This game is completely inspired by Landfall's ROUNDS. Check it out here!
* updates are indefinitely discontinued

Korean - 15D3C | Translated by Lonepier

  • What Is ROUNDS?

ROUNDS is a fairly simple concept.
In it, you fight one other player. A 1v1, if you will.
But, there's a catch..

At the start of the game, each player gets to choose a 'card'.
These cards might change your bullets, how many of them you fire, how much health you have, how fast you move, etc.
You need to duke it out with the player until you kill them (by default) twice.
After killing or getting killed twice, the winning player earns a score.
However, the losing player gets to choose another card.

This continues until a player reaches the score limit, and it's very likely absolute chaos will ensue in that time.

nyawalking note: i recommend settings 'rounds till score earned' to 1 and 'score to win' to 10-20 cause you get a buncha cards and its funny

  • Shielding?

Aside from your gun, you also have your shield.
Activating it will make you become temporarily immune to damage.
However, this invincibility is very short, and the cooldown is fairly lengthy.

Some cards upgrade your shield, see below.

  • Difference between Multiplicative and Additive?

What 'Multiplicative' and 'Additive' means is how the effect of the cards are applied.

  • Additive means the effects are applied on a flat scale
  • Multiplicative means the effects are applied based on percentage

If you still don't understand, here's an example:

A card reduces your damage by 50. B card increases it by 50. Your regular damage is 100.
With Additive, having A and B card would make your damage 100.
With Multiplicative, having A and B card would make your damage 75.

Whichever you choose is mostly a preference thing, and while I prefer Additive for fun, Multiplicative is overall more fair.

  • Why are some cards different colors?

The color of the card indicates its rarity, which (generally) dictates how good it is.

Yellow - the least rare, usually just changes base stats
Blue - slightly rarer, might have some special abilites or better stats
Purple - much rarer, usually has crazy stat changes or unique abilities
Red - the rarest, mostly suggestions by people I think are cool

Cards also have a list of effects tied to them:
(+) - an effect that is overall positive
(-) - an effect that is overall negative
(=/*) - an effect that is neither positive nor negative

Here's a list of the cards currently in the public version:

