Improved Nade Tool


Improving upon Darwin's Nade Tool, this version includes smoother chase-cams, more accurate trajectories and sharper graphics!

This mode is designed for Single Player.

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Update Log (6)

  • Added Freecam (activate by Thanks)
  • Fixed Auto-lock stopping camera in Landing Spot Cam
  • Added the ability to hide most of the HUD elements ("Need Healing")
  • Changed the function for "Interact" key, when enabled, will only update the trajectory when a projectile was thrown
  • Enhanced chase cams that chase projectiles which goes straight up or down
  • Fixed cast time for all projectiles
  • Optimized HUD Text reevaluations
  • Optimized the chase cam logic
  • Added trajectories for Torbjorn's Deploy Turret, Widowmaker's Venom Mine, and Sigma's Hyperspheres and Accretion
  • Fixed some HostPlayer() not being LocalPlayer()
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