Welcome to OverCringe!

Every hero has had an extensive list of random changes that changes the way each plays.

Balance is not intended for this mode, other than making sure one hero doesn't just ruin the fun for everyone completely.

I'm working on re-writing these changes, it just takes a lot of time. As heroes get changed, you'll see their notes change to a more Overwatch-like note.

Changes below:

All Heroes
General Updates
  • Every hero now has 100 renewable shield pool

  • LGBTQ+ heroes deal 50% less damage to each-other because they don’t want to weaken the army. (I am one of them. I thought it was funny.)

Tank Heroes


Personally I think D.Va does too much damage.

Defense Matrix
  • Now lasts indefinitely

  • Now has a 10 second cooldown.

Fusion Cannons
  • Shooting Fusion Cannons will now instantly de-mech D.Va

Self Destruct
  • Eliminating enemies with Self-Destruct or Call Mech will grant your team with 50 overhealth.


I think Doomfist needs way more damage and crowd control.

Rocket Punch
  • Moves incredibly slowly.

  • Damage dealt by rocket punch increased by 500%.

  • Doomfist gets very tired after using it, so you will still be slowed for a short period of time after using it.

Seismic Slam
  • Now has 500% gravity but 250% speed.

Power Block
  • Knocks an enemy in front of Doomfist down for 1 second.

Meteor Strike
  • Now knocks enemies away and knocks them down.

Junker Queen

I thought it was too difficult to hit Scattergun, so I got rid of it.

  • Removed. Do not look in the bottom right corner.

Jagged Blade
  • Connecting Jagged Blade will now magnetize Junker Queen to the hit opponent.

  • Jagged Blade just drops out of her hands and deals 500% more damage.

Commanding Shout
  • Now damages nearby enemies for 25% of their current health.

  • Replaces the Scattergun,

  • Missing Carnage will now deal 200 damage to Junker Queen.

  • Now leaves a trail of mines while casting.


Come on, stay a while...

  • Mauga will now teleport to a random player on the enemy team when he stomps with Overrun.

Cardiac Overdrive
  • Now gives Mauga a heart attack if he does not deal 200 damage after using the ability.

  • Increases Mauga's move speed by 25% while active.

Cage Fight
  • Disables all of Mauga's inputs.

  • Forces Mauga to emote while active.

  • Makes Mauga invulnerable.

  • Increases the shield's hp to 15,000.


Orisa doesn't have enough mobility.

Energy Javelin
  • Now throws Orisa alongside a javelin.

  • Now grants Orisa 500 Overhealth.

  • Makes Orisa completely immobile.

Javelin Spin
  • Will now pull enemies toward Orisa while she is using it.

  • Now allows Orisa to fly during use.

Terra Surge
  • Will now provide Overhealth to teammates near Orisa.


Ramattra is a very situational hero. I think he should be viable in ALL of them.

Void Barrier (Omnic Form)
  • While holding out his hand to use Void Barrier, Ramattra will run 50% faster.

Nemesis Form
  • Increases jump height by 200%.

Ravenous Vortex
  • Now sends enemies sky-high.

  • Reduces Ramattra's move speed by 50%.

  • Now grants Ramattra 250 extra armor.

  • Disabled Pummel and Ravenous Vortex.

  • Tendrils and melee deal 3x more damage.

  • Duration increased to 6 seconds.


Personally I want Reinhardt to be obliterating anyone he comes across, and be very self-sufficient.

  • Base Move Speed Increased by 50%.

  • Deals insane damage. I forgot the number.

  • Moves 90% slower.

Fire Strike
  • Now has 100% lifesteal.

  • Now stuns everyone on the ground when it hits.

Tier 2 Wanna-Be

This character sucks.

Chain Hook
  • Has a 20% chance to teleport a random enemy in front of him.

  • Now has a system cooldown that cannot be reset if you swap hero.

Take A Breather
  • Ability removed. He doesn't need to breathe with this POWER.

Pig Pen
  • Slows the aim speed of victims by 75%.

