Called for Death


===Called for Death===

By: Zombi3Slayer509

Welcome to the arena, you either are the audience! The prisoners! Or the psycho! The rules are simple:

The audience watchs and sometimes votes.

The prisoners have three choices, either try to hide and survive until the clock runs out, or try to escape early, and finally, they can even try to kill the psycho which will give them some time as the Psycho will be getting medical attention. (The last one is not likely, I don't recommend)

As the psycho, you must kill the prisoners, that is the only mission. Or if they try to escape, ruin the escape.

A greetings from the Host to the prisoners:

I do hope you get comfy, the cells are wonderful! Well for a prison cell, but anyways, I hope all you prisoners that somehow survive learn the lesson from this teaching, you don't know how hard it is to force people to obey the law. Anyways, I am grateful to have all of you, I really hope you put on a good show.

The one and only
Host ❤☠

A greetings from the Host to the Psycho:

How do I put this, I don't want to waste to much ink on you so, do a good show, thank you. Anyways, thank you for cleaning all the filth up for everyone, we appreciate you somewhat.

The one & only


Hold INTERACT to run, it will speed you up but it takes stamina.

To vote for the Yellow Option/Hot Event you will need to hold ULTIMATE

To vote for the Blue Option/Cold Event you will need to hold RELOAD

To vote for the Green Option/Toxic Event you will need to hold JUMP

Remember that you need to hold the button for 0.5 second or half a second to actually vote for it.

Categories | Elimination
Maps | Eichenwalde
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Current version | 0.9


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Update Log (11)

Welcome again, in this update I have added the Audience, buffs and nerfs to some of the characters, I added objectives, and I have added some new heros. This is another big update, and sorry for the long wait too.

I have changed the Teleporter a bit, there is now a small in world text above the Teleporter that says "Teleporter: 0" and the 0 is the cooldown you have after using the Teleporter.

Fixed a accidental exploit which let you get into the spawn rooms, you will now get knocked down when going into the barriers.

Fixed a bug that happened when you spawned in, you would get effects from the walking into a barrier.

Jumping will now take away 7 Stamina instead of 8, you also can't jump if you don't have 7 or more Stamina, and you can't wall climb/ride if you have less than 18 Stamina.

If you are a prisoner and you are frozen and take a bit of damage then you will instantly die, also if you are frozen and burning then you will get thawed out of the ice.

New Audience Mode:
Once you die you will go into audience mode, once in audience mode you will see 3 options to vote for, 1 are Hot Events, 2 are Cold Events, and 3 is Toxic Events. Each event has 3 possible options to show up when the voting starts:


Burn Everyone
This will set everyone with the burning effect for 10 seconds, but will not damage them.

Heat Wave
This will cause all Prisoners to lose 5 stamina instantly and lose 1 stamina every 0.45 seconds for 15 seconds.

The Floor is Lava
This will make touching the ground good but bad, as you will be set on fire when touching the ground, this this will actually damage players. It will damage both Prisoners and Psychos, it will damage Psychos a bit more to make them repeatedly jump, the burning effect doesn't last as long to the Psycho. The floor will be lava for 12 seconds.


Freeze Psycho
This will Freeze the Psycho for 5 seconds.

Freeze Prisoners
This will Freeze all Prisoners for 2 seconds.

Slow Everyone
This will slow everyone down by -25 speed.


Toxic Slowing Goo
This will place 4 toxic slowing goo bubbles in 9 possible spots around the map. The goo will slow and do high damage to Prisoners, but pretty low to the Psycho.

Poison Everyone
This will stun everyone for 0.8 seconds and set everyone hacked for 2.5 seconds, and it will also cause damage overtime. It will deal 2 damage a second for 15 seconds for the Prisoners, and for the Psycho it will deal 35 damage every second for 15 seconds.

Toxic Launch Goo
This will do the same as the Slowing Goo, but instead it's not as lethal and lauches players who step in it.

