Roll the dice: A chaos workshop minigame

THIS IS THE FINAL UPDATE! I'M WORKING ON A RETAKE ON THIS SO STAY TUNE!!! What is roll the dice? Roll the dice is first used in the game called team fortress 2. This version is a random event generator when you pull the trigger. When you do, a randomizer will pick an event from 1 to over 100 diffrent kinds of events. Who knows what will happen! Will it be something amazing to something terrible, who knows? Each event has a cooldown before you get another one. Plus, there are some refrenses to other things such as video games, music and much more. Can you figure out what certain ones means? This is mainly used as a party game.

At the moment, there is 120 diffrent events. All events are on a teir system. Red is the worst. Follow by yellow, green and the best of the best, rainbow. The listing below is the title of all events, what rarity it is, and what the event does

Rarity Event name event discription
Green Spicy Burrito Damages enemies within a radius.
Green Critical damage Increase damage by 50%.
Rainbow Immortality Be immune to anything except enviormental damage and the shadow realm event.
Yellow Mini Jugg Increase damage ressistance by 50%. Slow movement speed by 50%
Red Hello Force to say hello (as the introvert you are.)
Yellow Glass cannon damage increased by 250% however, damage taken will be increased by 250%.
Red Extreme oof (My personal favorite...) Asscend to the top of the world as a ragdoll!
Red Die Do I really need to explain this one?
Red Status overload Recive all negative status effects.
Green swiggity swooty Faster move speed. Melee an enemies booty to insta kill.
Red Suprise Teleport all living enemies to your location.
Yellow Kamikaze Take down everyone within the dome. This includes enemies and teammates.
Green Double damage Increase damage by 200%!
Green Insta ult Recive your ultimate.
Yellow Spawn Teleport to spawn.
Yellow Skybox Teleport to the top of the world! will teleport to spawn once the R.T.D Timer hits 0.
Red Ult Remover Ult charge set to 0%
Red Fat mode Gravity set to max.
Red Beacon Everyone knows where your exact location is.
Yellow No gravity Gravity is set to 0, meaning you can float just about everywhere.
Red 95% Helium Slowy float towards the sky.
Yellow Spontaneous Combustion Eliminate nearby players.
Green One punch Melee an enemy to send them into the air!
Yellow Thanks Force to say thanks.
Red 360 no scope Sensitivity is set to the max!
Green faster speed Increase movement speed by 250%.
Red Slow aim Sensitivity is set at 1.
Green healing Regen 900 health in 10 seconds.
Rainbow Death bringer Insta kill.
Green Ult mayham unlimited ults!
Red Moment in the spotlight Force to emote.
Green Low gravity longer distance jump.
Green invisible Enemies can't see you.
Green Extra defense Recive less damage from enemies.
Green Killer ring Kill enemies instantly within a small ring.
Red Hacked Can't use abilities and ultamite.
Red Burn Lose 100 health over time
Red Frozen Freeze for 5 seconds
Green Damage reflection Damage you recive also goes back to the attacker.
Red Don't jump It's simple really. Just don't jump...
Green Freeze frame Freeze all living enemies for 2.5 seconds.
Red The void Teleport to the bottom of the map.
Red Strong as a feather HP stuck at 1, healing will not do anything.
Green Res near teammates Revive nearby teamates, including yourself, when the R.T.D timer hits 0.
Green Super healing regain 2,000 health over time.
Yellow Bounce house Bounce uncontrolably.
Yellow Random hero Let randomness picks your hero.
Green Phase through walls Go through walls on maps.
Red No hud Removes kill feed, ult charge, ammo, ability, health, nametags, and hero portrait.
Red 100% helium Rise to the heavens. will teleport to spawn when R.T.D timer hits 0.
Green Shrink Smaller hitbox. (voice higher pitch.)
Red Grow Bigger hitbox. (voice deeper pitch.)
Rainbow Tiny Insainly small hitbox. (voice super high pitch.)
Green Massive Deal 4x damage, recive less damage, be 4x taller. (voice very deep.)
Red Blind Trap in a white dome.
Red Jumping bean Force to jump.
Red Toxic player Force to t-bag
Red Stop Move Speed set to 0. Hacked as well.
Green Foul player Melee to knock an enemy down. T-bag to finish them off!
