Lucio Ring Race

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Lucio Ring Race

An ultimate Lucio time trial where you must race through the rings using pixel-perfect walljumps and bunnyhops to keep your momentum. There isn't any modified gravity or speed so it is perfect for practising your Lucio wall riding.


This is a workshop that I've been modding and improving since the release of Workshop. I plan to keep updating it and add more maps. The workshop is based on waycoolway's work.



  • Lijiang Tower - By Giacomand
  • Nepal - By Fahzix


  • Eichenwalde - By waycoolway
  • Temple of Anubis - By Giacomand
  • Numbani - By Giacomand
  • Havana - By Giacomand
  • Hanamura - By Giacomand
  • Rialto - By GreenOxygen


  • Kings Row - By Giacomand
  • Hollywood - By Giacomand

Making Your Own Maps

The workshop has tools to help create and test your own maps. Simply enable debug mode by editing the workshop, clicking on the top rule 'Enable Debug?' and making it set the global variable DebugEnabled to TRUE.

You can then use these commands to help test your mode:

Primary Fire

Choose the potential new location for the next ring. You can see the coordinates in the top left and a white dot will briefly appear on the location. Locations are all rounded to the nearest whole number. Select the same location multiple times and it will grow outwards from that surface angle.


After you have used primary fire to select your next ring location, use Soundwave to add it to the list of saved positions.

Interact (F)

If you change your mind, you can use Interact to remove the last saved position that you have added.


Use the ultimate button to copy your saved locations into the list of rings, so that you can play and test them.

Saving Mode

No longer needed, you can now save your checkpoint list from the Workshop Inspector
You can then export your new ring locations by entering save mode with the Jump and the Soundwave button used together. When in this mode, you will be teleported to the current rings in play. You can then teleport to the next or previous ring using the Primary and Secondary buttons.

This mode will allow you to easily add and set the coordinates of your rings, using the Workshop's built in button to enter the coordinate of your current location. Just open the editor while teleported to a ring, click on the button to enter your position's coordinates and then continue doing so with the rest of the rings you want to save.

Other Notes

  • The starting point is on global variable StartingPosition.
  • The ring array is on global variable CheckpointList.
  • The teleporter entrance array is on global variable TeleportEntranceList.
  • The teleporter exit array is on global variable TeleportExitList, it must have the same size as TeleportEntranceList.

If you have created a map that you'd like to add here, message me and I can add it for you.

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Heroes: Lúcio
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Current version: 1.15.0



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