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The name of the gamemode is "Boss battle - every boss modified".
The boss team must get 35 kills.The other team has to kill them 2 times.Some bosses have 2 versions depending if you are on first or second slot.

||Ana:Sleep master||
Her shift and right click have extended area sleep effects on them.
If the user hold down crouch he will be sent downwards(her gravity is only about 25% of the normal one).
Her ultimate (if you have it) kills all of the enemies that are not moving when you press it.

If you hold E you will spawn a clone of one of the attackers(this can be killed and counts as a point to the "heroes" team.This clone follows and attacks enemies.It also generates ultimate for you.
If you hold "shift" your clone wil be teleported to where you are(used to help you escape or save the clone before rein pushes it in the void).
While holding your ultimate you become invisibile,faster and heal a portion of your life.

||Baptiste:Golden Experience||
The shift ability transforms the enemy camera into a camera that will be following you (they are having an out of body experience).
The E button makes the ultimate charge of all of the players to 69.
When you are not moving all of the damage received by you goes back to your enemies(you still take it but they receive A LOT more than you).

||Bastion:Bastion but better||
Right click makes you deal more damage.
Kills = heal for bastion

||Brigg:armored ghost||
When you jump you teleport to a random enemy.
When you hit somebody with your shift ability the entire enemy team gets teleported to the location of person you hit.
When you right click a yellow sphere spawns on you and you get no damage for a few seconds(ghost form).
Her strong ability its her normal ultimate.
||D.Va:King Crimson||
Her shift skips the time for the players around her.
Her ultimate allows her to stop time but she can move while it is stopped.
Her E can loop the enemy while being hit(a lot of bugs).

||Doomfist:One Punch||
Thats it.Right click to activate the "one punch" state(your shift and E are disabled).After this state is disabled,you will be able to use your punch again after like 4s.

||Genji:The Moon Blade & Moon Shard||
One genji becomes very fast while using the ultimate while the other gets his life reseted to the (aprox) 200 hp point(resets every time you use your ult to this default).
If genji is damaged while deflecting he will either push away or respawn the enemies,depending on the player slot.

||Hanzo:Area denier||
Shift creates a jump station.
Ultimate heals the player if inside.
Right click creates a area-denial sphere.If the enemy is inside it they will get hacked and pushed away.

Devil transforms you into the enemy hero you kill.
Devil gives you an impulse everytime you use your primary fire and your ultimate makes the enemy sensitivity 5x their default for 3seconds.

Ultimate changes everyone from the enemy team into a single hero and gives them ultimate.
Shift makes you very fast for a short duration.
Crouch gives you a small forward dash.

||Mcree:The Shine & The Evader||
If you jump as The Evader time slows down for a few seconds and you do A LOT more damage.
If you use your flash as the Evader the enemies will turn their back to you.
If you use your ultimate the enemies fly up.
If you secondary fire as the Shine your bullets will send you in their direction(fly using them).
If you use your ultimate while as the Shine you will go in the air/float and pretty much one shot the enemies in the first second of High Noon(Hyper High Noon).

||Mei:Ice Edge||
Your ultimate insta-freezes the victims and deals fire damage to them.
Your primary fire freezes faster.(you dont have ice wall or shift as it would be Op for her).

While using the ult the enemies are freezed,giving you enough time to revive your fallen teammate.The hero kill on your teammate is negated.
Your shift gives you a forward dash and your E can heal the closest player to you.

||Moira:The Witch||
After you shift you create a toxic puddle in the spot you activated the ability.
Your secondary fire changes the hp of the victim to 50% of its normal one for 4 seconds.
The sensitivity of the enemies hit by your ultimate is divided by 5.

||Orisa:Scape Goat||
You have 20s of more damage taken after you use your ultimate but after that time your hp gets restored to 100%(healed).
Secondary fire slows down all projectiles for 4 seconds then makes them 9 times faster for 2 seconds.
Shift makes you very fast for a limited period of time.

||Pharah:Gravity Bender||
Your ultimate forces an constant impulse on the player's right side(for about 5 seconds) if you hit them with it.
Shift makes the gravity weaker.
Right click creates an area that captures the enemies.

||Reaper:The Fun One||
Shift makes you very fast.
E heals you when you teleport.
If reaper is damaged while using ultimate the damages transforms into heal for him.Just stun him lol.
Also he takes more damage than other bosses so try to go in,kill like 7-8 then go out.Repeat.

||Rein:Crash and Burn||
Rein will either sleep or push away the enemies he hits with his hammer depending if the player is slot 1 or 2.
Ultimate will either push everyone or transform everyone into rein and teleport them to you,also force them to use their shift.You know,like normal rein does.
Shift makes rein very fast.On one of the forms.
The fire strike on the "rein that pushes" sleeps the victims.

||Roadhog:Fat and dangerous||
E ability makes roadhog immune to all damage for 7 seconds.
If you hook the enemies or hit them with the ult they transform into a random hero(unlike lucio,if you hit 3 enemies with the ultimate they will transform into mixed heroes,not the same kind of hero).

||Sigma:Nout and Go||
You are 10 times faster while using your ultimate.
If you hit the enemies with the bolder they freeze(and the enemies next to them,or damaged by another enemy while you are using E).
Your shift is the best ability.Not only you push everyone around you up while using it(and damage them),but the damage you absorb with shift can double your hp with shields.

||Soldier 76:Annoying preck||
One of the versions is a normal soldier with in-game coded aimbot.
As for the other he has an airstrike on the position you are looking at after you use the health station.And he teleports a random enemy to the front of your gun.

||Sombra:Void Walker||
Shift gives you an 2 second immunity to damage while using the ability.
E transforms into a long range healing station for you (if active).
While you are holding your ultimate the enemies are teleported into another dimension.This works only while holding down the button(auto unhold after 4seconds).After the button is no more being held,the enemies will be teleported 5m in front of you.

||Symmetra:Autism Breaker||
After you press E the enemies will start spinning around.
After you use ultimate the enemies will start going backward.
If you damage the enemies with primary fire they freeze(medusa stare).\

||Torb:Area Control||
While holding ultimate(and not using it like its your milkshake) the enemies around you will start to burn(if they are touching the ground).
While using E or not moving you get ultimate charge from the enemy damage(you get damage and ultimate from them).

||Tracer:Killer Queen||
Mark the enemies with malee.
Detonate your enemies using your ultimate.

||Widowmaker:Wraith Dweller or Space Station||
Wraith Dweller is invisibile while not moving but creates a blinking sphere around him.He damages people close to his fog while moving,teleports after you press shift(like a better hook) and E moves the enemy eye camera.
Space station is the hero that stays in the middle of the sky and one shots you after he uses the "more damage given" ultimate state.

||Winston:Captain Jack||
After you jump you get a second jump impulse and then a downward one(good to use the winston landing damage with this)
Your ultimate makes you push people faster but you take more damage.
E creates a damage aura around you for a few seconds.

||Hammond:Jamm and Slamm||
While using ultimate the enemies move a lot slower(good to combo with the mines).
The E ability makes you take less damage while using it.

Your ultimate forces 40G of gravity on the enemies while using the ultimate.
Your shift forces the enemies to fly into the direction you are looking at(including sky).
The E ability its a gravity acceleration for the enemies(they move 10x faster and sometimes just go into a void,you know,because they can't control their speed).
||Zenyatta:Flying Monk||
Shift teleports you to the location of where you are looking(range 1km).
If you hit the enemies with primary fire they fly backwards.
Your ultimate makes you untouchable for a few seconds.

The only rule is:don't run away from the enemies as the boss.If you run the gamemode becomes boring and you will get kicked.

Version 1.72

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