Red reload Force to reload.
Red Too Scared? Stuck in spawn.
Yellow Execute order 66 ¯_(ツ)/¯
Red Don't crouch Simple yet again, just don't crouch...
Red No primary Can't shoot your primary.
Red No secondary Can't shoot secondary nor use secondary abilities.
Yellow Third person Be in third person instead of first person.
Red Slow speed Decrease speed by 90%
Red Super speed Max out speed!
Red Back hill view Stare at your characters butt...
Green Fiery ring Damage enemies inside the ring. Does more damage the longer they are inside the ring.
Rainbow Medusa's gaze Freeze enemies when you see them.
Rainbow Buff pill Makes you stronger in just about everything.
Green Cruise missle (code by TyqOW Press the interact or down on left thumbstick to launch a missle that will insta kill anyone if you connect it. It is very hard to connect the target.
Green Lock on laser (code by TyqOW) damage a person near you.
Rainbow Mini vtol (code by GhibiOmatiC) Be the gunner of a mighty ship. (It's just an invisible Bastion that can fly.)
Purple Control minds (code by BeFond Of John. Updated by kinkku.) Hack an enemy to take over their body!
Green Extra health Adds 300 health.
Green Extra armor Adds 175 armor.
Green Extra shield Adds 750 shield.
Rainbow The third eye All allies, including yourself can see enemy players through walls! (it's just widowmakers ult without the enemies knowing.
Green Melee spree Super Rapid fire melee. Triple damage but cannot shoot nor use abilities.
Green Ability spree All abilites except secondary abilities will have no cooldown.
Green Hard as stone No knockback.
Red Light as a leaf 4x Knockback.
Red Soft rounds Damage reduced by 75%
Green Explosive elemination killed players explode. dealing more damage
Yellow Rocket Launch yourself to the roof.
Green Six sense See enemies through walls.
Red Attached Get stuck on a player. Will teleport to spawn when R.T.D Timer hits 0.
Yellow Stop the count Pause match timer.
Green Rage Extra speed and damage.
Red Genji mains Spam need healing voiceline. Take very little damage.
Red No heals Anyone attempts to heal you will be eliminated. you will also eliminate yourself if you heal.
Yellow random kill Randomly eliminate a player. Or yourself...
Red Lag Teleport back to your previous place for 10 seconds.
Red Fall damage Higher you hit the ground. The more damage it does.
Red Slow projectiles Your projectiles move very slow.
Rainbow Shadow realm The best event to get! Press the interact or down on the left thumbstick to teleport anyone within the dome, teamates included, to the shadow realm to be elinmated! It will get rid of Mini vtols, kamakazie, Immortality and immortality bringer as well.
Red System reboot Force to slowy look down, can't move or use abilities.
Rainbow Immortality bringer Be immune to anything except shadow realm and insta kill!
Red Floor is lava You will start buring if you touch the ground.
Red Vampire You will start buring if you go outside.
Red Look up Force to look up
Green Infinite Jumps Hold the jump button to keep jumping!
Green Shockwave Knock players back.
Green 1,000 rounds Adds 1,000 rounds to your primary ammo!
Yellow Stick bug (Code by AndyGmb1) Watch the stick bug dance.
Yellow Za wardo Slow down time!
Green ;) Wait... What does this one do again?
Green Agile Faster speed and jump higher
Rainbow Medieval Hero Buffed up Reinhardt.
Rainbow Heart of fire Hanzo having a slower arrow speed but insaine fire damage.
Green Cryo ring Freeze enemies for a bit inside the ring.
Rainbow Send them back! Damage enemies to send them back to spawn!
Green One dynamite woman Unlimited Dynamites!
Red Reflection Look at your smexy body...
Yellow Yes force to say yes
Yellow No force to say no
Yellow Goodbye Force to say goodbye
Green Emote to kill Kill people in the ring by emoting!

If you made it down here, I just want to say thanks for playing roll the dice. Although it's the end for this workshop. A new one will appear so please stay tune :)

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Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
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Current version: 20.0

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