That's all the Events so far, when you vote you can not change the vote, also just to make sure you don't accidentally vote, you will need to hold the button for 0.5 seconds. What buttons? Well to vote for the Yellow Option/Hot Event you will need to hold ULTIMATE, then to vote for the Blue Option/Cold Event you will need to hold RELOAD, then to vote for the Green Option/Toxic Event you will need to hold JUMP.
Remember that you need to hold it for 0.5 second or half a second.
After voting you will see a small message that tells you what you have voted for, then you will have to wait until the voting phase is over, after the phase is over you will be notified with a small message, then it will tell everyone which event won the vote, then it does the event a second later. (It does it a second later to give some time to prepare)

Healing recieved nerfed to 40% from 50%.
Ashe extra speed in Air buffed to +8 speed instead of +6 speed.

Healing recieved nerfed to 40% from 50%.
Scaled size to 0.9 instead of the old size of 1.0, this is to help Bastion not get hit as easily.
Bastion's knockback recieved is now 70% instead of 100%, this is because they are a heavy omnic, it was going to be even lower but I scaled the size down on Bastion.
Bastion's voice lines are now a bit different, the voice is now deeper.
Bastion's Ult now deals more knockback to compensate for the knockback nerf.
Bastion Ult Generation nerfed to 190% instead of 200%.

Healing recieved nerfed to 40% from 100%.
Genji is now scaled 1.1 instead of 1.15, so he is a little bit smaller.
Genji's Deflect now gives a 18+ speed increase instead of 15+.
Genji's Swift Strike cooldown is now 18 seconds instead of 16 seconds.

Healing recieved nerfed to 40% from 100%.
Overload cooldown changed to 150% instead of 160%.
Overload Duration changed to 60% from 70%.
Overload gravity change is now 125% instead of 115%.
Turret cooldown from being destroyed is now 420% instead of 250%, this is to make the punish very hard.
Total health down from 125 to 100.

Healing recieved nerfed to 50% from 100%.
Widow can now use Invisibility forever without shooting, but it will now play effects that are fairly loud.

Healing Dealt now 40% instead of 30%.
Mercy now has a extra hud text that says "Headshot Sleeps Enemies".
Sleep Gun cooldown increased from 19 seconds to 22 seconds.
Using Guardian Angel will now cost 18 Stamina.
Mercy's healing from healing others is now 15 instead of 10.
The instant damage from using damage boost is now 10 instead of 3.
The damage boost speed boost is now a +32 speed instead of +9.
Using damage boost will lower healing recieved to 25%.
Using damage boost will hurt Mercy for 1 damage every 0.15 seconds.
Mercy's Ult charge is nerfed, so she can't get it as fast.
Mercy's Ult will change in the next update, so use it while it's still really good.

Biotic grenade cooldown reduced to 240%, before it was 250%.
Ana's speed boost from healing is now +25.
Ult is now a bit harder to get.

Mei moves slower when firing primary fire.
Mei will gain speed when ever they are in Cryo-Freeze.
If Mei takes damage and Mei's speed is above 100 then she will lose speed.
Mei can get Ult pretty quick.
Mei is scaled 1.2 so a bigger, and voice lines are modified 0.5, so Mei has a deeper voice.

Roadhog is a slow tank that has lots of mobility.
They can hook a wall an move towards it.
They can use Take a Breather to go a bit faster.
They can use Ult to boost you a bit in the air or fly if you use it right.

Wraith Form cooldown is now 500% instead of 280%.
Add the start of the game Reaper's Wraith Form will be disabled for 80 seconds instead of 50 seconds, the last two changes have happened because Reaper's gun is very powerful, as Reaper can close the gap with Shadow Step, so the shotguns are very powerful, the only way to get ammo is by using Wraith Form.
Wraith Form will now give a extra +15 speed boost.
Wraith Form will now deal more damage to Reaper than it did before.

Lucio's boop is fairly weak and has a somewhat long cooldown.
Lucio Amp Up will boost the modes in different ways, speed gets faster and increase jump height, healing increases healing and slows you down.
Lucio's Ult will boost him a bit in the air.

Moira is a low gravity fast trapper.
She can use fade to go super fast.
Her Orb will stay still and can't move, so it is pretty much a trap.
Moira's biotic grasp will now pull prisoners towards her if she damages them with it.
Holding crouch will make you fall faster while in the air.