Card Base Effects Additional Effects/Notes
Careful Planning +way higher damage, +way higher shot speed, -way lower attack speed, -1 ammo
Burst +3 burst, +3 ammo, -less damage
Quick Cooldown +faster shield cooldown
Tank +way more health, -lower speed
Pristine Preservation +400% health when above 90% health
Refresh +dealing damage refreshes your shield instantly
Teleport +slightly more health, -longer shield cooldown +shielding makes you teleport forward and shield a second time
Ricochet +2 ricochet, +slightly higher attack speed, -slightly less damage
Leech +more life steal, -slightly less health
Parasite +slightly more life steal, =damage over time, -less health "this card is the bane of my existence"
Rubber Bullets +12 ricochet, -way less damage
Trigger Happy +way higher attack speed, +faster reload, -less damage
Bigger Bullet +bigger bullet, -slower reload
Explosives +bullets explode, -less damage
Run In +move faster when moving towards the enemy
Recycle -slower reload +1 bullet restored when you deal damage
Extra Shot +1 ammo
Buckshot +3 shots fired, +higher shot speed, -1 ammo, -higher spread, -way lower range "it's a shotgun if you couldn't tell"
Fast Forward +way higher shot speed =bullets keep the default trajectory
Huge +more health
Spray N Pray +3 ammo, +6 burst, -lower damage, -higher spread
Combine +way more damage, -2 ammo, -slower reload
Healing Field -longer shield cooldown +shielding creates a healing field that activates after 3 seconds
Thruster +higher shot speed, -way longer reload +bullets have thrusters which push enemies
Vampire +more life steal +dealing damage increases speed
Echo +shielding triggers a second delayed shield
Radiance +slightly more health, -longer shield cooldown +shielding hurts nearby enemies
Implode +slightly more health, -longer shield cooldown +shielding pulls nearby enemies towards you
Gunslinger +way faster reload, +way higher attack speed, -1 ammo permanently Suggested by Alomare
Bombs Away +slightly more health, -longer shield cooldown +spawn 3 bombs under you when you shield
Dazzle -slower reload +damage stuns the enemy multiple times
Frost Slam +slightly more health, -longer shield cooldown +shielding slows nearby enemies
Spam +12 ammo, +way higher attack speed, -way less damage
Steady Shot +slightly more health, +way higher shot speed, -slower reload
Glass Cannon +way more damage, -way less health, -slower reload
Wind Up +way higher shot speed, -way lower attack speed
Parry! -way longer shield cooldown +shielding any damage will shoot the enemy's bullet back at them. Suggested by WildByte
Homing +way more homing, -less damage, -slightly less attack speed
Mosquito +slightly more homing, +slightly more life steal, -smaller bullet, -way lower shot speed, -slightly less damage
Straight Shot +way lower bullet gravity, -lower shot speed
Decay +damage dealt to you is done over 4 seconds
Demonic Pact +way higher attack speed, +2 ammo -shooting costs 2.5% of your health
Radar Scan -longer shield cooldown +shielding will target and automatically shoot nearby enemies
Absorb +slightly more health +steal health from nearby enemies
Phoenix -way less health +respawn one time on death
Tactical Reload -longer cooldown +shielding instantly reloads your gun
Defender +slightly faster shield cooldown, +more health
Marksman +deal more damage when you are farther from the enemy. Suggested by LemonAid
Double Jump +1 jump, +slightly higher speed
Glide +slightly more health +you can glide around while in the air
Take Aim -lower attack speed +way more damage while crouching (1.5s delay)
Friendly Fire +way more homing, +way more damage -shooting costs 5% of your health
Double Up +2 burst, +more damage, -1 ammo, -lower attack speed
Smol +higher speed, -lower health
Cheeky +way higher speed, -2 ammo, -less damage
Cowardice -slightly less damage +speed increases temporarily after taking damage
Sprint -longer shield cooldown +shielding increases speed temporarily
Automated Fire -longer shield cooldown +shielding fires a shot at the enemy
Berserker +dealing damage temporarily boosts your health by 200%
Reversal -slightly lower attack speed +bullets pull enemies towards you
Concentrated +more damage, -slightly smaller bullet
Rapid Fire +7 ammo, +10 burst, -way less damage, -slower reload by yours truly
Turtle +way faster shield cooldown, -lower speed
Focused +more health +resets your bullet spread back to default
Jetpack +more health, -lower speed +you have a jetpack
Crash Landing -lower speed +you can hold crouch at a certain height to slam the ground
Drunken +way more damage, -way higher shot spread
Double Barrel +7 shots fired, +higher shot speed, -1 ammo, -slower reload, -higher shot spread, -lower range, -lower damage, "y'know, when I write it like this, it sounds like the worst card ever"
The Big One +way more damage, +bigger bullet, -8 ammo, -slower reload
Practical +more damage "for boring people"
Cloak -longer shield cooldown, -slightly less health +shielding makes you invisible for the duration of the shield
Poison Cloud -less damage +dealing damage creates a cloud of noxious gas which only hurts enemies
Accelerate -slightly less health +speed slowly increases the longer you move
Bulletproof +way more health, -way longer shield cooldown
One Up +1 shot fired, -lower attack speed, -less damage
Body Armor +more health, -slightly lower speed +the health added by this card regenerates
Combat Stim +more health, -longer shield cooldown +shielding near the enemy heals you a bit over time
Tracking Missile +way more homing, +higher range, =way lower shot speed, -lower damage "lower shot speed is a '*/=' due to the effect that homing works better with slower shots"
Head Hunter -lower attack speed +headshots deal extra damage
Shields Up -longer shield cooldown +firing your last bullet will trigger a shield
Shockwave +more health, -longer shield cooldown +shielding pushes away nearby enemies
Static Field +more health, -longer shield cooldown +shielding creates a field which slows and damages enemies
Mulligan -slightly less health +you survive the first lethal hit you take
Players | 2 - 2
Categories: 1vs1, Miscellaneous
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Heroes: Cassidy
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Current version: 2.11


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