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Life is short, play hard

You only have 10 seconds to live.
But punching others extends your life.
Use Recall to restore your health.
Do not die or let your timer reaches 0!

Be the last one alive at the end of each round.

Time awarded

+2 seconds per player punched.
+5 seconds per player killed as final blow.


There are some variables you can change to customise your playing experience!

Settings Description
Score to win How many rounds a player needs to win to win the whole game
Infinite Mode Makes the game last indefinitely
Starting time How much time the player starts with
Maximum time The limit on how much time can be accumulated



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Update Log (2)

New maps

  • Kanezaka
  • Hanamura
  • Ecopoint Antarctica

General update

  • If you used an unsupported map, there will now be a HUD that warns you about it.
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