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Gamemode Description

As a survivor, work together to collect 10 out of the 12 existing crystals, the crystals are placed all over the map. Once 10 crystals have been collected, an escape beacon powers up on the map. ALL survivors must escape for the survivors to win.

When 10 Crystals have been collected, the hunters are teleported to a hunter circle (red circles), all dead survivors are resurrected, and a timer starts that when expired causes the hunters to win.

Crouching on a dead teammate for 1.5 seconds resurrects them.

As a hunter, cooperate with your teammate or play solo and make sure that not all survivors escape. If all survivors are dead or a dead survivor is left behind, then the hunters win.

Players who pick after 1 minute of the game start are not in the game.

After a survivor escapes they become a white sphere, allowing them to knock away hunters by moving near them. They can also block chokepoints and trap hunters. If you escape, try to do everything you can to help the remaining survivors!

Survivor Abilities


Tank Heroes Always outside of mecha. Can use Ability 1 (Bunny Hop).
Bunny Hop: Hop up and forward in the direction you’re looking. 2 Charges, 15 Second cooldown.
Orisa Orisa: Can use Primary Fire and Fortify. Primary Fire launches you backwards. Allowing you to fly. Allies can crouch near Orisa for 1 second to bind themselves to Orisa.
Players bound to Orisa will follow her around. The connection is broken if the player presses interact or are too far away from Orisa.
Reinhardt Can use Fire Strike & Barrier Field. Firestrike launches you in the direction of the Fire Strike. Barrier Field’s size is reduced.
Roadhog Can use Chain Hook & Take a Breather. Chain Hook can pick up Crystals from afar. Take a Breather increases your movement speed while using it.
Sigma Can use Kinetic Grasp & Experimental Barrier. Kinetic Grasp makes you fly at an accelerating speed.
Winston Can use Jump Pack & Barrier Projector.
Wrecking Ball Can use Roll, Grappling Claw, Adaptive Shield & Minefield. Base Speed : 90%
Zarya Can use Secondary Fire, Particle Barrier & Projected Barrier. Particle Barrier increases your movement speed and jump height while active.


Damage Heroes
Ashe Can use Coach Gun & Dynamite. Dynamite slows hunters.
Bastion Can use Self Repair Configuration: Tank. Creates a cloud around you that hides you and your allies when using Self Repair. The hunters can see the cloud.
Doomfist Can use Seismic Slam, Rising Uppercut & Rocket Punch. Seismic Slam creates a cage upon impact. Hunters inside of the cage on impact can not leave, and hunters who try to enter it will be pushed back.
Echo Can use Flight, Glide & Focusing Beam. Focusing Beam freezes hunters briefly upon damaging them.
Genji Can use Swift Strike, Deflect & Cyber-Agility.
Hanzo Can use Lunge, Sonic Arrow & Wall Climb.
Junkrat Can use Concussion Mine & Steel Trap.
Mccree Can use Combat Roll, Flashbang & Deadeye. Deadeye stuns hunters depending on how long they were locked onto.
Mei Can use Primary Fire, Cryo-Freeze & Ice Wall. Cryo-Freeze’s duration is lowered and it launches Mei up into the air.
Pharah Can use Hover Jets, Jump Jet, Concussive Blast & Barrage. You take less damage when using barrage and hunters hit by it are knocked back.
Reaper Can use Wraith Form, Shadow Step & Death Blossom. Shadow Step creates a one-way portal that allies can take to follow you. Death Blossom knocks away hunters.
Soldier: 76 Can use Sprint & Helix Rockets. Moves 10% Slower than other heroes.
Sombra Can use Hack, Stealth & Translocator. Stealth has a 3 second duration. Hacked hunters are rooted for the duration of the hack.
Symmetra Can use Sentry Turret, Teleporter & ==Ultimate (Shield Generator). ==
Shield Generator Place a shield generator at your location that grants allies shields every 5 seconds. Hunters can crouch on 3 times to destroy it, destroying all shields applied.
Torbjörn Can use Deploy Turret & Overload. Overload has a 10 second duration.
Tracer Can use Blink, Recall & Pulse Bomb. Pulse Bomb knocks Tracer and hunters up into the air. Hunters are also stunned for 1 second. Gain 10% Ultimate Charge when using Blink.
Widowmaker Can use Grappling Hook, Venom Mine & Infra-Sight. Grappling Hook makes you invisible while travelling and Venom Mine slows hunters.


Support Heroes
Ana Can use Primary Fire, Sleep Dart & Nano Boost. Healing allies heals you for the same amount.
Brigitte Can use Repair Pack, Barrier Shield, Shield Bash & Rally. Repair Pack heals allies for 150 Health.
Baptiste Can use Regenerative Burst & Exo Boots. Heals allies for 200 Health and you for 400 Health.
Lúcio Can use Crossfade, Amp it Up, Wall Ride & Sound Barrier.
Mercy Can use Healing Beam, Guardian Angel, Angelic Descent, Regeneration & Ultimate (Mass Resurrection).
Mass Resurrection: Resurrect all nearby allies Mercy gets Ultimate Charge when resurrecting allies normally.
Moira Can use all abilities. Fade launches you in your current facing direction, allowing you to move vertically with it.
Zenyatta Can use Orb of Harmony, Ability 2 (Omni-Fusion) & Transcendence.
Omni-Fusion: Become briefly invisible and summon Zenyatta clone that travels in your current facing direction. You both become visible again at the same time. You can steer the facing direction of the bot by holding down either Primary or Secondary Fire.

Hunter Abilities

Ashe Can use Coach Gun, Dynamite & Command Reinhardt (Interact Button). Ashe has a Reinhardt pet with her that has 3 modes, Follow, Guard & Aggressive.
When in Follow he follows Ashe and does not attack players. When in Guard he will protect an area around him. When in Aggressive he will chase nearby visible players.
Moira Can use Fade, Secondary Fire, Biotic Orb, Melee & Secondary Fire. Melee lunges you forward and deals 105 damage to survivors. Fade launches you in your current facing direction, allowing you to move vertically with it.
Secondary Fire, Biotic Orb & Coalesence deal 50% damage but slightly pulls the victims to you.
Reaper Can use Primary Fire, Wraith Form, Shadow Step & Death Blossom. Your movement speed increases as the survivors collect more crystals.
Sombra Can use Primary Fire, Hack, Stealth & Translocator. Translocator is not thrown and instead just placed on your current location. Stealth has a 15 second duration. You can see badly injured survivors through walls.
Widowmaker Can use Scoped Primary Fire, Grappling Hook, Venom Mine & Infra-Sight. Infra-Sight's duration is significantly lower.

Other Information

If you come across a bug please notify me and I will try my best to fix it!

Survivors who are in the lobby but haven't picked messes up the escape code. So if 1 survivor hasn't picked but all survivors have escaped, it won't count until they leave the team or pick a hero.

Ashe's Reinhardt aggressive mode is bugged. When Reinhardt finds a player and then they go out of sight he moves backwards until he finds another player.

Creator: Lillmy#2200 EU Server.

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Heroes:, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
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