1v11 BOSS Aten


Map Name: 【1v11 BOSS Aten】
Author: 【GIGGLEMAN 】
DIscord: 【YFZ#4066】 (SUG and FD)
Global Service Code: 【FBQS2】
CN Service Code: 【ZEA8D】
Language Supported:【English and Chinese】 (able to switch each other in map settting)

*Primary playing method: *

Team 1 player able to gain experience and gold by attacking BOSS. gold is use for purchase skill or increase ability in shop. Experience is use for level up (every level up you will increase 1% Spd, 2% Attack, 3% Hp)


【super Ai reload】【BOSS is free to select any hero】【team 1 random hero will not be duplicate in the same time】【data collection and displying when game over】

Team 1 Shop
【Auto Aim】 :auto Aiming BOSS 30 seconds
【Flying】 :able to fly in the sky 30 seconds
【RGB Color Skin】 : nice skin
【Experience】 : buy experience to boost level up
【Increase Max Attack】 : incerase max attack (3% every purchased)
【Increase Max HP】 : increase max Hp (4% every purchased)
【Magazine Extension】 : increase max Magazine (10% every purchased)
【Gogyo Fuin】 : seal Boss 10 seconds


【Stage 1 Sun】 : release sun ball to burning team 1 players
【Stage 2 Sun】 : you are able to shot energy projectile to hurt team 1 players

Categories | Boss Mode
Heroes | All
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.91


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