and training, as well as the Back button and Reset configuration button (EMP Coverage and Stealth Dodging) requires you to hold down Primary Fire for 0.5s. So you don't accidentally change enemies or menu when using Primary Fire.
  • This training is meant for only 1 player. Does not support more than 1 real player playing at the same time.
  • You can hide UI (top right of the panel) during your training. Doing so will hide all he buttons except Hide UI and Back buttons. Hiding UI also lock the hidden buttons from being interacted.
  • You can also go back to Main Menu by pressing [Interact] for 2 seconds. Only available in Weapon Aiming, Translocator/Hack Reactions, and Stealth Dodging


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Update Log (16)

Hack Reaction changes

  • Added Invincible modifier for Hack Reaction training. You can't die while this is active.

Hack Reaction changes

  • Bots now spawn and respawn at 0,0,0 at each test.
  • Added Sombra bot, prevent her from using EMP.

More Hack Reaction Training changes

  • You no longer have invincibility.
  • You will now be healed to full health at the start of each Reaction test.
  • EMP will be granted and Hack cooldown will be set to 0 at the start of each Reaction test.
  • Spawning a new training bot in the middle of a Reaction test will reset the test immediately.
  • Genji will now die after the 3rd swift strike.
  • Junkrat will now detonate Rip Tire faster,
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