🧊 Mei Training Chamber (Hero Trainer)



4-in-1 Hero Trainer for Mei

Want to get better at Mei? Want to use her abilities better? Want to make your opponent not have fun?
Then you are invited for training at Mei Training Chamber.


Endothermic Blaster

Practise tracking and flicking your shots against 18 different heroes of different mobility levels.
From the very immobile Ana, through the elusive Tracer, to the high-flying Pharah.

You can also enable More HP mode, making your training partners have more HP, ideal for practising your weapon tracking. The "button" will is on the top left corner of the selection panel.

There is also Mercy Pocket mode, making your training partners constantly get healed up. Ideal for practising your icicle shooting. The "button" is on the top left corner of the selection panel.


Cryofreeze Reaction

Practise your Cryofreeze timing against 11 different heroes of different crucial crowd controls and knockback abilities.
Your goal is to enter Cryofreeze before the crowd control or knockback hit you. Cryofreeze lasts for 1 second only, so use them reactively or pre-emptively.


Ice Wall Placement

Practise your Ice Wall Placement against 10 different heroes of different types of Ultimates.
Your goal is to protect your allies against ultimates like Dva Bomb and High Noon, or prevent the enemies from receiving sound barrier and transcendence healing.

You can then press your Interact button for a Top-Down view to review where things went wrong.

  • Red aura: The position where your ally died.
  • Purple aura: The position where your ally received a crowd control.
  • Blue aura: The position where the enemy received Sound Barrier.


Blizzard Tossing

Practise throwing your Blizzard into a group of enemies, covering as many enemies as you can.

  • You can add or remove enemies to change the difficulty of covering all the enemies with Blizzard.
  • You can reset configuration for a new set of enemy positions, and fully restore their health.

You can then press your Interact button for a Top-Down view to review your Blizzard coverage.


Video demostration


  • Selecting enemies and training, as well as the Back button and Reset configuration button (Blizzard Tossing) requires you to hold down Primary Fire for 0.5s. So you don't accidentally change enemies or menu when using Primary Fire.
  • This training is meant for only 1 player. Does not support more than 1 real player playing at the same time.


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Are you going to be doing other characters?

DragonEngineer creator *

What characters you are specifically looking for? I might not be doing all of them. For example in weapon aiming, heroes with similar movements will not be repeated, like ana and zen. Wall placement is the one I'm looking to add more but I'm not really sure which.


Well, I feel like I might need some help with Ashe. Like dynamite placing, dynamite timing, aim, Bob landing

DragonEngineer creator *

Are you looking for specifically Ashe hero trainer or Mei against Ashe? This workshop is all about Mei. If you are looking for Ashe trainer, you can try EBAXM by Darwin which includes Dynamite throwing.

Update Log (9)

  • Fixed a bug where Training Bots face towards the middle of the pack spawning location in Blizzard Tossing after they die.
  • Some code clean up.

General changes

  • You only need to hold your primary fire for 0.5s to select a button (spawning training partner, select a training etc.), instead of the current 1s.

Aim Practice

  • Added Mercy Pocket mode for your training partner to have constant healing.

General changes

  • There will now be sound effects when spawning and despawning Training Partners
  • Code changes to how the game resets the training when going back to Main Menu

Blizzard Tossing

  • Bots now face random direction instead of facing the middle of the pack spawn point.
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