sno day

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Don't you love snow? Well I wouldn't know, cause I live in america.
it's that time of the year again, it's sno day™️

this is basically just a worse snowball deathmatch
enjoy i guess
Made for Elo Hell Jingle Jam


Hit people with snowballs (and totally not sharp icicles) to send them flying. The first hit will launch them and make them unconscious, the second one will kill them.

Hold Left-Click while looking down and outdoors (cause there usually is no snow indoors) to reload your gu- snowball launcher.

Your Ice Wall now lasts 1.2 seconds (funny joke here)

Your ultimate will now provide you with infinite ammo and increased projectile speed for 5 seconds (jokes aside, i didn't know the ultimate in snowball deathmatch gave you infinite ammo when I made this)

Categories: Free for all
Tags: festive snow
Heroes: Mei
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Current version: 1.0



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