Whole Hog
  • Sends Roadhog flying backward while he is shooting Whole Hog.

  • Has a 10% chance to melee all enemies across the map regardless of distance.

New Passive: Stank
  • Enemies near Tier 2 Wanna-Be take increasing damage due to his pungent odor.


I'm sorry.

  • Base Move Speed Reduced by 25%.

Kinetic Grasp
  • Now absorbs enemies

  • Adds the enemy's health to his pool in the form of Overhealth.

  • Cannot affect invincible players, Orisa during Fortify, or Mauga during Overrun.

  • Sends hit enemies towards Sigma.

Gravitic Flux
  • Turns gravity off for the duration of the ultimate.

Tier 1 Professional

Gaming 24/7

  • Dying to T2 Wanna-Be will reduce T1 Professional's health permanently. (Ego took a hit.)

  • T1 Professional will rage after dying to T2 Wanna-Be.

  • T1 Professional is immune to T2 Wanna-Be's hook.

  • After dying to T3 Loser, the T1 Professional player will no longer be able to pick T1 Professional. (They got fired)

Jump Pack
  • Now deals massive damage to players you directly land on.

Barrier Projector
  • Deals damage over time to Lucio while he is in the bubble.

  • This is because Juuzou plays this hero.

Primal Rage
  • You can now toss a giant bouncy ball at people by pressing right click.

  • Cooldown for Jump Pack reduced to 0 seconds.

Wrecking Ball

I thought he didn't wreck enough.

  • Damage increased by 25%.

Quad Cannons
  • No longer has ammo requirement.

  • Move speed outside of ball form reduced to 50%.

  • Being outside of ball form grants a 300 hp armor pool.

Adaptive Shield
  • Now provides 50 Overhealth to nearby teammates.

  • Now knocks opponents he hits down for 1 second.

  • Knockback increased by 300%.


How in the world does she contain the power of a black hole without dying? I don't think so, pal.

  • Health doubled.

Particle Cannon
  • No longer requires ammo.

  • Secondary fire knockback increased by 100%.

Particle Barrier
  • Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.

  • Damages Zarya by 50% of her current health every time it is used.

Projected Barrier
  • Cooldown reduced to 4 seconds.

Graviton Surge
  • Now instantly kills Zarya, and slowly grows until it engulfs a large area of the map, then swiftly disappears. Kills all players who touch it.

Damage Heroes


  • Coach Gun knockback inverted.
  • Coach Gun knockback heavily increased.
  • Getting a kill with Dynamite now provides Ashe with 50 overhealth.
  • Ashe only has 1 bullet but now deals 300 damage per head-shot.
  • Ashe can no longer spam-fire.
  • B.O.B lasts a very long time.

Ashe upgraded to 50 BMG.
B.O.B can leave whenever he wants.


  • Bastion gains a 200 armor health pool while in Assault Form.
  • A-36 Tactical Grenade knockback increased by 200%.
  • Move Speed during Assault Form increased by 100%.
  • Bastion can no longer jump during Assault Form.
  • Sentry Form no longer requires ammo.

I really like F1.


  • Roll has a 2 second cooldown.
  • Cassidy can no longer shoot Fan the Hammer.
  • Magnetic Grenade applies every debuff in the game because it’s a dumb ability anyway.
  • Moves incredibly fast during Deadeye.

This hero is stupid. I made him stupider.


  • Removed from the game.

You seriously think I'm gonna make the 130+ scripts work for Echo while she's duping? Lol no.
Also Echo is stupid.


  • Dash now stuns anyone it hits.
  • Reflect now heals Genji for any damage dealt.
  • Dragonblade is now a foam sword and deals a pathetic amount of damage.
  • Dragonblade now lasts 15 seconds.
  • Dash cooldown during Dragonblade reduced to 1 second.
  • Communicating “Need Healing” will grant Genji 25 hp.

This makes Genji much more self-reliant while annoying the hell out of his supports, just as God intended.


