What is Scrimmie?

Scrimmie! is a stress-free, easy to use scrim code for Overwatch 2.

Unlike other scrim codes, Scrimmie! is an actively-developed project that aims to bring features that makes team play more accessible and fun, while using a simple interface, a low server load, and compatibility across all platforms.

Credit goes to Seita, Caldoran, and Overstat for the implementation of their code in this project.

Latest Version: 3.4

Last Tested on Patch


Flashpoint is fully supported by Scrimmie! This means that Flashpoint will play all 5 points, and then return to lobby automatically.

For Spectators: the next Flashpoint is displayed in the middle of the screen

Multi-Language Support

Scrimmie! allows players to select their own language!
Language is set per player, and will default to the Default Language setting in Workshop Settings.

Press Interact + Reload to Change Language

Language Translated by
English CBF
Spanish (Español) CBF, ofmoonlite, Brickwall
Korean (한국어) Zerowon (롤링)
French (Français) ofmoonlite

Portuguese coming soon!

Adding Time

Press your Ultimate to add time to the clock.
There is a limit on how much time you can add. By default this is set at 2 minutes.
Time is added in 60 second intervals by default.

Readying System

Press Crouch + Interact to ready your team
Once both teams have readied, the timer will be set to 5 seconds. After the 5 seconds, the map will start.
Adding time during the 5 second period will unready your team, and prevent the match from starting.

Player Status

Players often take breaks between map rounds, and many times their teammates are unaware of this. Player Status is designed to prevent this.

How does Player Status Work?

If a player does not perform any of these actions for 25 seconds, they will be marked as AFK:

  • Moving
  • Firing your Weapon
  • Using any Ability
  • Adding Time
  • Jumping
  • Crouching

Performing any of these actions will mark the player as active.

When a player is marked as AFK, the game will display their name and status in the top left of the Help HUD, right below the Scrimmie! information. Players who are AFK are also outlined in Yellow.

When a player returns, their name is removed from the HUD and the yellow outline is removed.

This feature only works in the Setup Phase, and does not affect Gameplay.

Ready Confirmation

Ready Confirmation is a setting combined with Player Status, that is designed to prevent accidental ready-ups when a teammate is AFK.

Player Status must be enabled in order to enable this feature.

When enabled, if one of your teammates is AFK and you try and ready, the game will ask you if you would like to ready anyway.

The game will only prompt you once, so you don't need to worry about it asking you again after one of your players returns.

Press the ready keybind again (Crouch + Interact) to confirm your ready-up.

Updated UI (3.2.2)

Defender Teleports

Press Melee to Teleport.

  • Note: You must be on a Hybrid or Escort map, on defense, in spawn

Hold Reload to switch heroes while on Defense (You don't need to be in spawn).

Scrimmie! Defender Teleports work with all new Overwatch 2 maps, as well as all holiday-themed maps.

Force Map Completion

On Hybrid or Escort, if the attacking team does not make it to the end of the map, the game will allow the previously defending team to complete the full map, regardless of the first team's progress.

Disconnect Resume

If a player disconnects in the middle of a map, the game will pause automatically. If that player returns and selects the same hero, they will retain their ultimate charge and position on the map.

Spectator Scoreboard

The Spectator Scoreboard provides Spectators statistics and information on the match.


Abbreviation Statistic
DD Damage Dealt (Includes Damage To Barriers)
DT Damage Taken
FB Final Blows
D Deaths
HD Healing Dealt
UU Ultimates Used

General Features

  • 1-2-2 Role Lock is enabled by default
  • Tank Role Passive Health Bonus set to 1-2-2
    • Tank heroes will have full health instead of Arcade numbers
  • Skins are enabled by default (feel free to turn off in the Modes / All Settings)
  • The Assault gamemode has been disabled
  • Control is set to First to Three
  • Flashpoint will play all 5 points, and then return to lobby automatically


Please check the Controls section at the top of this page to check by Platform.

Controls are also shown for your Platform in the Help HUD in the Top Right while in the Setup Phase.

Interact by default is F on PC, and may need to be bound on Console in Settings.

Scrimmie! Professional

Scrimmie! Professional is a slightly modified version of Scrimmie! intended for teams competing in the Overwatch Champions Series.


  • Maximum Setup Time set to 300 seconds (5 minutes)
  • Log Generator - On

Import Code: A8XVJ

Please leave me feedback if you would like something added or changed.

LogTime Integration (PC Only)

LogTime, made by Caldoran, adds Workshop Log Files that provide in-depth statistics.

How to Turn on LogTime:

1. Settings --> Gameplay --> General --> Enable Workshop Inspector Log File

2. Custom Game --> Settings --> Workshop Settings --> Enable Log Generator

Where do I find the Log Files?
File Explorer --> Documents --> Overwatch --> Workshop
They are sorted by date so just find the one that corresponds with the map

What do I do with the file?
You can run the .csv files through the ScrimTime Parser, and then upload it to Google Drive, Excel, or any other program that will read .xlsx (Excel) files.