Welcome! I have nerfed the Teleporter again, nerfed Mercy more, made some changes to Ana, I also tried to fix this bug with the run, then I also added a new character that is somewhat finished, then other small update things. This a very big update.

The bug which made you super slow when using run is somewhat hard to trigger now.

Added more barriers, they now block defenders last spawn room in the castle.

New Minimum on Stamina, so if you get below 0 Stamina it will be set back to 0.

Jumping will now take 8 Stamina away, and wall climbing/wall riding will now take 1 Stamina away every 0.075 seconds.

The Teleporter has been changed again, it now will have a 60 second cooldown, this is so that the killer can't be repeatedly duped with it. The Teleporter will now take 8 damage instead of 5.

Medkits around the map have been nerfed, how? Well if you pickup a medkit then it will reveal your location for a long amount of time, as in 6 seconds.

When the Psycho is burning they will now lose 25- speed, before it was 20-.

I have noticed that when playing with friends and randoms Mercy is very strong at escaping from Reaper, so I nerfed her very heavily in this update, sorry.
Mercy's Ultimate is now slower to get, from 200% passive generation, to now 140% passive generation.
Mercy's Sleep Dart gun cooldown has been nerfed, it is now 19 seconds instead of 18.
Mercy's Speed Boost from Damage Boost is now 9+ speed instead of 25+.
The damage taken from both starting the damage boost and ending it is now 3 damage.
Added damage overtime when starting damage boost, it deals 0.1 every second for 4 seconds.
I realized that the extra healing is very situation so I buffed the healing recieved from healing other to 10 instead of 8 (remember that she takes 10% of the healing).
The sleep gun will now sleep the Psycho for 3.85 seconds instead of 3 seconds.
Mercy's healing is lowered from 50% to 30%.

The amount of time you have to place the ultimate is longer, from 70% to 80%.
Torb's damage has been increased from 200% to 350%, this is so Torb can get the ultimate a bit faster, and make it so Torb's ultimate is more powerful.
Torb's Turret cooldown has been nerfed from 200% to 250%, this change is to make the Psycho want to destroy the turret more, and for better turret placements.
The duration of Overload is now 70% instead of 60%, this will go well with the next change.
Overload now gives an extra speed boost of +5, this is to make it feel like a armored run, so you get armor and extra speed.
Overload will now give 1 stamina upon use.
Torb will fall faster when using Overload.
When using Overload Torb will not jump as high.
The cooldown for Overload is now 160% instead of 150%, this will balance out the extra speed and duration of Overload.

Ult Charge received combat is now 360% instead of 380%.

Ashe's coach gun now only does 30% knockback to enemies instead of 40%.
Ashe's dynamite cooldown has been nerfed again, from 180% to 190%.

Ana's biotic grenade cooldown is now 250% or 25 seconds instead of 180% or 18 seconds.
Ana's sleep dart cooldown is now 140% instead of 120%.
Ana Ult charge recieved from combat is now 210% instead of 100%.
Ana Ult charge recieved from passive is now 150% instead of 100%.
Ana's Ult charge recieved is now 140% instead of 100%.
Ana can now charge up her gun to shoot it, it also has a 12 second cooldown, and shooting it will damage Ana and boost Ana backwards.
Ana's Ultimate will slow time and make Ana faster but making her sensitivity higher, it also makes her jump higher.
Whenever Ana heals herself she will get +20 speed and floats more as her gravity is set to 86%.

Genji has 85 health, 60 normal health and 25 armor.
Genji takes 95% of the damage he receives as he is a cyborg. (Bastion recieves 90% of the damage receives because Bastion is a Omnic)
Genji deals a little more knockback, he deals 10% more.
Genji is scaled 15% up, so he is a bigger target.
Genji will get a +15 speed boost when deflecting.
Using Swift Strike will cost 15 stamina.
Swift Strike can only be used if the Genji has 15+ stamina.
Genji has a 120% or 10 second cooldown on deflect.
Genji has a 200% or 16 second cooldown on swift strike.
Genji farms Ult fairly quick.
Genji's Ult sets Genji on fire and will increase his damage and reduce damage taken.
Genji's Ult will knockdown the Psycho if the Psycho is hit with it, it will also set them on fire.

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