  • Storm Arrow count increased to 12.
  • Lunge no longer has a cooldown.
  • Lunge distance increased by 100%.
  • Lunge now deals 10 damage per use.
  • Projectile speed increased by 400%.
  • Projectiles no longer have gravity.

Dude's practically a hitscan so I finished the job.


  • Frag Launcher projectile speed and gravity are completely random. What did you think was gonna happen? It’s a gun made of garbage. Of course it’s not going to work well.
  • Concussive Mine knockback now sets Junkrat on fire when he detonates the mine.
  • Steel Trap now roots Junkrat on activation.
  • RIP-Tire now moves incredibly fast.



  • Mei is now slowed after leaving Cryo-Freeze for one second.
  • Cryo-Freeze now freezes nearby enemies for 1 second.
  • Freezing a player with Blizzard will provide Mei with 50 overhealth.
  • Mei can now heal teammates with her primary fire.

Seriously, how does a hero that has a cryonic based kit have the inability to freeze teammate's wounds to prevent them from bleeding?


  • Pharah now takes fall damage, but landing on top of somebody will make them take heavy damage instead.
  • Jump Jet now knocks enemies away from Pharah.
  • Jump Jet cooldown reduced to 6 seconds.
  • Fuel capacity decreased by 25%.
  • Move speed in the air increased by 50%.
  • Pharah can now move while using Barrage.
  • Pharah has become ethereal while using Barrage and can pass through walls. Once she is done, she will be returned to the earth.

Pharah may be playing too much TF2.


  • Death Blossom sends Reaper into the sky during use.
  • Reaper no longer has gravity while using Wraith Form.
  • Reaper feels bad about being so harmful to the environment with his shotguns, so he now has infinite ammo.
  • Teleporting with Shadow Step will now telefrag a nearby enemy.

Reaper is an enviromentalist.


  • Slide now knocks down any players Sojourn runs into.
  • Disruptor shot will disrupt Sojourn.
  • If Sojourn gets killed during Overclock, she won’t be able to use Overclock again until she kills 5 people with headshots from Railgun.
  • Using Overclock slows down the world.
  • Overclock is MLG.

Pro Sojourn players will like this one.

Soldier: 76

  • Biotic Field now damages players inside of it, instead of healing.
  • Tactical Visor causes Soldier 76 to spin violently.
  • Move speed granted by sprint slowly decreases as it is used, up until Soldier stops moving.
  • Helix Rockets now backfires and sends Soldier: 76 backward.

He's old. Nothing works.


  • Sombra makes constant fan noise because her processor is overheating.
  • No longer announces to players when she's in stealth, instead, she has an outline at all times. It's black.
  • Virus now slows the aim of players hit by it.
  • Translocator hacks people that she teleports near.
  • EMP will now change every player’s hero to a random hero in the role they were playing.
  • Healing with Hack will now provide the healee a 25 hp Overhealth pool.

Sombra may have gone too far with the hacking.

T3 Loser

  • If T3 Loser kills T1 gamer, T3 Loser gains 100 armor and instantly charges ultimate.
  • If T3 Loser kills T2 Wanna-be, T3 Loser gains 50 armor and half charges ultimate.
  • Earning eliminations with Turrets will temporarily increase T3 Loser’s movespeed by 5%. Stacks up to 25%.
  • Earning eliminations with Turrets will grant T3 Loser 25 Overhealth.
  • Photon Barrier will now grant all teammates 100 shield health upon use.

If you beat a T1 player as a T3, it feels good. So I incorporated that into the gameplay loop.


  • No Rivet Gun.
  • No Turret.
  • Forge Hammer damage increased by 100.
  • Overload now grants 100 armor upon use along with the Overhealth.
  • Move speed during Overload increased by 50%.
  • Molten Core insta-kills Brigitte.

This is truly all you need to play Torbjorn.


  • Unlimited blinks
  • Each time Tracer blinks she takes 5 damage
  • Recall now un-damages people Tracer has damaged.
  • Recall will revive people Tracer has killed.