For more information, please visit LogTime's official workshop.codes page.

Workshop Settings

1. Scrimmie!

  • Default Language
    • Sets the Default Language for all players.
  • Allow Disconnect Resume
  • Maximum Setup Time
    • Allows Lobby Owner to change the maximum amount of time players can add to the clock in the setup phase. By default this is set at 2 minutes (120 seconds), with a maximum of 5 minutes. Please check out the v1.2.0 Update Log post for more information.
  • Setup Time Interval
    • This changes the amount of time added== when you add time to the setup timer.== On PC this is done pressing Q while the game is not in progress.

2. Spectator Scoreboard

  • Toggle Spectator Scoreboard
  • Scoreboard Size
    • Small
    • Large

3. Player Status

  • Toggle Player Status
  • Require Confirmation to Ready if a player is AFK
    • Enables/Disables Ready Confirmation

4. LogTime

Please check out the Official LogTime Page for information on its settings

How often is Scrimmie! updated?

I have a Development Timeline posted below this FAQ where you can see a rough roadmap of what I'm thinking. Bug fixes are usually not included there as those updates happen sporadically.

Why use Scrimmie?

Scrimmie is a collaboration between me and the community. This code was from the very beginning built with teams in mind. As a competitive player myself, I try to think of how I could improve the scrim experience through the lens of the many teammates, coaches, and managers I have played with over the years.

In addition, I regularly share what I'm working on and try and gather feedback before features go live. I now try and playtest any major update to Scrimmie! to prevent bugs that I can just not find looking by myself.

Player Status originally was supposed to bring individual readying to Scrimmie, but from community feedback people told me that one of the main reasons that they liked Scrimmie is because it was simple, and easy to use.

Individual readying made it harder to use the code, and was a reason that they used the code over others. They were right, and I had lost track of the original vision for the code, so I pivoted to the Player Status present in v3.2 today!

Can I request a feature?

Yes! I'd love to add any good idea someone has.

You can comment on this page, or join the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pahwXGgJAH

How do I report a bug?

You can DM or @ me on Twitter @cbfow, but it's better to join the Scrimmie! Discord: https://discord.gg/pahwXGgJAH

How do I update Scrimmie?

Just reimport the code! The game will automatically import the most up-to-date version.

Join the Scrimmie! Community

Official Discord Server

Development Timeline

3.5 - New Language: Japanese

3.6 - Fixing Hybrid/Escort Autocompletion (From v2.8)

A little bit more about me

Hi I'm CBF! I've been competing in Overwatch for over 4 years. I have 2 championships under my belt, and have grinded from Bronze to Masters so far.

I made this code because I got tired of many teams (including my own) using old, broken, janky codes that hadn't been updated since Overwatch 1. Their features had broken as a result of them not being updated, and I thought that was a shame since in their prime, codes such as Overstat way exceeded what I thought was possible to do in the Workshop.

My goal with this project is to make this code the best it can be. Recently, I released v3.0 with the help of my amazing translation team, whom I can't thank enough. Since then, I've released two updates with another on the way. I've revised AFK Mode into a new feature called Player Status, which is now available as a Beta Feature!

Lastly, thank you all for trying out the code. I'm glad that so many people like the code, and are actively using it! When I started, I didn't know anything about the Workshop. Now, I've coded AFK Mode and Multi-Language Support from scratch. There's so much more I want to do with it, so keep playing, keep inventing, and keep having fun!

Want to use/modify Scrimmie?

Feel free to iterate on this code, I and welcome improvements to help make the code better. Message me on Discord: cbf2006, I'd be happy to add to the code. If you want to use a substantial amount of Scrimmie for your own workshop gamemode, all I ask is that you give credit to me (CBF).


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Not on Workshop.codes
LogTime - Standalone L...
Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Scrims
Heroes: All
Maps: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 3.4


Add 60 Seconds to Setup Time (Change in Workshop Settings)
Crouch + Interact
Ready your team Up
Hold - Swap Heroes (Defense Only)
Hold - Teleport to Objective (Defense + In Spawn Only)
Reload + Interact
Change Language
Add 60 Seconds to Setup Time (Change in Workshop Settings)
Ready your team Up
Hold - Swap Heroes (Defense Only)
Hold - Teleport to Objective (Defense + In Spawn Only)
Change Language
Add 60 Seconds to Setup Time (Change in Workshop Settings)
Ready your team Up
Hold - Swap Heroes (Defense Only)
Hold - Teleport to Objective (Defense + In Spawn Only)
Change Language
Add 60 Seconds to Setup Time (Change in Workshop Settings)
Ready your team Up
Hold - Swap Heroes (Defense Only)
Hold - Teleport to Objective (Defense + In Spawn Only)
Change Language
Add 60 Seconds to Setup Time (Change in Workshop Settings)
Ready your team Up
Hold - Swap Heroes (Defense Only)
Hold - Teleport to Objective (Defense + In Spawn Only)
Change Language



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