💪 Heroes Training Chamber (Hero Trainer)


A general aim trainer for all heroes.
Get better at aiming with any heroes in the game.

Practise your aim against 18 different heroes of different mobility levels.
From the very immobile Ana, through the elusive Tracer, to the high-flying Pharah.

Select a training partner by holding Melee for 0.5 second.


Training modifiers

More HP Mode

Make your training partners have more HP, ideal for longer sessions.


Enemy Mercy Pocket Mode

Make your training partners have a Mercy constantly healing them back up.


Your Mercy Pocket Mode

Spawn an ally Mercy that constantly damage boosts you for those extra damage.



Hold [Reload] for 0.5s to fully reload your ammo.

Video demostration


  • Selecting training partner, training modifiers, as well as the Change Hero button requires you to hold down Melee for 0.5s. So you don't accidentally change the training partner when using Melee. Also I didn't pick Primary Fire because heroes with large recoil (e.g: Mccree) will not be able to select any button.
  • This training is meant for only 1 player. Does not support more than 1 real player playing at the same time.


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