Finally the question is answered: "Do Tracer's bullets rewind with her?" Yes. They do.


  • Widowmaker can only damage players in the air.
  • Detonating Venom-Mine will now put the victim to sleep.
  • Infra-Sight now grants Widowmaker the ability to damage players on the ground.
  • Grapple will damage Widowmaker due to the inertia.

I made Widowmaker balanced, cause she won't be able to kill anyone except Pharah.

Support Heroes


  • Whenever Ana gets damaged, a random debuff will be applied to her due to her old age.
  • Ana moves 25% slower because she is old.
  • Nano-Boost provides a speed boost to the target, one that is nearly uncontrollable.
  • Ana gives herself a mini-Nano-Boost when it is activated, increasing her move speed and healing dealt.
  • Sleep Dart will also put Ana to sleep.



  • Exo-Boots sends Baptiste sky-high.
  • Baptiste’s gun shoots very inconsistently.
  • Regenerative Burst damages enemies nearby for 50 health.
  • Immortality Field sets teammates on fire.
  • Amplification Matrix gives Baptiste aimbot.
  • Baptiste’s eyepiece allows him to detect invisible players.

He has a very good gaming chair.


  • Brigitte moves 25% faster.
  • Shield Bash stuns people again.
  • Whip Shot sends Brigitte forward.
  • Repair Pack grants heal targets 50 overhealth.
  • Rally granted armor increased to 200.
  • Shield Bash move distance increased by 50%.
  • Inspire also reduces damage taken by 20%.

My Brig main friend told me to do this. Don't blame me.


  • Suzu knockback increased by 100%.
  • Kunai critical damage multiplier increased to 4x.
  • Swift Step teleport distance increased by 200%.
  • Healing Ofuda Max Ammo increased to 50.
  • Kunai ammo increased to 75.

If you want to be dealing damage as a support, you should go Moira. Kiriko is not a good damage dealer for ranked. Go Moira.


  • Tree of Life health increased by 200%.
  • Life Grip and Healing Blossom range increased by 100%.
  • Earning an elimination will grant you 25% ult charge because by all means, that should be impossible.
  • Rejuvenating dash cooldown reduced to 1 second.
  • Dash will now knock down the first person Lifeweaver runs through.
  • Lifeweaver now provides a speed buff to all nearby teammates when he casts Tree of Life.

I swear he's good now. I promise.


  • Scale decreased by 25%.
  • Move speed increased by 25%.
  • Solar Energy capacity increased by 400%.
  • Solar Energy now regenerates 400% quicker.
  • Melee now applies a 25 damage per second bleed to opponents.
  • Captive Sun movement speed increased by 250%. > Personally I think Illari is very weak. She should never have downtime.


  • Using Soundwave will knock Lucio in the opposite direction he is facing.
  • Sound Barrier will knock everyone on the map away.
  • Sound Barrier will increase Lucio and his team’s move speed by 100%.
  • Amp it up will make Lucio’s aura deal damage to enemies.

Amp it up physically increases the volume of the music. It only makes sense that he would damage the enemy's hearing on purpose.


  • Move Speed during Valkyrie increased to 200%.
  • Healing beam now damages teammates.
  • Valkyrie now damages nearby enemies.
  • Meleeing enemies during Valkyrie will knock them down.
  • Valkyrie now instantly resurrects all dead teammates.



  • Biotic Orb projectile speed reduced to 0%.
  • Coalescence now knocks enemies away.
  • Fade will make allies fade as well.
  • Killing an enemy will reset all of Moira’s cooldowns and refill her resource meter.

You went Moira. Good job. Now deal damage.


  • Transcendence knocks enemies away violently.
  • Snap Kick will heal Zenyatta for 25 hp.
  • Zenyatta’s Gravity is reduced by 50%.
  • Zenyatta instantly dies if hacked.
  • Healing increased by 75%.

Zenyatta doesn't have enough risk-to-reward so if you get hacked you die instantly. But I REALLY increased the reward in return.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 31 more...
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Current version: 1.5.1



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